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  1. and nowhere is it encouraged...
  2. Tipping in Europe is not the norm, nor is it expected in most cases. Restaurants typically charge a 12.5% service charge so coining up is the norm. MSC has a No Tipping policy and already a $12,50 per day service charge per person added. I would say our personal tipping above and beyond that would depend on the level of personal service received... Most Yacht Club passengers choose that option for the experience of NOT having to carry cash.
  3. We booked an all-day excursion --independently of the cruise line---that will both hold our luggage securely AND drop us off at our destination. I'm sure you can do this whether it's the airport or elsewhere you're going...
  4. Many thanks! This is helpful.:)
  5. We got ours already for a Sept 5th cruise. Our friends, sailing on same cruise, have yet to get theirs. Friday will be 20 days out so let's hope by then.
  6. I'm considering maybe getting an internet package for our upcoming cruise of the western Mediterranean on the Fantasia. I have an iPad and smartphone. This would just be for e-mails and uploading photos. Any tips, suggestions appreciated. Do I really need the bigger of the two packages on offer? Thanks!
  7. Just wondering if there's anywhere to find price lists for onboard store items such as brand apparel, fragrances, souvenir gifts etc. We are sailing the Mediterranean next month on Fantasia. I see lots of drink and other menus posted but not these? Could not find anything on MSC website. Thanks!
  8. So the $12.50 per day is automatic and anything above that is discretionary, meaning basic tips are already included? But if you want to tip more you can do so? I thought MSC website said otherwise?
  9. I';d like to suggest to CruiseCritic.com that you operate a separate page for MSC Seaside since most of the recent posts are about that ship and MSC is so much more than Seaside?
  10. Seems that MSC has differences among all of its ships for same experiences, and it seems to depend on the location? So Yacht Club on Fantasia (Mediterranean) will have some differences to Yacht Club on Seaside (Caribbean) (e,g crepes included, but only one time thermal suite access?). I've also noticed differences in pricing for photography packages etc amongst the different ships and locations? Will try to review September cruise on MSC Fantasia...:cool:
  11. This September cruise will be our first with MSC; just wondering if they schedule FOD gatherings or not?
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