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  1. PG is the only way to go! The crew have become like family and we have made many of our very best friends on board. In fact...last Summer we flew from LAX to Toronto to a pre-cruise party with many of them (including Wendy!). We sail again this July and we cannot wait!
  2. MotuIslander

    Reunion Cruise 2019

    You have met some of the 'regulars' and we will see you again in July! As we are both college professors and really cannot vacation in April, we will need to pass on the 2019 Reunion sailing. Well, that and the fact that we are on board this July and have friends that want us to organize a trip in 2020!
  3. MotuIslander

    Reunion Cruise 2019

    You are a beer guy living where you do? Not wanting to offend anyone...I make my own beer and drink other people's wine!
  4. The TIC is exactly the same as always. Met at least three pairs of newlyweds overnighting and on their way to BB today. Sent from my SM-G930V using Forums mobile app
  5. MotuIslander

    BB Motu Times

    From June 9, 2016 Ia Orana on Bora Bora day: Sent from my SM-G930V using Forums mobile app
  6. MotuIslander

    PG resto strategy?

    I agree with TBK and FlightMedic. Also, remember that there are only a little over 300 pax. Reservations are not a huge issue. Sent from my SM-G930V using Forums mobile app
  7. MotuIslander

    Port Restaurants - Huahine and Bora Bora

    I think Bloody Mary's should be experienced ONCE. Food is good, but not exceptional. Decor is fun. I would not skip a special diner or event on the PG for anything on shore. Sent from my SM-G930V using Forums mobile app
  8. MotuIslander

    Just a teaser to get our motors running ....

    Sent from my SM-G930V using Forums mobile app
  9. MotuIslander

    Newbie Question About Cruise Documents

    Two more things: First, if you are using a TA your docs MAY be going to them only to be forwarded after your TA has checked them out. Second, the cruise docs are not nearly as exciting to receive as they used to be when you actually got tickets for everything. They usually come 3-4 weeks before departure.
  10. MotuIslander

    Just a teaser to get our motors running ....

    I have NEVER scratched the outside of the ship! I usually handcuff myself to the Pool Bar!:o
  11. MotuIslander

    Is beer complimentary on Paul Gaugin?

    Whoa! I thought for a minute that I was finally having the flashbacks that they always warned me about!:evilsmile:
  12. Everything TBK said. ESPECIALLY...you really need to arrive a day or two ahead of time to decompress, but you can spend a LOT of money in the resorts. Not just the room (or Bungalow), but the on-site restaurants are really expensive. Spend as much time on the ship as possible and use the hotel only to rest after your flight. Extra Especially...don't plan on hiding out in your cabin. The public areas are not crowded and are the place to be. When you dine, tell the maitre d' you would like to be seated at a larger table with others. We have made life-long friends at dinner on the PG. Most important of all: The crew are the best anywhere and it is fun to get to know them too. Many of the crew that were on our first sailing in 2001 are still on board and greet us by name when we meet again!
  13. MotuIslander

    A little fun

    I look forward to it. Can you write a note to my wife saying that I need a new D5 before the trip? Of course, if I buy that I won't be able to cruise next year!:eek:
  14. MotuIslander

    A little fun

    I know, I know!
  15. MotuIslander


    So...we having breakfast at the IC. See you all soon. Look for us at the Pool Bar.😆