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  1. I loved the look of that menu ay Cheofs table. But all white wine? No red? That would make me unhappy.
  2. They had the Basketball on and i saw that,i havent seen any football but my OH might have. He has control of the TV in the room that all the sports packages are on.
  3. A great idea but you cant even send Pam cooking spray thru the post here lol; Been trying to get some since TSA took my last can.
  4. i am not from the isle of man, i just live here. I am from Maryland lol. Now resident for us voting and tax purposes in Florida. The old Carmichael is where i saw Prince. It was quite small then. Would have loved to see The Clash.
  5. Why are over 18s babied like this? They are adults, they can vote, marry, have sex. More importantly, at that age and even younger are treated as adults of they break the law. Teach your children to be adults before the time they are 18.
  6. It was a joke- the song is an ear worm. You cant unhear it.
  7. I was at chapel hill until 1982 so missed that, but i did see Prince.
  8. i'll be getting there for 10. Think thats when they open. I have the key though. if i didnt might arrive 10":30
  9. i paid $52 pp/pd. Less than what you were shown. My other prices were $56 and $62. $66 is high. I think if you can get a low price before, that is the way to go (although you may have waited too late for this). I have never heard of a sale onboard that beat the prices available in the cruise planner.
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