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  1. Thanks so much for getting these pictures - so excited to be in my aft S1. Could you do a favor and post a picture of the room from the door facing out towards the balcony, just to get an idea as to how much space is there? Thanks!
  2. I've read that X is trying to reduce plastic - there will be no straws or plastic water bottles on the Edge, only glass or these aluminum cans of water. The glass is still Evian, I am not sure about these cans. I fully support this, the plastic waste on the ships was out of control.
  3. This is the last I had written down, and in all honesty, I forgot everything else I was going to say. I'm sorry for not finishing this review and I promise that I'll do better next time 🙂
  4. Our sail-away ended up being the 5 of us, a couple from Ohio we had met at the LGBT Happy Hour, and 2 couples from Wales that we had sat next to at dinner almost every night. In case you are wondering, I’d say 11-12 is probably the maximum that can fit comfortably on a Celebrity Suite balcony - so it worked out perfectly. We could not have asked for a more perfect day, it was 100% the best sail-away we had had the entire cruise, and we were situated on the best side! It worked out so amazingly, we were all quite happy.We all had a fabulous time, spending most of it out on the balcony until the sun went down. The pictures really don’t do it justice, it was really great. We ended up having more than enough food, as you’ve probably guessed, and just enough sparkling wine and Champagne.I’m sure those of you following along are aware that Captain Kate is somewhat instagram-famous. If you don’t you can check her out at, @captainkatemccue. I’d link you, but you know the rules . We had been following along with her throughout the sailing, and would comment on things - like “oh we saw that too!, etc.” Well, the afternoon of our sail- away, Jeff commented that he knew she was busy steering the ship away, but we were having a sail-away party in our room and she should stop-by. By this point, for better or worse, she knew who we were - aka those obnoxious Millennials who won’t stop talking to me - haha.Well, sometime before sunset, Captain Kate commented back - “of course! What room?!” We all laughed and thought Jeff was completely making it up, we’ll sure enough about 20 minutes later there is a knock at the door. I kid you not when I tell you that I was speechless - I honestly had no idea what to say. Captain Kate was at our door with a bottle of Champagne in her hand! She came right in, and I think everyone was just as surprised to see her as I was. She immediately pointed out that we had a bottle of Fre sparkling “wine” (non-alcoholic) and told us that’s what she drinks aboard, if necessary. We poured her a glass of the Fre, chatted for a bit, and took some pictures. It was amazing, as I type this I’m still getting goosebumps thinking about it. A bit after she arrived, Pavel showed up with a lovely tray with two glasses of ice, both with limes, and a can each of club soda and ginger ale - clearly he had been notified!Captain Kate asked us how we were enjoying ourselves, we of course went on and on about the amazing staff on the Summit (which is 100% true) and we chatted a bit about our time at the Park Hyatt. This was the first cruise for the 2 Welsh couples, so they we’re really impressed and shocked - haha! She mentioned that on New Year’s Eve she had been walking along our deck and someone was coming out of our room and invited her in to celebrate a bit before midnight - so clearly our room was the party suite. I suggested to her that perhaps we write Lisa Lutoff-Perlo **** and suggest that this particular Celebrity Suite be named in honor of Captain Kate, now she she’s leaving the ship. They could even hang her picture. (I think she thought I was insane, which I sort of am!)Captain Kate also took the time to specifically mention this review, and call out a few specific things. I’m still not sure how she found it, but it shows that the staff of the ship really is listening when we write these things - so be HONEST and positive! (I suppose if I was running a ship, I’d be following along with live reviews as well.) After she said that she had read the live review, I basically lost all ability to create full sentences. We took some pictures — I still can not believe the Captain was in our stateroom, what?! Maya showed up after about 15 minutes to escort Captain Kate out. We were sure to point out to Captain Kate what an amazing job Maya and her team had done from the second we walked on the ship. IMG_2851.HEIC IMG_2845.HEIC
  5. Also going to jump on this thread to see if anyone could get any information about spin classes aboard! Thanks 🙂
  6. VT -as usual, you are my HERO! Thanks for sharing this, the menu looks amazing -- so excited that the Luminae burger is on the Cabana menu, what an amazing treat!!! And super happy to hear they will be roped off!
  7. mit429


    It seems as though there was some discussion as to the stateroom TVs being AirPlay enabled, but I haven't got anyone to actually confirm this. Can someone aboard confirm, that this is the case? Thanks 🙂
  8. VT - curious as to if the Eden Cafe (with the free food) is open during embarkation, similar to the Park Cafe on the Oasis Class ships (if you've ever been). It seems like these would be good bites to have available at that time and might not be as completely overrun as the OV. Thanks again!
  9. Thank you for this! I am in an aft-facing S1 on Deck 12 and have been terrified that the balcony would not be bright enough. I see there are no reasons for my fears!
  10. VT ... a few more questions for you, when you get a chance: 1. Any word on if/when Christmas decorations are going up? 2. Do you know if they'll still be offering stateroom tours on the 06dec preview sailing?
  11. I'm about to start another review, so realize I need to finish this one first ... and I left off at the best part! More to come - stay tuned!
  12. Good to hear - hoping to follow in your footsteps with my review when I board on 06dec!
  13. VT - thanks for the review so far ... curious as to how you're finding the WiFi is holding up while you're underway. I figure there are *a lot* of people aboard making use of the onboard WiFi system, so I'm curious as to if it's straining at all? Do you feel it similar to the other ships with Xcelerate WiFi, is it faster? slower? Thanks!
  14. I'm kind of torn - on one hand, I'd like to see them, but on the other, I'd like to see the ship without the Christmas decor.
  15. Just to confirm, you can do all room controls from the app on the phone (windows shades, lights, temperature)?
  16. Any idea if the Edge will be decorated for Christmas? Or if it won’t be because it’s brand new?
  17. Thanks for the video. Did a staff member say the pathway would be roped off, or did you see the rope?
  18. my only question is that the deck plans and the look of the area make it seem like there is a walkway between the water and the cabana ... or is that roped off?
  19. Does anyone have experience with this? I am sailing on 09Dec and my roommate may have to miss the first few days of the sailing and meet up with us in Cozumel. Is this something I should notify Celebrity of beforehand? How do they handle it? Any ideas or knowledge before reaching out to them!
  20. I’ll definitely download a resizing app - thanks for the tip! I’ve been tempted to do an en-suite dinner, but always unsure how it would be executed and end up just defaulting to Luminae or a speciality. Your review has definitely made me more confident that I’ll have to give this a whirl in the future
  21. Hmmm ya, I was thinking it might be hit or miss. Do you recall - Did they have shoes for rent or did you need to bring your cycling shoes - I wouldn’t want to pack a pair unnecessarily. thanks for the info!
  22. Hey, if you get a chance can you stop by the fitness center and inquire about the schedule for spin classes during your sailing - and how much they cost? Thanks 🙂
  23. Paul, thanks for posting another amazing review. I always love living vicariously through you and Edward as you definitely cruise style as I do! Were you able to check-in via the updated app? If so, did you find the process any easier than handing over printed Xpress Passes? Do you have any tips/hints that you've uncovered that might help with using the mobile site to run a Live Blog? I was on the Summit in January and we had asked the Luminae Maitre'd to see if the chef could prepare us Indian food one night, to which he readily agreed. It was definitely one of the best experiences I've had on a cruise - glad that you and Edward enjoyed it!
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