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  1. I don't see the question or answer here (if I missed it being asked already sorry about that).

    We do not have a smart phone or stuff like that, so no doing Google or the other app for this Medallion.  We are sailing in December and I have done the usual online personalizer.  Anyone know what happens at check in with us not having smartphone stuff?  There are still some of us out here that do not need/want smart phones, etc., minority we know. We would have to pick up Medallion at check in as they don't send to Canada before cruises.

    Thank you in advance.

  2. I have read some one else's experience on a forum here that if the new mattress is too soft they can remove the pillow top portion of the mattress to make it firmer -- this was verified in a few posts -- if that helps at all. New mattresses are great add -- now if they would just refresh this Ship starting to really show a need.

  3. If you really want their attention make a posting on their Facebook Page I was frustrated beyond belief with all other avenues and then I posted on Facebook about the issue. Could have knocked me down with a feather at how quick, 5-10 minutes, Princess called me and cleared everything up very fast! First time I have been impressed by their Customer Service (am Elite Cruiser with them).

  4. Love this site and especially John Bull (you are amazing and so helpful to all!) The airline we use flies into Gatwick on the Sunday (April 30) day before cruise), need to get to Southampton, hotel one night and cruise the next day -- bus or train with stop(s), better/best option?


    When we return to Southampton would be nice to have a day tour and then drop at hotel, last year we did Salisbury, Windsor Castle and Stonehenge and drop at central London hotel -- it was wonderful! Anyone know of tours that would end at Gatwick -- or do they all end at central London hotels or Heathrow? (the Bath Cotswalds? tours look interesting). Hotel for one night and then train to Gatwick on the 14th (May) may be better, again a Sunday.


    Cheers! Appreciate your time and advice.

  5. I think I am just thick in the head, don't understand this Card. We are travelling (originating in Canada) and will be in London near Victoria Station for two days and a bit -- so if we want/need to use the Tube, to get to Little Venice, return from Camden, to Tower Bridge area and return a couple of times and then need train tickets to Gatwick on May 3rd, morning, for two adults should we buy a Card, if so, are they available at Victoria Stations and can we use credit card to buy or is cash better.


    Appreciate advice/assistance, I think my brain is on overload with trip things to get done. Cheers!

  6. Ugh.


    So how many of you bring your own corkscrew and enjoy in your cabin only?


    Absolutely, also learned the hard way when we didn't, enjoy a glass on the balcony.


    Saw response to my question on wine brought on from a port stop, didn't answer it, the policy stated is for embarkation only, can't find something on visiting a European port and getting back on Ship before leaving and bringing a bottle back of a local wine -- anyone?


    Made a bottle size mistake one time on embarkation and you thought we had a weapon or bomb, security went nuts!!!! Maybe they get commission or bonus for finding policy breakers -- like to think they worry about more serious stuff being checked on embarkation too!

  7. Apologies if already answered somewhere, however I cannot find info.


    Getting off Cruise Ship in Southampton, doing day tour Salisbury, Stonehenge, Windsor, drop off in London, stay a couple of day in London.


    Now the question, the flight we need leaves from Gatwick -- so is it best to stay at a hotel near Victoria Station for ease of getting a train to Gatwick, will have luggage, is Gatwick Express train best option? Any recommendations of hotels in Victoria Station area that are still fairly central for siteseeing places/things to do?



  8. Have had excellent experience with them, also worth checking out is the Tours By Locals company -- also excellent! That being said we have also used the Rick Steeves book that included a couple of self guided walking tours and found things we would not have otherwise seen/noticed. Very walkable place, just be very, very careful of bikes, they can sneak up on you!

  9. I can't do better than Bob's advice.

    Rail schedules for bank holidays are usually the same as - or very similar to - the more limited sunday service.


    But commuters are the rail network's main users, so rail operators use sundays to carry out track maintenance, which further affects services. Bigger jobs mean that Saturdays are also affected. And the biggest jobs are done over bank holiday weekends. Murphy's Law says you'll be using Gatwick at the same time as a major track job.


    Immediate post-cruise tour-transfer Southampton to London via Salisbury, Stonehenge, Windsor is easier to advise.


    Do buy your Stonehenge tickets with your transfer ticket, to avoid the potential problem of delayed admission without a timed ticket. Like the Salisbury-based ho-ho, those who buy from the operator have dispensation to be admitted immediately. I don't think the same applies at Windsor castle, perhaps others can comment.


    JB :)

    Thank you very much, maybe we should just stay an additional day and leave on May 3rd, what a hardship that would be, NOT, Love London and surrounding areas, Hubby's favourite City of anywhere.

  10. There is a reduced service on Bank holidays but there will still be trains. All the tourist destinations will be open and very busy.


    I see from http://www.nationalrail.co.uk/service_disruptions/currentAndFuture.aspx?TravelDate=02%2F05%2F2016&TOC=gx that there will be "No Gatwick Express service from Saturday 30 April until 04:00 on Tuesday 3 May" due to works at Clapham Common.


    You can however catch a train from St Pancras, Victoria or London Bridge. http://ojp.nationalrail.co.uk/service/planjourney/search You should allow ample time for the journey as they may well be delays.


    If you are planning to visit the Tower of London, you need to be there early to beat the rush. Buy tickets in advance too.


    Thank you very much, probably have a Noon flight out of Gatwick, the carrier only flies from there, on May 2, need to see how early trains are available to get to airport for International flight, hopefully doable.

  11. Appreciate the information and advice on this site, especially John Bull's input, etc., what a nice person to provide the information and lots of timing doing so.

    We arrive on Ship on April 30th, would like to do a day tour Salisbury, Stonehenge, Windsor, drop at central (reasonable, is there such a thing) hotel and "do" some London things, the one part is we have to get to Gatwick for return flight home, does the Bank holiday on May 2 shut everything down, or just banks and businesses -- are tourist attractions and stores and transit working? Is it as difficult/far as it seems to be the majority of info to get to Gatwick with luggage? Appreciate all info/advice/recommendations. Cheers!

  12. Thank you, Nightmare, I will email them. Have a wonderful visit!


    Any tips for enjoying the Blue Lagoon?




    Just passing through this Forum. We were there two years ago and I HIGHLY suggest booking the VIP experience -- you get a private change room with shower and toiletries, two drinks, snacks and private entrance in and out of the Lagoon and a fire going in the room, nice robes and slippers. Very nice experience. Was not crazy in price, preferred to communal change room, etc. Don't know if it has changed since we were there, however as a probably once in a lifetime experience the VIP room was definitely worth every penny. That is my two cents worth, enjoy whatever you do!

  13. Welcome home! Thanks for your updates! Did they do the staggered boarding times? Which was your favorite, Sabatinis or Crown Grill? I hope to try both and do Chef's table, but just in case we have to choose...


    We took the b2b on this ship December 14-28, as usual on Princess the first thing I do is call the Dine Line to get on the list for Chef's Table, which is $95.00 per person, and worth every penny. Less than one hour after being open for boarding the Chef's Table was sold out and I was put on a waiting list!! Just an FYI. Luckily there was so much interest they managed to put on one more evening and we were ïnvited, excellent evening! It has become a must do and is very popular.

  14. Was also on this cruise, on b2b, Dec. 14-28 -- the Chef's Table is $95.00 per person and worth every penny! As soon as we arrive on a Princess ship the first thing I do is call the Dine Line to get on the list, it is filled very fast. Was told it was "sold"out, this after only one hour of the Ship being ready to board. We were put on a wait list and thankfully because there was so many requests they added one more and we were able to go.

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