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  1. Gonna take it a step forward. Summit to Alaska. Equinox for Bermuda sailings outta Bayonne would be nice
  2. Might be running her engines a bit. Equipment needs to run
  3. Have sailed on her several times in the Caribbean. Never less then satisfied..
  4. And it is terrible that you have to play this, Not Knowing, and Not Being Told, Game.
  5. Just to let you know, yesterday, the 15th, was final payment for my June 13th. I wasn't willing to throw more cash into the game. Other cruise lines may all follow suit, or even push back longer. Like dragon said, financially able, take a chance. May end up with extra fcc on top of it all...
  6. Prices are certainly higher. To the point where several of our past cruiser friends won't pay it. We will ride these 3 cruises out, as we were not adversely affected with the changes. Then will decide if it's time for the change.
  7. Just to follow up on my prior post. We Cancelled it. Not laying any more money out. Waited right up until final payment for this June's, Summit trip. After a long yr of cancels, switches, fcc's, CDC's, Fauci's etc, I'm just tired of playing the game. We were amongst the first cruises cancelled last yr. The day before we were to get on the plane to Florida. Then couple months later, not knowing if covid was gonna last, we made final payment on another trip. And it just spiraled. Swithches, fcc's, and now we have 3 booked in 2022, the first 2 paid for in full already, and a new Summit
  8. Great picture. Helps a lot. 12266 is us, below Oceanview, so hopefully the early breakfast folks won't be dancing on the tables. Can't hardly wait to be there
  9. I'm hoping someone can answer this also. Booked one on the 12th floor on next yrs Edge in April. We prefer to have control over the balcony. It's nice to get some fresh air.
  10. So the fastest way { $40 car ride from Kings Wharf } to the beach ain't gonna be happening.
  11. Thinking and not knowing this virus was not gonna last, I moved it to May 2 , got cancelled, moved it to Aug 23, again cancelled, then to this yr April 2, which got canned, and the result is; 9 day equinox late March 2022, get off ship and jump on Edge, which will be in port for a 7 day. Both are paid in full. Also left over obc, which will mostly pay for whatever cruise is after that. Probably will be used to rebook similar trip next yr, if in fact Summit does not sale in June. There needed to be a few other switches made in order to adjust to next yrs schedule . Cancels and swit
  12. We are from the first group that were originally cancelled. 3/15.
  13. Probably. But likely after we make final. It's a rough game for sure, but eventually we will reap the benefit of hangin tough and gathering additional 25% extra fcc. March 15 is final payment day. We are on same Summit trip as Marieps
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