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  1. Two months ago, two twelve packs were reinforced with duct tape. Put in with other checked baggage, delivered to room no issue.
  2. As others have suggested, read the cruise contract. Entire "contract" on some cruise lines only completes when your on the ship and have pushed back from embarkation port
  3. Very large landslide on the railway dock last year. 4 weeks ago not even close to being usable condition. Because of the closure, the maximum number of ships is reduced.
  4. The solution is rather simple. Sell the cards or take the loss. Princess made the announcement about the change about a year ago and you have no standing legally.
  5. The problem is terminology. Door width is door jam to door jam, CLEARANCE is what is the ACTUAL width available with all factors.
  6. In other words you would be adding money onto your account without knowing it. Just what do you think the cruise line wants? Here's a clue, as much money out of each pax as possible.
  7. You might be right except for one factor. For EACH cruise, you agree to the current "cruise contract" by just stepping on the ship. https://www.princess.com/legal/passage_contract/
  8. As stated, all entertainment on the ship is censored/regulated. From language to the actual length of time on stage, everything is controlled. Even the movies, no matter the original rating, they have been re-edited to PG-14.
  9. Info only, most scooters use identical "keys"
  10. White Pass is not owned by any cruise line. From what I could tell, on Princess, they were not connected in real time with the excursion. The SHIP PERSONNEL have no idea of the number of seats available. White Pass can add another regular rail car with little problem. However there appears to be only one accessible car with lift. I can only imagine White Pass has given strict instructions on who can/can not book this particular rail car. We were the only ship in port and rail car was over half filled
  11. The dressing is not the issue. Our only experience with "packing" was done by a doctor. I can't see doctor/nurse using anything you provide to pack into open wound just due to liability. No matter what the cruise main office says, ship's medical staff will have final say.
  12. The question is what ISN'T. The "free" coffee on the ship is a concentrated syrup in a plastic bag. The syrup and hot water is mixed as it comes out of the dispenser. While not horrible, it's not brewed.
  13. This is why a true accessible cabin is located at corridor intersections or by elevator areas so scooters can have a straight shot at the door.
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