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  1. Do you have any pictures of the Royal Suite after the Revolution - I'm quite curious!
  2. Hey there everyone, this is my second attempt at writing a live review/blog - my first time I was a little behind most days and just left off the last 12 hours, but I promise that I'm going to be setting aside time for you this time! If you want to check out my previous review, to get an idea as to what you're in for, check it out here: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2489754-live-review-from-celebrity-summit-january-6-2018/ I always appreciate all questions, however, I do ask that when you are quoting old posts, please remove the pictures, it's really annoying to have those repeatedly taking up the thread. Who Am I My name is Tim, I'm 32, and live in New York City. There's a bit of a backstory as to the booking of this cruise and who I'll be traveling with, so I'll get to that a bit later. This will be my 11th cruise and my 6th cruise with Celebrity - on the Summit earlier this year I finally earned Elite status, which I am quite excited about! I've become a bit spoiled with Celebrity, though I do dabble into Royal Caribbean from time to time. I've never cruised in an interior cabin, though I feel like I want to check that box at some point soon. As I'm thinking about it, I've never cruised in a standard verandah cabin on Celebrity, either ... I really do spoil myself sometimes. That said, I do think I am quite down-to-Earth and honest, while not cutting, in my reviews and critiques, so hopefully you feel the same way. I will probably be posting quite a bit on instagram, especially to my story, if you want to follow me, you can find me at the much more aptly named: timmyshea. Why Cruising I really enjoy cruising, not only being on these amazing ships, surrounded by awesome people, but I truly love being at sea, it truly is a breathtaking experience. There is also something about cruising with friends, meeting new and different passengers, and, of course, interacting with the amazing crews aboard. There is always a new stone to be unturned or a new story to hear, and it seems like you get a lot more of that on cruises than you do on land. Maybe it's just the vacation atmosphere that makes people more willing to open up, but either way, I'll stick with my cruising for now. Oh, and also, cruise ships have Roulette tables, which aren't available at every land resort - haha 😛 What To Expect I'm going to start with a bit of background as to how we ended up on these sailings, how we got these rooms, etc etc, then I'll get into the cruise (once it starts)! I will post as many pictures a day as possible, and will try to honor as many requests as possible. CruiseCritic taking away their app and switching to a mobile site is something that I can not at all understand and it's apparently making it a little difficult for people who are trying to post live reviews. I got some tips from others (shoutout to ChicagoPaul), will try my best, and hopefully we can work out whatever kinks I encounter together. As I said, feel free to ask any questions or make any requests of me, I will try to get to them all, if possible. The Details Ship: Celebrity Edge Sailing: December 6, 2018 (3-Night Preview Sailing) December 9, 2018 (7-Night Maiden Voyage) Stateroom: Preview Sailing - Aqua Class AQ - 10187 Maiden Voyage - SkySuite S1 - 12259 Itinerary: Who Am I With: I booked this trip with two great friends who are also cruise fanatics, Chad and Cole, both from DC. I've cruised with Chad and Cole numerous times and we always have a blast. Additionally, as you probably noted from my introduction earlier, while going stag sounded like a great option, it was also going to be a tad expensive, so I've found myself some roommates. On the preview sailing, I'll be rooming with my sister, Erin; whereas on the maiden voyage, I'll be with my friend, Brandon. I've cruised with both of them before, but never shared a room with either, so we'll see how that goes - fingers crossed! Travel: I work for an airline, so I'll be flying standby down to Fort Lauderdale (or Maimi, or Palm Beach) the day before, on December 5th. I'm currently eyeing an 8:05am from LGA, which will arrive into FLL around 11am. Standby travel can always be an adventure, and oftentimes I book a full-fare ticket when going on a cruise, but I decided that I had enough of a buffer this time - either way, please cross your fingers for me! Lodging: I'll be staying at the Marriott Harbor Beach Resort, using points, where I'll hopefully be able to enjoy a relaxing day poolside getting some sun (I'm way too pale right now!) and enjoying a few cocktails. I've stayed at that Marriott before and have found it more than suitable, despite being overrun with children, which I'm hoping won't be as big of an issue mid-week in December. Erin will be joining me at the Marriott, but not until much later, around 10pm, when I hope to be in bed. I really am hoping to wake up early and take a run down to the jetty by the cruise port to see the Edge arriving around 530am, but we'll see how that goes in reality. First installment ... CHECK - looking forward to the rest!
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