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  1. Just following up on my question if it was to early to send in for stock holder OBC for a cruise on August 2021. I sent in the form and stock statement last night. This morning I checked my emails and it was approved and there was an attachment showing the summary for the cruise which included the stock holder OBC Along with the OBC I received when I booked the cruise last week.
  2. Thanks everyone. I think I will send it in now and see what happens
  3. i just booked a cruise for august 2021. this will be the first time as a stock holder. when should i email the form in. can i do it now or is it to early?
  4. Summer and anytime schools are out the rates definitely go up. The maim thing I am looking at is the kids cruise free incentive. Looking in summer 2021 there is only like 4 cruises with this incentive. I was looking for one of the newer ships but none of those available. Last summer I was able to do the bliss in Alaska with the kids cruise free.
  5. Looking to take advantage of some of the deals NCL is offering. I am looking at a cruise summer 2021. kids free, all the free at sea promotions, $120 obc, and 30% off. cruise out of miami on the sky family of 4 in a family oceanview for $3182 including all the taxes and gratuities for open bar and dining plan. the website states today is the last day. i was debating booking today or seeing if there will be a better deal next week. i know at the beginning of the week the 30% off sale stated ending today then the next day it stated ending in 3 days. do you think the deals will get better or just go up?
  6. Even with a reservation at the go carts it takes around an hour after you check in and go through the line before you actually get into the go cart. Just keep that in mind when you make the reservation. We were on the bliss in Alaska and twice we had reservations and it was closed due to strong winds. Both times they charged my account for both my kids even though it was closed. So also keep an eye on your account if you have a reservation and the track is closed they might charge you as a no show on your reservation even though they closed the track.
  7. She should find out what her vifp # is if she doesn’t already know it. Write it down somewhere so you know where it is when you book a cruise. When you book give them the vifp# first and they can pull all your info up for the booking. That way you will always get credit for your cruises. After you give them the vifp info and they pull up the information then you can tell them the new changes to your name and they can input it in the system. I had an issue before with having two different vifp #’s because my last name has two words in it. Some of my cruises they booked it with both last names combined as one word. I called and had them combined and put on one vifp#. My kids and my wife are listed as travel companions so as soon As I give them my number their info also comes up so they can add them to the booking without having to give them the info over the phone.
  8. Who gave you that bad information. Free at sea is just the name of the promotions. If you choose the drink package it is good as soon as you step on the ship until the bars close the night before u leave the ship. Doesn’t matter if you are at sea or in a port you can get drinks for free on your drink package. When you board the ship and are still in us waters you will pay local tax on the drinks you order. So if you order a $10 drink on the ship while you are still in Miami or us waters u will pay Miami sales tax. If the Miami sales tax is 6% you will get a bill for .60 cents
  9. They will let you know on the ship. I have been on 15 cruises and they have only changed the ship time once to account for the time change and that was in Alaska. So there is a possibility on your cruise they will. My cruise was on NCL out of Vancouver. The night before we got to Ketchikan the official ship time was changed. There was paperwork in the cabin about it to let everyone know.
  10. exactly! how many employees in these ports would be out of work? how much lost revenue would occur in each city that houses the US ports? how much would each state and each city in which these ports reside lose in tax income from the cruise line? not to mention how much money would citizens of the US and the world lose because their cruise has been cancelled? because of all these underlying factors this is exactly what it is a threat that will never happen. you want to punish the corporation then punish the corporation with heavy fines, but don't punish people who have nothing to do with it.
  11. You don’t get priority tender tickets. When you check in on the first day to pick your cabana you will be given a excursion certificate and paperwork that tells you what time to meet on the day you are at HMC. On that day you meet at the designated venue usually the theater at the specified time. This is where everyone meets that have excursions or priority tender. They will call you by excursions and as a group you board the first tender to the island. You show your excursion certificate as you get on the tender. The people in your group just follow with you. They will not worry about counting how many people are with you. They will just guide you on the tender.
  12. Oh I know that. Luckily they are not big soda drinkers. They have been on over 10 cruises but only the 1 on NCL. I usually put like $70 each on their S&S card for the week and they can get whatever they want. But once it’s gone it’s gone😀
  13. Great. Thanks. The last time I took them on an NCL cruise it was an older ship and didn’t have local or sheenhans. The 24 hour food option was in the sports bar.
  14. It’s the same. No extra charge for mixers
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