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  1. lebreos

    Retired Coastie

    would be interested to know.... personally off on another one in march....
  2. lebreos

    Cabin Films

    Cant answer with prior experience as not been on cruises close enough together... However P&O would have bought the rights to show the films or be paying royalties on older ones where appropriate so i suspect they will show pretty much the same films over each period of time until next newer batch can be offered...
  3. lebreos

    Azura for a family of 3

    Yes good cabins e deck aft - i prefer starboard side - odd numbers - dont seem to have any sound issues from the club below there, stairs and lifts straight up to kids club is also great especially as mine was still in a buggy last 2 cruises... you wont feel much movement unless it gets really rough. There will probably be 80 -120 kids onboard in term time and the kids club staff have been brilliant so far for my now 4 yr old. There can be 300-400 plus kids in holiday time.. Dont forget each parent will need to register to be able to sign child in or out. (grandparents can too ). And the laundrette is not far away either...or too close...
  4. lebreos

    drinks package on Azura

    I certainly wont be going for the "ultimate drinks package"... I usually have 1 or max 2 drinks before dinner - share a bottle of wine with the wife over dinner then maybe 2 more drinks watching the entertainment max 3.. so 5 drinks at a £5 is 25£ and id still have to pay for the bottle with a discount... wife would have 1 large glass of wine before dinner and maybe 1 after with a coke or 2...We don't drink anything in the day normally bar tea and this doesn't add up anywhere near 80£ for us unless they start massively increasing their drinks prices... so this is why they have tightened their bring onboard policy and will continue to up their port monitoring too... cant have passengers bringing own drinks onboard..
  5. lebreos

    Britannia refit

    They generally have the refits timed pretty well these days and only odd bits of finishing off should be left if anything by the time its due to sail. I was on ventura post refit by a couple of cruises recently the cruises before all went on time and all i really noticed was fluffy carpets in places and some odd trimmed carpet in cabin which i reported to be sorted at some point...
  6. lebreos

    Real Ale

    its only a shame that speckled hen on P&O seems to be in a can yet others are bottled.... Maybe they decided speckled hen tasted good enough in can they could save going to bottle..
  7. lebreos

    Travel Cot

    Recommend taking a cot mattress or sleeping bag to put under the cot sheets - p&o dont supply this so base is quite hard otherwise. we had a deluxe cabin on ventura so plenty of room by sofa for cot and we were not trying to use both balcony and cot at same time. Night nursery got a big thumbs up from me when my boy was 9m old... was also good when he was 3 too. Book in at kids club first day to register if you want beyond 12 in night nursery you have to book in day before to use until 2am even if you only want say 30 min to watch a particularly late show. You can also request bottle warmer and steam steriliser (good brand) and they provide baby food and milk if you want to use it - baby food available from restaurants and the kids afternoon buffet. The brand of food is on the website. not much room for a buggy we used to wedge it in one of the corners at bottom of bed and could just get round it if we didnt want to collapse it. there is a buggy park outside night nursery if you want to leave it there. i did find just carrying my son down easier on occasions.
  8. Cruised last year with my 3yr old (ventura sister to Azura), cruising britania for first time in March. They had changed the rules on night nursery from first cruise slightly so do ask the questions when you get onboard... Register first day and you can even get them in kids club first afternoon session..You need to book all parents in to be able to sign the kids in or out... They will have to wear wristbands all holiday to get in and out of the kids club - no band no entry ( replacements available from reception). My son initially didn't want to wear it then after cruise we couldn't get him to take it off... The clubs run in sessions and close at certain times to allow staff to take meal breaks they expect you to get there at least 15 min early to sign them out... As has been said they close for the kids afternoon/evening meal in the buffer( the kids club staff eat there too) then you can sign them back into the club. The kids club for Splashers ( your age group ) is open until 10 or 11pm and they throw some movies on and the kids can and mine did fall asleep on the bean bags... You can transfer them from the kids club to the nursery asleep but they must be awake to go into kids club... This is a recent change night nursery from about 6pm to midnight available to upto and including age 4 and 364 days old. you had to book them in the day before to stay in until 2am... They give you a pager when you book them into night nursery and i had to settle my son a couple of times and then i was able to leave again unless i wanted to take him out. so if you are freedom dining or first sitting and able to watch the first lot of entertainment you can then all goto bed without worrying about night nursery. We did have to take ours to a the second later shows in the theatre and he fell asleep there as he wouldnt to go into nursery.. I cant praise the kids club staff enough on both cruises ive used them a credit to P&O. If you are cruising outside of school holidays there are less kids aboard and therefore the facilities/ kids clubs are not jammed to capacity which is great. Breakfast and lunch in the MDR actually worked for us - we could supervise my son and the waiters brought the food and love the kids and will make a big fuss of them. The buffet you have t o find tables then relay to get your food.. you dont have to have a 3 course lunch you can just have mains and or dessert etc and leave when you wish. The waiters were actually very good at disarming temper tantrums and making my son laugh when needed so just when we though he might be exploding he was distracted and laughing...So worth trying once early on see if it suits you. The kids will count on your MDR table numbers if your fixed sitting so do let the waiters know if they are unlikely to ever attend. My son never did but we were happy to introduce him to the waiters at lunch etc.. Id recommend you use the main dining room that does freedom dining in evening for your lunch and breakfast they seem to have the more experienced crew. Also don't be afraid to ask the to bring the kids food as soon as they can so you can feed them before your food arrives. Ie order theirs and ask waiters to come back to take your order after they have put kids order in. The captain also interacted with my son giving him a high five and fistbumps one day in the pictures corridor... my chin hit floor... Hope you have a great time and quite happy to answer anything i can to help put your mind at ease..
  9. and of course you can arrange to say ring the other parties cabins at arranged time in morning to co-ordinate breakfast or pre dinner etc from your cabin to other cabin. Where you can check days horizon and arrange to meet at "x" to see a talk etc if you are going somewhere else..
  10. No you would just look smarter than most of us but certainly not out of place.
  11. lebreos

    Ventura speciality dining

    The waiters are very good in epicurean - probably the best service i have ever had - not intrusive but cater very well for your needs. The food sounds very fussy but is really well presented, cooked and very tasty.. the fill in bits are a little weird but interesting for your tastebuds in a marmite sort of way... i liked one and not the other... If you like asian/curry can recommend sindu as well also stunning food for the price IMO.. Hope you enjoy your cruise
  12. lebreos

    Dress code

    Your husband should still be able to take his jacket off in a bar without an issue as long as he arrives with it on... cant see an issue there...
  13. lebreos

    Real Ale

    Cant say I'm impressed with the "ale" offering there.. some nice beers thou...
  14. lebreos


    Just looked at this myself for the march cruise- Tetanus - is required.... if you are going to be a carer or go deep into the jungle of the islands then hep A and B may be required - so for a standard cruise I'd say not required... the website is https://travelhealthpro.org.uk/countries I would check there to make sure i haven't got anything wrong off top of my head https://travelhealthpro.org.uk/country/10/antigua-and-barbuda#Vaccine_recommendations - update edit Tetanus was free from local doctors surgery when wife enquired - turns out neither of us needed it...
  15. lebreos

    Advice for New to P&O Cruiser

    They do tend to be quite strict on formal nights for you to be in formal attire - see the lines guidelines or you will have to eat in the buffet those nights. Not always but be prepared. not been on other lines so cant comment on major differences.