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  1. frobert

    Review says " smoking not allowed in cabins""

    Were heading out to Rome than to the Noordam on May 11th. Can't get here soon enough.
  2. frobert

    Review says " smoking not allowed in cabins""

    Were neighbors !! When is your next cruise
  3. frobert

    Review says " smoking not allowed in cabins""

    Can't we all just get along??
  4. frobert

    Tampa Port

    Sorry I can't help you on a hotel however I can tell you that the parking garage is directly across the street from the Terminal. In fact there is an area where you can unload at the terminal and than park. You should have no problem with a scooter. Have a great cruise !!
  5. frobert

    How Big is Too Big?

    I guess size does matter .....LOL
  6. frobert

    Pre-cruise ordering from ship services

    Chocolate covered Strawberries and a bottle of their best Champaign for sail-a-way !!
  7. frobert

    Also new to Board

    Welcome Aboard !!!
  8. [quote name='duckman715']Political correctness is not my forte. Neither is making excuses for those who disregard the well being of others in order to indulge themselves without a thought as to the impact their indulgence might have on those around them. Smokers rights? - Bullfeathers!![/QUOTE] Political correctness is one thing however rudeness towards your fellow passengers is another. We don't need to be impolite !!
  9. Mark, As a smoker I find absolutely nothing to dispute with your post. On the Varandas however, smokers should be aware of their surroundings and considerate of their neighbors. I never light up if my neighbors are out on their veranda, unless they are smoking. The sprinkler systems in the rooms is an issue which needs to be addressed. Perhaps rooms designated as smoking rooms with enhanced safety precautions is an answer. I appreciate your logical and thoughtful post !!!
  10. frobert

    Noordam,TV's and DVD's

    Thanks to everyone. The information was exactly what I was looking for. It would be good if the TV's were mounted as it would give a little more room in the. cabins. Thanks again
  11. frobert

    NOORDAM March 15 lifeboat drill

    That's the same experience we had on all HAL cruises
  12. I have heard that the Noordam has flat screen wall mounted TV's and DVD players in each cabin. Can anyone confirm this?
  13. Second, I remember many years ago when I attended the wedding of a college roommate. Me, another groomsman and his wife were riding back from the rehersal. He was chewing tobacco. She was in the back seat. He spit out the window and the wind draft tossed it up and back in through the moon roof. At that point, she wished he had smoked instead![/QUOTE] That leaves a picture in my mind that I wish I didn't have
  14. [quote name='twinkletoes4445']Listen, there was nothing even funny about the problem I had, and to even compare it to a piece of gum...well, is...I'll just leave it at that. It was downright dangerous, not to mention the careless smoker runied a pair of my pants. Yes, most are considerate. But this is what happened to me. Again...excuses, excuses. Always an excuse. :( I wonder how many ironing accidents there were before they banned them? Porbably a few...or maybe none. Common sense would tell you that no open flames be allowed by passengers...be it candles or cigarettes. As for the irons, they're a fire hazzard also. How quickly do you suppose a fire truck can get to a ship that's at sea and on fire? It really has nothing to do with cigarettes. It's the flames...be it candles, or whatever, that I have the problem with. And, yes, I know that a microwave can explode, the guy next door could drink so much that he might also self-ignite, and on and on and on...yes, there's always an excuse by some. I wonder what the response would be if someone brought an iron on board and started a fire? Would people rush to their defense like many have for smokers? I doubt it. It's because smoking is taking a hit from every side these days....Again, I don't care who smokes. Really, I don't. As long as they don't toss their butt's in my face (or out their car windows), they don't bother me. I am worried about being on a ship with someone who has a lit torch in their mouth. Like I said, if you'd like to bring a candle onboard, stick it in your mouth, and light it up. Not much they could say... I'm concerned about ANY fire hazzard on a cruise ship. I don't want to see any of them on board. Try and explain that one away for me...[/QUOTE] Excuses, What excuses??????? One fire and your ready to take away 20% of the ships populations rights. If a cigarette was to blame than the individual who did that should be proscecuted !! It's none of your business whether I smoke or don't as long as I don't get in your space. No one wants a fire on a ship,therefore everyone must be reasonble for their own actions and obey the rules...What Excuses..I agree to disagee with you