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  1. I’m doing my first B2B, we are changing from AQ to S1. Do you pack everything up and leave it in your room and they move it, or do you have to take everything with you? thanks
  2. I have a DSLR, but I've decided not to bring it (one less thing to worry about). I'm going to be taking all my pictures with the items below - iPhone XS Max and Pixel 3 XL. I also just bought that little tripod thing and some wide angle lenses for the phone. The add-on lenses don't really seem that good, but I'll give them a shot, so we'll see.
  3. I haven’t started packing yet and I leave early Wednesday morning - cue freak out! I have been waiting for the Celebrity app to finally become useful and my prayers have been answered. The app is still kind of slow, IMO, but it is extremely useful and I couldn’t be more excited. I was truly blown away when I got the notification about the update and loaded it, if you haven’t checked it out and have a cruise booked right now, I suggest you do so! I completed the self check-in for both cruises, I put on a cute shirt for my selfie/security picture - so hopefully people like it! Haha. I am confused as to why the Xpress Passes can not be put into Apple Wallet, but whatever. Hoping that this makes the Check-In experience a lot smoother. I seem to have issues switching between sailings, I’m not sure if anyone else is having that problem. I also don’t like the way the daily activities are displayed, the font is way too big and taking up too much space on the screen - it’s hard to figure out what’s going on unless you know what you’re looking for. I hope they still give a paper Celebrity Today out, but the app will definitely be useful. I am very much looking forward to using the app to control the room and be able to get into my room without my SeaPass. Something else I'm curious about ... Can you pay with your phone too - rather than handing over your SeaPass? When I was on the Ovation of the Seas you did not get your SeaPass until you got to your stateroom, they were in a sealed envelope outside. I assume the same thing is the case on the Edge, but I'll let you know about that as well, once I get aboard.
  4. I have made an actual To-Do list in Google Sheets and will use that to remind myself all the things that you’re asking me - haha. I don’t want to forget and I will, if I don’t make a list. Once I complete a task, I’ll mark it off on there and update the review as soon as possible. If you’re interested in following along with my progress, here you go: https://goo.gl/4MiBrG
  5. Norris, great to have you along - and looking forward to your review on Azamara, I've always been curious about them - and Cuba will be a real treat!
  6. Can you link me to some of these - I'm quite curious and haven't seen any!
  7. Yea, I've seen several pictures and videos of them ... my two concerns are that the walkway in front of them is roped off (I'm told it is now) and that they don't seem to get much sun ... so we'll see!
  8. VT ... another question, in the S1’s. Do the beds separate, or are they a set king bed.
  9. I'm curious to find out if it does get sunny, so be sure to let us know. Can you also confirm that they rope off that "walkway" so there aren't people walking by you all day? Do you hear a lot of noise from the pool/pool band? Wow ... clearly someone didn't think about this furniture very well! Looks delicious!! I have heard some other people say that FC can get kind of loud with the noise from the Grand Plaza, what is your impression? Can you really hear everything that happens down in the GP/Martini Bar?
  10. Ugh, I hate this about S-Class ships, the door should always be propped open, but that isn't always the case. They should have some kind of magnetic holder to hold the door open when the residents of the two rooms don't want it closed
  11. F. Y. I. I am probably not going to monitor this thread as well, as I will the main thread. So please, if you have any questions or comments that you want me to reply to ... do them in the main thread. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2611318-live-edge-preview-and-maiden-voyage-dec-6th-9th-live-review-from-the-edge/ Thanks! and I hope you enjoy my review!
  12. Okay, enough of my opinions and back to what we are actually doing. So far for the preview cruise, we have booked a Cabana on the one sea day. I am a huge fan of the alcoves on the S-Class and likewise and hopeful for the Cabanas. It seems like X has really upped the ante in terms of what you get for your money, but the Cabanas themselves look like they might lack any sort of sunlight - so I’m curious to see what they’re like. We’ve discussed a few options for Nassau, including staying on the ship, going to Atlantis, or going to Pearl Island. If anyone has any suggestions or opinions, please let me know. I’m kind of leaning towards staying on the ship, but I think Erin wants to go to a beach and since she’s only there for 3 days, we might just do that. So we’ll see. As I mentioned, we currently have no dining booked, so hopefully we can figure that out 🙃 In the last day or so it has struck me that I am leaving for Florida on Wednesday morning and I haven’t the slightest idea what to pack at this point - haha. So I should probably get started on that!
  13. Given that I just shared my opinion of Eden, I figure I should offer you my thoughts, so far, on the other parts of the ship. I recognize that these are all judgements based off of my previous experiences, pictures, etc … so I’m ready to change all of them! I am eager to see what the Rooftop Garden is like. The Lawn Club is hands-down my favorite place on a ship ever created - from my first time on the Eclipse, I was in love. I know that things have to change, get better, etc, so I am entering with an open mind - the ball is in your court, Rooftop Garden! The TV in the Rooftop Garden … why? I mean, I don’t want it at the pool either, but still … ugh. I like that there is a place to show movies aboard and football, or whatever people use it for, but does it need to be on at all times? It would be great to shut it off when it’s not in use instead of it showing a “screensaver” like it does on the other ship. The Rooftop Garden Grill looks absolutely delicious - similar to the Lawn Club Grill on most of the S-Class ships. The Sunset bar looks kind of small, dark, and dingy. I’m *really* hoping this is not the case, but I’ve yet to see a picture of video that has me convinced otherwise. Seems like they made the RTG and then were like "oh, maybe we should put a sunset bar in, maybe..." It seems like they should have just extended the RTG to the edge (haha, so punny) and made the Sunset Bar a part of it. I’m a huge fan of the Magic Carpet, I think it seems like an awesome idea and (unpopular opinion) I happen to love the color. I am concerned about the wind out there, so we’ll see how useful it ends up being! The four MDR concept - I didn’t like it on the Ovation, I thought all the dining rooms were overcrowded and it was a mess trying to get in and out. I’m hopeful that maybe Celebrity has figured out a better way to manage things. The theatre looks absolutely awesome and unique. The club looks like it’ll be a lot of fun I can absolutely NOT WAIT for The Retreat. The fact that I need to wait 3 days is already slowly killing me, but it’ll be for the best - force me to try out the rest of the ship! I think that’s everything, lol. If I shared every single one of my opinions on the ship, I think we’d break the internet! I am insanely excited and am walking into everything with an open mind and excited to try it all out!
  14. Added to my list! Can you send me a picture - I assume they won't sell more than one type of apron, but just in case?
  15. There was a bit of a hiccup with the final payment for the preview sailing and X ended up cancelling our rooms - which we were unable to get back at the same price. After a lot of back and forth, they made up the difference in OBC (something about the booking system when we made it being different than the current one ... I don't know) I am extremely disappointed in how Celebrity handled this and kept telling myself I was going to write a letter to LLP about the entire ordeal, but I haven't yet - maybe when I get back. As part of that, they also cancelled the 3 dining reservations that we had on the preview sailing, which they are now refusing to reinstate saying the reservations are full and I have to deal with it on the ship. I know the ship's staff will bend over backwards and try to figure out a way to fit us in, but I don't think that's something I should have to deal with on my vacation when it was X's mess up to begin with. I’ve emailed OneTouch about this issue several times and haven’t gotten a reply - and I have no desire to wait on hold on the phone … so we’ll see. As of right now, on the preview sailing, we would like to dine in Fine Cut on the first night, Blu on the second night, and Eden on the final night. We usually eat fairly late and are pretty flexible, so I’m hoping we can figure something out. From what I’ve seen so far of the performances in Eden, I really just don’t know what X is thinking. The performers are no doubt extremely talented and the ways in which they manage to move around and contort themselves are truly amazing, but overall I don’t really understand what the “plot” is. I will reserve my judgement until I actually see it with my own two eyes, but that’s my impression at this point. Overall, though, I am extremely excited to see Eden. I sailed on the Ovation of the Seas a few years ago and Eden is quite obviously a direct descendant of Two70 on the Quantum Class ships. I thought Two70 was one of the most spectacular venues I had seen on a ship in a long time, both during the day for just lounging, and at night when there were performances - I hope that Eden is an equally as dynamic and amazing space!
  16. Aimee, hopefully see you aboard as well and hopefully my reviews of both Aqua and SkySuite help excite you further for your selections. I'm super jealous that you're staying on for the first two "real" cruises! I was excited to see the news today from LLP that Captain Kate will be taking the helm of the Edge sometime in 2019 - just more reasons to get back on the Edge! Evelyn, looking forward to meeting you as well. It sounds like on the previous cruises that when there were staterooms open, they were doing "open houses". I'm crossing my fingers that that remains the case, at least for the December 6th cruise. We haven't decided where we are doing sailaway, the sunset bar really looked disappointing in the pictures we've seen - at least compared to the S-Class ships. But ... we'll probably end up there anyway! Sandy, I am *HOPING* to actually force myself to the gym several times this cruise, so I will be sure to check on the package situation for you! Nate, glad that you've come around! I was an Edge-y from the get-go, even though I acknowledge that the S-Class will be extremely hard to beat, I absolutely love those ships! So I'm excited to see what the Edge has in store!
  17. [If you don’t want the back story as to how we ended up on this sailing and in the staterooms we are in, you can skip over this post - it’s basically just a lot of words haha.] The Beginning I think it’s important to start with how we got here, as every story has a beginning. For the beginning of this story we have to go back in time to March 13, 2017. Really we can jump back to November 21, 2016 when the first steel was cut for the Edge … but March 2017 will do for our purposes. On March 13, 2017, Celebrity planned to unveil the details of its newest ship, the Celebrity Edge, along with sailing dates and itinerary information. As luck would have it, I was already on a Celebrity ship for the unveiling, the Reflection. I was traveling with my boyfriend at the time, Kyle, and 10 close friends (quite a big group, I know!) On March 13th we were due in Cozumel and most of the group had planned a shore excursion to Chichen Itza, and a few others were going into Cozumel to sample the tequila. I decided to stay behind as they were going to do a live webcast of the unveiling in the Reflection Theatre. The webcast/presentation itself was kind of boring, but it was super interesting learning about a brand new class of ships. I’m sure those of you who watched along at home felt the same way - probably was pretty exciting to be in the room though! I was surprised as to the amount of people that had come into the theatre to watch along with me - even Kyle eventually joined me, haha! At some point either before the presentation or during it, it was made clear that bookings would go live at 1pm. So at 12:55pm, I made my way over to the Future Cruise office, which is super conveniently located to the theatre on the S-Class ships, and hovered outside waiting for them to tell me they were able to book. Kyle and I sat down with someone at 1pm, as they were still printing off deck plans and learning about the ships themselves. We really had no idea what we were getting ourselves into, but I knew that we had to be in a suite and I’d really love to be in an aft suite. So after a little back and forth, we ended up securing two aft corner SkySuites on Deck 7 - we had also booked a room for our friends Chad and Cole, as we figured they wanted to join as well. There was a lot of confusion and rooms were going fast, so there wasn’t much time to compare prices, or figure out what was what - we just knew that if we could get two corner S1’s on the same deck, we should go with that. We had briefly discussed S3’s, but they weren’t that much cheaper and we were unsure as to how the Magic Carpet would be working, so we went with the S1’s and I’m super glad. So we were all set, booked on the December 16, 2018 Inaugural Sailing - Eastern Caribbean in SkySuites 7309 and 7306. The Changes Fast forward to late December 2017, or early January 2018, when Celebrity announced that the Edge was going to be ready earlier than expected! They pushed up the Inaugural Sailing (now rebranded as a Maiden Voyage) to December 9, 2018 and made it a Western Caribbean. We immediately moved to the new sailing, which Celebrity allowed everyone on the December 16th sailing to do, if they so pleased. It actually worked better with my schedule, so I was happy. I should note that Kyle and I decided to end our relationship over the summer, but we had still committed to both going on this cruise together - as we were both extremely excited about it. We were all slightly disappointed that the itinerary had changed, I much prefer the Eastern Caribbean and there was one extra sea day (who doesn’t love a sea day!), but whatever, we still got to be on the Maiden Voyage! On January 6, 2018, Chad, Cole, and I set off on the Celebrity Summit on a 7-night Southern Caribbean cruise. Good things seem to happen while we are on cruise ships, at least related to the Edge - haha! Anyway, while we are aboard, Celebrity allowed the Edge preview sailings to become bookable and also finalized the changes between the December 16th and December 9th sailings. As luck would have it, two corner S1’s opened on Deck 12 on our sailing - so we were quickly able to grab those - always love a higher deck! We are now in 12259 and 12260. We also, while on the Summit, made the decision to get two Concierge Class rooms on the December 6th preview cruise. This was my first time having the Future Cruise office come to us, while we sat in Michael's Club - which I really liked. I'm definitely going to take advantage of that more in the future. We decided it would be nice to try a non-suite room and see what the MDR's were like and what the ship had to offer outside of The Retreat. At that point, we also invited my sister, Erin, and our friend, Chas, who also got a stateroom on the preview sailing. We were all able to book with GO BEST, which was available on the preview sailings for only a few days before X changed their mind. We had booked rooms 10185 (Tim/Kyle), 10187 (Chad/Cole), and 12150 (Erin/Chas). The next date of significance is April 27, 2018 - just a few days before my birthday, as luck would have it! Celebrity contacted our travel agent, who is Kyle, actually, to let him know that 10 Concierge Class rooms on the Edge had been rebranded as Aqua Class rooms and 10185 and 10187 were 2 of them - how lucky is that! We ended up with a better quality room, access to the Spa, and Blu, with no additional cost - talk about a major win! It was kind of a bummer that Erin and Chas’ room didn’t change, but that ended up not being a problem. So despite basically bankrupting ourselves in booking these sailings, we’ve ended up in much better rooms in both cases than we had initially paid for - and it looks like the ship will definitely be worth it. The Finale As we neared final payment, in September, it became clear that Kyle was not going to be able to join us, and Chas was unable to commit due to some time constraints. That worked out fairly well for the preview cruise, as I just moved Erin into my room and then we cancelled the non-AQ stateroom. Finding a roommate for myself on the maiden voyage was a bit more of an ordeal, as taking a week off in December is not an option for a lot of people, and it wasn’t exactly a cheap sailing (as I’m sure you know, or can guess). As you can imagine there was a lot of drama and a lot of asking people to try to change plans, etc in my attempts to figure this all out. In the end, my dear friend, Brandon, ended up coming through and being able to join for the maiden voyage - so all was saved! So here we are, 5 days away from sailing, which for a while just seemed so far away. I am beyond excited. Chad, Cole, and I message each other non-stop about things that we’ve seen and are learning about the Edge. I took a bit of a hiatus from CruiseCritic for a number of reasons before this sailing, but thankfully we were members of Lloyd’s Facebook group (Celebrity Edge and Oasis 5), which essentially mirrored the “EDGE BLOCKS ARE IN THE HOUSE” thread here, so I followed along with the ships construction intently. I have to give a huge shoutout to Lloyd, Ade, and many others for keeping us all up to date on what was going on - and answering my endless questions. I also have to give a shoutout to vtcruising for all the details on the Edge thusfar, and ChicagoPaul and Norris for inspiring me to write better and better reviews each time. (You really should be able to tag people in posts, this message board stuff is soooo backwards, lol)
  18. Hey, I started a thread in the main X forum for my live review on the Edge - December 6th and December 9th, check it out below:
  19. Hey there everyone, this is my second attempt at writing a live review/blog - my first time I was a little behind most days and just left off the last 12 hours, but I promise that I'm going to be setting aside time for you this time! If you want to check out my previous review, to get an idea as to what you're in for, check it out here: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2489754-live-review-from-celebrity-summit-january-6-2018/ I always appreciate all questions, however, I do ask that when you are quoting old posts, please remove the pictures, it's really annoying to have those repeatedly taking up the thread. Who Am I My name is Tim, I'm 32, and live in New York City. There's a bit of a backstory as to the booking of this cruise and who I'll be traveling with, so I'll get to that a bit later. This will be my 11th cruise and my 6th cruise with Celebrity - on the Summit earlier this year I finally earned Elite status, which I am quite excited about! I've become a bit spoiled with Celebrity, though I do dabble into Royal Caribbean from time to time. I've never cruised in an interior cabin, though I feel like I want to check that box at some point soon. As I'm thinking about it, I've never cruised in a standard verandah cabin on Celebrity, either ... I really do spoil myself sometimes. That said, I do think I am quite down-to-Earth and honest, while not cutting, in my reviews and critiques, so hopefully you feel the same way. I will probably be posting quite a bit on instagram, especially to my story, if you want to follow me, you can find me at the much more aptly named: timmyshea. Why Cruising I really enjoy cruising, not only being on these amazing ships, surrounded by awesome people, but I truly love being at sea, it truly is a breathtaking experience. There is also something about cruising with friends, meeting new and different passengers, and, of course, interacting with the amazing crews aboard. There is always a new stone to be unturned or a new story to hear, and it seems like you get a lot more of that on cruises than you do on land. Maybe it's just the vacation atmosphere that makes people more willing to open up, but either way, I'll stick with my cruising for now. Oh, and also, cruise ships have Roulette tables, which aren't available at every land resort - haha 😛 What To Expect I'm going to start with a bit of background as to how we ended up on these sailings, how we got these rooms, etc etc, then I'll get into the cruise (once it starts)! I will post as many pictures a day as possible, and will try to honor as many requests as possible. CruiseCritic taking away their app and switching to a mobile site is something that I can not at all understand and it's apparently making it a little difficult for people who are trying to post live reviews. I got some tips from others (shoutout to ChicagoPaul), will try my best, and hopefully we can work out whatever kinks I encounter together. As I said, feel free to ask any questions or make any requests of me, I will try to get to them all, if possible. The Details Ship: Celebrity Edge Sailing: December 6, 2018 (3-Night Preview Sailing) December 9, 2018 (7-Night Maiden Voyage) Stateroom: Preview Sailing - Aqua Class AQ - 10187 Maiden Voyage - SkySuite S1 - 12259 Itinerary: Who Am I With: I booked this trip with two great friends who are also cruise fanatics, Chad and Cole, both from DC. I've cruised with Chad and Cole numerous times and we always have a blast. Additionally, as you probably noted from my introduction earlier, while going stag sounded like a great option, it was also going to be a tad expensive, so I've found myself some roommates. On the preview sailing, I'll be rooming with my sister, Erin; whereas on the maiden voyage, I'll be with my friend, Brandon. I've cruised with both of them before, but never shared a room with either, so we'll see how that goes - fingers crossed! Travel: I work for an airline, so I'll be flying standby down to Fort Lauderdale (or Maimi, or Palm Beach) the day before, on December 5th. I'm currently eyeing an 8:05am from LGA, which will arrive into FLL around 11am. Standby travel can always be an adventure, and oftentimes I book a full-fare ticket when going on a cruise, but I decided that I had enough of a buffer this time - either way, please cross your fingers for me! Lodging: I'll be staying at the Marriott Harbor Beach Resort, using points, where I'll hopefully be able to enjoy a relaxing day poolside getting some sun (I'm way too pale right now!) and enjoying a few cocktails. I've stayed at that Marriott before and have found it more than suitable, despite being overrun with children, which I'm hoping won't be as big of an issue mid-week in December. Erin will be joining me at the Marriott, but not until much later, around 10pm, when I hope to be in bed. I really am hoping to wake up early and take a run down to the jetty by the cruise port to see the Edge arriving around 530am, but we'll see how that goes in reality. First installment ... CHECK - looking forward to the rest!
  20. Thanks so much for getting these pictures - so excited to be in my aft S1. Could you do a favor and post a picture of the room from the door facing out towards the balcony, just to get an idea as to how much space is there? Thanks!
  21. I've read that X is trying to reduce plastic - there will be no straws or plastic water bottles on the Edge, only glass or these aluminum cans of water. The glass is still Evian, I am not sure about these cans. I fully support this, the plastic waste on the ships was out of control.
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