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  1. Yes. That's what I'm thinking; well, not that Carnival will cancel it, but that the cruise industry will still be shut down by law/response to the crisis. Our cruise is scheduled for mid-May. Not sure what my husband and adult sons have in mind for our plans, but my take is to not do anything before the 3/31 deadline to cancel, and if the virus is still a thing (it will be I suspect) and cruises are still banned, well, there you go. But if the ban has been lifted, then good, I trust it's safe enough to go forward.
  2. Ha ha. Me too. Playing every day. Nothing yet. Kinda bummed. Not. Going on a cruise next Sunday. Airplane mode. Won't be able to play.
  3. I loved your post. Very funny. I had my first platinum cruise last month, and yup, what you said.
  4. But if you're really lucky it is free - or better - the casino is paying you. Heavy sigh. I wish I was that lucky. All my casino perks are costly - but fun. So. Yeah. What the heck.
  5. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Toy Story 4 Ad Astra Detective Pikachu This might keep me out of the casino a night or four
  6. Before I went on a cruise from 9/28-10/5 I wondered the same thing. Now I'm here to report that I'm pretty sure that we had movies from the September list for the entire cruise.
  7. I love this thread. Thanks OP. I agree with everything others are saying, except I usually don't get a balcony. Substitute any open deck for balcony and that's me.I guess what I enjoy most, though, is being catered to and made to feel special - like the spoiled 64 year old child that I am.
  8. I just had a" breakfast bowl" on the Carnival Sunshine served in the dining room breakfast on port days. Best breakfast ever.
  9. We did this as a Carnival excursion a few years ago. I don't remember clearly how many people there were, but I'd say 20 or so? Two man kayaks, 10 or 12 kayaks. You didn't ask, but we enjoyed it - me, my husband and our three fit and active teen (at that time) sons. There was a little snorkeling, less hiking and a lot of kayaking.
  10. How can I know whether I'll be docking at Havensite or Crown Bay? I'll be on the Carnival Sunshine, porting in St. Thomas on Dec. 6.
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