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  1. Here is the PDF on what is included in the Classic and premium packages Celebrity-Cruises-Beverage-Packages.pdf
  2. We have lots of casinos in the STL area, and I saw that my favorite game (Let it Ride) is NOT offered on the Equinox; Therefore I probably won't be spending a lot in there; Maybe video poker or something
  3. I once won $600 playing the $1 triple bar slot machine by hitting 3 7s; There is usually one slot machine that they rig to payout more than the others; The trick is to find that one; Also, the slots are looser at the beginning of the cruise to get people "hooked"; then they tighten them up as the week progresses
  4. We will have 2.5 sea days in December, and I have NO QUALMS about taking items off chairs that have gone unused[especially in PRIME LOCATIONS]. I usually just gently set them off to the side. I'm the early bird of the family but still wouldn't "HOG" extra lounges knowing that my early 20s kids won't be up until 11 or so. We shall see come December
  5. What about a Sunset Cruise? They leave at 5 or 7pm for a 2 hour excursion
  6. I've researched this too because we are in port 1530 to 2300; 1. From what i have found out, the ship DOES NOT offer excursions thru them. 2. There are Kayak tours and Electric boat tours; depending if you want exercise or let the boat do the work 3. The ride to Fajardo is about 90 minutes; you can rent a car, uber or taxi 4. Tours start at either 1800, 1930, or 2100; depends on the operator 5. Mosquitos are a big issue
  7. Here is a blurb from my cruise planning spreadsheet that I use to map out a cruise; Bear in mind that this is just preliminary, and subject to change depending on what the familia wants to do, but it does show the # of ships in port also; I can send you a generic one if you wish DAY DECEMBER PORT ARRIVE DEPART EXCURSION notes # of SHIPS in PORT SAT 12/21/2019 FLL 3:30p EMBARK SWAIR SUN 12/22/2019 AT SEA MON 12/23/2019 SAN JUAN 3:30p 11:00p car rental Bioluminescence Tour - Fajado Capt Juarez 4 TUE 12/24/2019 St. THOMAS 8:00a 5:00p Go to St. John Shop Havensight Ferry from Redhook 3 WED 12/25/2019 TORTOLA 7:00a 4:00p Brewers/Cane Garden Beach 2 THU 12/26/2019 AT SEA 8:00a 5:00p FRI 12/27/2019 NASSAU 12:30p 7:00p Atlantis Day Pass 2 SAT 12/28/2019 FLL 7:00a DEBARK
  8. 1. The fabric softener sheets are to keep the stench of dirty laundry out of the suitcases 2. The shower curtain liner is for the beach to put on the sand before putting down the towels[ keeps sand off] 3. extra swimsuit to wear while the other one is drying 4. I would rather pack 2 loosely packed suitcases rather than 1 overstuffed one; [swair allows 2 free bags] 5. We enjoy dressing up for CHIC / FORMAL nights - we bought a garment bag just for this purpose - so there! 6 . Can never have enough socks or t-shirts; would never reuse worn items
  9. Yeah I forgot to mention, that when traveling in December, from a cold weather to warm weather site, wear shorts under sweatpants/sweatshirt and just change in the plane or airport restroom
  10. Since most of the phones now come with a flashlight, I took that off the list
  11. DITTO GZJAX: The cruise line tour is such a ripoff; We did StJ on our own by taking a taxi to redhook, got the 9am ferry; was on Trunk Bay by 9:30 and practically had the entire beach to ourselves. This is because the cruise line ferries from Charlotte A and doesn't leave until 10; We stayed until 1p and took the ferry back with plenty of time to shop in Havensight and still relax on the ship before departing
  12. Now that we have finalized our Winter 2019 cruise, I realized that some newbies(or experienced) might be clueless on what to /not to pack. As a veteran of 15 cruises, I have compiled this spreadsheet as a typical list of what I WOULD PACK. There are some extra things included that you might not have thought of and I would be more than happy to explain why [like return address labels] cruise_packing_generic.xlsx
  13. Ditto; We use www.insuremytrip.com to view all the applicable policies and then choose the one that fits our needs the best
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