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  1. Jim, For The Daily Special was there Filipino Cuisine in The Oceanview Cafe?
  2. Thank you for your response, will be on the Equinox on the 17th, Tim and Malou.
  3. We are from Sussex County. Thank you for your observation!
  4. What would you say is the percentage of guests wearing masks indoors and thank you for all your detailed information and photos, they are great. We will be joining the next cruise on the 17th. Tim and Malou. Will be 5th time on the Equinox!
  5. Great information and well said, will be on the Equinox 09/17 cruise.
  6. We are doing our Antigen Test at a Urgent Care. The test is the Quick Vue Quidel. Results in 1 hour. Doing it on the 15th for our Equinox cruise on the 17th.
  7. What I did when luggage tags are available to print, I called Celebrity and they sent them . Took about 10 days to receive them.
  8. Thank you for your great detailed review, we will be on the Equinox in three weeks. Looking forward to our cruise as it will be our fifth time on the Equinox.
  9. Did you have patient id# on your vaccination card?
  10. Our card has middle initial not full middle name.
  11. Our CDC Vaccination card has a space for the middle initial and not the full middle name and the space for the patient number was left blank on both cards, wife and I had vaccine at different pharmacies and different vaccine.
  12. We are taking a Rapid Antigen Test which is called a BD-Veritor at the Urgent Care by us.
  13. Thank you. Really enjoyed all your updates on the Millennium. Now looking forward to going on the Equinox in September, will be our fifth time.
  14. I use google for my internet search, so then should it work? Thanks to everyone's response.
  15. I only have a computer, will I be able to do online check in and print boarding pass? If not what is the process?
  16. Exactly my thoughts, going on a cruise on Celebrity in September, hope this cruise will go.
  17. The more people get vaccinated the less covid cases you will have should lead to less restrictions. Hopefully for cruising as well.
  18. Opinions on Anthem Of The Seas outside cabin #3182.
  19. With the current spike in the virus in key cruise areas and chance of this making a dramatic fall of the curve right now this cruise will be cancelled.
  20. Overly painful to say the least, ours was also cancelled in May and the other moved to September next year.
  21. This will be our third try to cruise this year, we are scheduled on the Sky Princess November fifth.
  22. What do you think the likely hood is of cruising in November?
  23. Thank you for the photos!
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