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  1. August 1st, Equinox sails out of Ft Lauderdale heading south. 3 trips before we leave on the 23rd for 12 nt Caribbean. Anybody been to Walmart or Home depot lately? Or your crowded local grocery store? Public transportation has ramped up cleaning. That ship will be shining...I'm staying positive
  2. Always a top notch crew on Equinox. Hoping to see several of them that we have befriended over the yrs. Ship will no doubt be immaculate, and safe. Screening procedures amped up. I'm ready
  3. Just wishful thinking for us..Aug 23 Equinox
  4. This is just what Ive seen by going on my TA website.....I looked at each ship. When and when they were taking bookings. For instance, Equinox Aug 1st. Caribbean. Summit, nothing till Nov. Caribbean, Reflection Aug 10 British Isles, Connie Aug 17 Europe, Solstice Sept 28 Australia.. So Equinox will go first. All obviously still pending right now, but looks like these may be starting dates..Could happen
  5. Multiple islands are opening up now or before july1st. Aug 1st sailings are possible in the Caribbean. 51 days alot can happen. We are booked on 8/23, equinox, with 3 cruises scheduled before we go......More worried about a 3 hr confined plane ride with the mask on. Less people on the ship wouldn't be a bad thing....Logistically, they should be able to safely staff the ships that will sail this year, as not every ship will be out there...Easier to get bar service....Wearing a mask when needed
  6. Us covid hotspotters from Long Island are gonna miss you when our ship pulls out. Not everyone got sick. But I do pray for you folks in Michigan with the dam disaster
  7. We cancelled thurday night 3/12. Deadline was 9pm. Next night celebrity cancelled the cruise. Cruise was scheduled for 3/15 on Silhouette. We cancelled before they did. We took FCC, but still waiting for email confirming that it is credited. It's coming they said when I called. Gonna use FCC if a miracle happens and we go in late August for same itinerary. Our final payment is due the 20th I believe of this month.. I wish request it gets applied then.
  8. Restrictions are easing very slowly. Not nearly out of danger yet. SOMEDAY, when we are able to cruise safely, my fear is that we will be turned away because of where we come from. By cab drivers, ubers, shop owners, etc. Currently, In our own country, we aren't able to go certain places without being stopped by local authorities. Common question while visiting any island or country. WHERE YOU FROM ? I'm 40 miles from Covid-central. Who knows what measures other countries will take? NOBODY But they need the income. Gonna just have to wait and see
  9. Correct Fouremco Happened to us 4200 fcc not available yet, waiting our turn to be processed...You have to pay for or cancel the upcoming trip otherwise.
  10. We cancelled 3/12 for 3/15 sailing Was not even handled till 3/27, and fcc is not usable yet. Told possible 4 more weeks. Celeb cancelled 5/2, and we get choice 125% fcc or full refund. Chose refund, wait may be up to 8 weeks. Cancelled 7/12 Summit because it's not looking good, but also because they would not let me use the fcc from the 3/15 trip. Fully refundable deposit, but will have to wait for refund to credit card like the others. Enough already. I was not putting anymore cash in their account, and chancing another long wait for refund. Lessons were learned
  11. Not looking good is a true understatement. Bottom line is no country has a grip on this virus yet. Only time will tell. Can all guess what will happen, till we are blue in the face. While many here offer opinions, they are only that. No known experts on this virus as far as I can see. Pray
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