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  1. I've attended two Carnival hosted Meet and Mingles, both on Ecstasy. The two parties couldn't have been more different. The first one was late in the afternoon on the first seaday/elegant night. The appetizers and finger foods they put out were better than what they serve at the past guest parties; actually some of the best tasting best presented food I've had on Carnival. Several of the higher up crew members attended and they were very personable. I had engaging conversations with the head of dining and the head of hotel services. BUT the second one I went to a couple of months later was in the late morning and only lido breakfast pastries were served. A crew member or two wandered in and out. I still signed up for the Carnival/CC M&M for my next cruise, hoping it will be more like the first than the second.
  2. Thanks for the list. My cruise starts in Sept and ends in Oct (9/28-10/5). Does that make a difference? Or does this list mean cruises starting in Sept?
  3. My first cruise was in 2008, with husband and middle schoolers in tow. We cruised every other year or so after that, some 5 day, some 7 day. AND THEN- BOOM! I retired. The kids were in college or beyond. Then I could really cruise, with or without my husband who has not yet retired. I have two cruises booked for later in the year, so this December I'll be platinum. Yay!
  4. If you are a foodie, don't miss the chefs table.
  5. Three!? Sweet. Let me exit to Carnival.com for a moment and check my numbers . . . . 142 and 208! Big numbers, but this is the first time I've had two booked at the same time, so that's kinda nice
  6. I'd want to be that person who's always out and about, sunup to sundown, wiping down, mopping up, a little spackle here, a little paint there. Really. I like to be outdoors and active. I love how those guys always have a cheery smile and howdy do for me, as if I'm the most important thing at that moment. I could spread that kind of joy - while pushing my mop.
  7. I overpack. Why? I like options.
  8. My favorite has been Ecstasy because it sails, er, sailed, from Charleston and because it is small and because it has that outdoor seating behind the lido buffet. Now I have two cruises booked on Charleston's new ship, Sunshine. I plan to make that ship my new favorite. I think I'll like it, but I wish they'd add that outdoor seating. Who knows, once I actually sail her, maybe I'll find other good outdoor spaces.
  9. Something strikes me as I read this. There are the creatures of habit and the adventurers. I'm a creature of habit. As many who responded to this post have said, Carnival was the first line they cruised, fell in love with cruising so they stuck with Carnival. That's me. I'm impressed by the people who get out there, do their research and try all different cruise lines. I think about checking out other lines, but always get sucked in by a Carnival deal.
  10. I had a very "Love Boat" preconception. I expected open air buffets; people staying in their swimsuits all day, more crew than guests. I thought people lounged in the sun for awhile, then still in their swimsuits went to the casino to gamble a bit. I also had the wrong idea about the pools - thought I would swim a few laps every morning. I was totally unprepared and so didn't really have a very good time. When we got home I told my husband I didn't care for cruising, but after some consideration realized I just needed a redo. I did my research for the next cruise; and now . . . 10 years later, 8 cruises later, 2 cruises currently booked . . ..
  11. Woohoo! Gotta get me a B2B.
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