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  1. MikeC1610- hit almost all of the reasons we disliked the ship. I could get over the setup of the bathroom, but the general setup of the ship was its downfall. We were on board last December and the service in all areas of the ship was lacking. No one looked happy to be there. If you are in service and hate your job find a new job. If we could have gotten decent service at any venue it would have made a world of difference in our experience. The other big downfall is for such a big ship most of the venues seem under sized. To get into non-reserved shows we had to show up 45 minutes to an hour early. Many events ended up being standing room only. Crowded venues just make the ship feel small and interferes with how service personnel can provide service.
  2. My husband suffered an injury while on an excursion- snuba- somehow the equipment malfunctioned and it hurt his ears. The doctor on ship said he would need surgery and a bunch of other stuff. My husband was miserable the rest of the cruise, and upon arriving home went to his ENT and they said nothing time and a medication could not fix. We were not billed. But the these ship people need to be careful, some people speak more than one language. The doctor and his assistant took time during the exam to talk poorly about my husband, not realizing that our son speaks fluent french. He was not happy when my son confronted him after the exam.
  3. I agree. We were on the Epic a few weeks ago. We are early risers and we went on deck at 7:45 and could not find 2 empty chairs on the sun deck or pool deck. We ended up way in the back by the rock wall. It was fine with us since we don't want full sun seating and we don't have to be right by the pool. What made it crazy was most of the chairs did not have anyone in them until well after 10:00 am and some even later than that.
  4. The saving of loungers at the pool was ridiculous. We stayed on board one day in port and got chairs and then watched people save chairs, that they did not sit in ALL DAY. They were saving them for when they re-boarded. Another man saved 10 chairs and then left for two hours before coming back. This has been an issue on every cruise that we have gone on.
  5. That's good to know for next time. Dh and I just helped ourself to our daughters left overs.
  6. Great show, and it will fill up quickly so reserve early. If you have kids you might want to let them have a little snack ahead of time. The food was geared more toward grown-ups. They have a set menu so you do not have options, unless you contact them ahead of time with specific issues. The people sitting next to us were vegetarians so they had a different main course.
  7. Except when they take your curtain down for routine cleaning, with no notice. Its great they clean them, but when you have kids in the room with you its awkward.
  8. We have a 10 year old and it was too hard for her. She did enjoy trying to help. A few others in the room brought their younger children but they did not count as "team members." You might want to bring a little something to keep the 4 year old busy.
  9. For us it is a NO--- NEVER AGAIN. List of complaints: We booked a tour through them for Christmas Day. They did not communicate properly with the touring company and we ended up waiting an hour on the pier waiting for a second bus to come take our group to the excursion site. This cut our excursion time short by an hour, so we did not get to do everything we wanted to do. They offered NO compensation and just shrugged it off. We were a family of 3 staying in a room. One day we returned from shore to find our divider that divides the room from the awkward bathroom area was GONE. Its a bit hard for a dad to shower and go to the bathroom and change with his daughter in the room and no divider curtain. We called asking for the curtain and were told it would be back by 6, it did not arrive until 10. They said it was normal cleaning rotation, I get that but they could have told us. There was a shower area at our excursion that we could have used to shower and get cleaned up for our dinner reservation. I had to beg for my earned discounts in the photo shop (20%) and gift shop (15%). The sales people acted like they had ZERO idea of the discounts. I have never on other NCL ships had to inform the sales associates of my discounts levels. The photo package we purchased included digital files. The files are such a low quality that they can only be printed in size 4x6 or smaller. The entire reason we purchased the photo package was to be able to use the electronic files for additional prints. Our balcony was always dirty. We always get balconies and have never had a layer of salt and residue on the balcony and chairs. They did clean it on one of our port days, but they did not do a good job. We always have balconies and have never had a grimy feeling balcony. The kids area for 9-12 was not great. Our daughter always loves the kids zone and she hated this one. She indicated that the workers were rude and all they did was sit there doing nothing and that it was not fun. We went to dinner at O'Shennhans one night and it was just a bad experience. We waited 20 minutes for them to take our drink order after being seated right away. The food was just okay--- I make a better Sheppard's pie than they do. Tenders were a cluster. We had a NCL tour and were told just go down and show your ticket and they will get you right on the tender. So we go down and it is wall to wall people. We ask several NCL employees where to go and they say they do not know to stand in line. There is an overall lack of communication in all areas. Getting a drink refill in Taste at breakfast is a hard task and the servers all acted like you were an imposition if you asked for a refill on coffee. Ship layout is weird with very little open deck. Going through the smoked filled casino to get where I want to be was not fun. Deck servers would take our order and our key cards and not come back for 30-40 minutes. Not good, after that happened a few times we just got our own drinks. Entertainment venues are not large enough and shows that could not be reserved were always standing room only 30 minutes before show time. Very few of the employees acted happy to be there. Our electrical socket fell out of the wall and was just dangling by the exposed wires, there is only one socket in the room. The carpet leading to the balcony was coming up an a trip hazard. The positive aspects: Tons of storage Great room steward Great photographers (they got some really great candid shots) Slides were good and lines moved pretty quickly Escape the Big Top (hard but fun) Cirque show was very good. The complaints may seem like little things but when you combine them and it is something everyday, it makes the cruise not be as enjoyable as it should be. We love NCL and will cruise them again, but we will not cruise the Epic.
  10. We were on the Epic for 7 days and could not wait to get off. By far the worst cruise we have ever taken. We have cruised NCL in the past and hope to cruise with them again, but we want to be sure the issues we ran into were only a ship issue and not a change in NCL management or customer service. We went to customer service to talk with them about issues and they dismissed us and said the hotel director would be in touch. We got off the ship on Saturday and NEVER heard from them. I will be writing a review soon, but am contacting NCL first to try to get some answers as to why the service was so bad, and why we were dismissed when going to customer service. We normally do not complain and make the best of things, but with this trip every time something nice happened something unacceptable followed. It was one big mess up after another. Our trip was Saturday December 22 - Saturday December 29.
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