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  1. I agree about the Frankie Vallie thing. The back ups were fine but the main guy was awful
  2. Well said I think though as far as MDR is concerned is the dished offered on the day. And we had no past cruise compasses or menus to consult after several years in Eurooe/far east/australia so could not choose the One day we took at giovannis. And you only had one day int eh MDR which may have been a 'off day'. Our last day we didnt like the menu or our meals all that much, but if we'd had the menu befoehand we would have chosen that day for our Giovannis meal as we liked the offerings more th ngith we skipped MDR. Also length of cruise. we were only 5 nights, 4 in
  3. The food i ate in t he MDR wasnt bad. Maybe it was for you, but not for me. Maybe it was what you chose to eat? For me itt was generally OK, good in some places. The Windjammer was awful, but that may have been the choices i made. Applebees is pretty awful in general. Insulting me, just because i disgree, is just juvenile.
  4. "I am happy to elaborate. The MDR food is very similar quality to what you will find at a chain restaurant like Applebee’s on land with smaller portions and less flavor. You will find small portions of low end meat, small portions of steamed vegetables (a couple pieces of steamed broccoli and carrots), and some variation of gravy/cream based sauce that is quality of something that comes out of a jar with most entrees. I don’t eat chains like Applebee’s on land" i disagree. You dont eat at Applebees so you dont know how poor the food is. In general the MDR is superior.
  5. i was on her in Nov. Fro the most part the MDR meals were fine. Not fine dining in the main but fine. But the one time i ate in Windjammer it was poor. I ate all breakfasts and most lunches in the MDR as well. And before you think i am a person who will eat anything, think again. I am an avid home cook and foodie. My chops lunch in the MDR on embarcation was poor, and my one paid dining in Giovannis was good.
  6. I was on the first post TA sailing. I found most staff incl all port staff and many on ship were new. So knew nothing. Paid for The Key, but al most all employees never heard of it.
  7. I loved the look of that menu ay Cheofs table. But all white wine? No red? That would make me unhappy.
  8. They had the Basketball on and i saw that,i havent seen any football but my OH might have. He has control of the TV in the room that all the sports packages are on.
  9. A great idea but you cant even send Pam cooking spray thru the post here lol; Been trying to get some since TSA took my last can.
  10. i am not from the isle of man, i just live here. I am from Maryland lol. Now resident for us voting and tax purposes in Florida. The old Carmichael is where i saw Prince. It was quite small then. Would have loved to see The Clash.
  11. Why are over 18s babied like this? They are adults, they can vote, marry, have sex. More importantly, at that age and even younger are treated as adults of they break the law. Teach your children to be adults before the time they are 18.
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