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  1. I just booked this cabin! I really wanted to try Edge, but was not impressed with the videos I saw of the IV - snagged the last SV on my cruise and then thought I needed to find out if it was worth it. thanks for the confirmation!
  2. This is very informative! I've never been on Princess before, but it sounds like a great line! It's funny - I "discovered" Celebrity on a thread like this. I asked to compare it with Royal Caribbean - and someone said "When I get back from an RCI cruise I feel like I need a vacation - but when I return from a Celebrity cruise I feel like I was on one!" This sold us on Celebrity because we are at a stage in our life when "laid back" sounds pretty appealing!
  3. I'm kinda in shock that Celebrity even listened! One person made a really good point in an earlier thread - almost nothing on board is "essential" or useful to everyone. That's what makes it a vacation - options and opulence and adventure. When they start taking away those things to "save money" then we might as well stay home. We switched from Royal Caribbean for the little added luxuries that made Celebrity feel more like a vacation... Pool towels readily available, mints on the pillow, real hand towels in the public restrooms, padded loungers, and reclining chairs on the verandas, Cafe
  4. UGH! We travel Nov. 29th. That means we are probably gonna end up with the same CD we always have on Celebrity - He Whose Name I can Never Remember.
  5. Well - we have international medical insurance, never fly, and are pretty low-budget cruisers, so we were willing to take the risk of losing our trip cost. We've recently increased our travel budget and our parents are getting elderly, so I felt the time was right. If our travel had included flights, I would have purchased protection years ago, but we live within driving distance of 8 ports - so we've never had that to contend with.
  6. Last year we snagged an 11 day cruise for $600 pp! We were up on deck 11 with all the aquaspa folks - so I felt posh by association (lol!) That was our first interior room since I made the leap to veranda a few years back, but we made the best of it - and had the best steward EVER!
  7. Thank you for the info! We now have a veranda, beverage package AND a good CD. I am so excited!
  8. Thanks! I'm just happy that I'm not getting the unmemorable CD again! And if Dan is newly arrived he should still be there in Nov.
  9. We booked yesterday. I have been looking for a cruise on Celebrity for a couple of months now and this was the first real "sale" I have found! I was able to get my preferred veranda room + free perk and $100 on board Credit ( Reflection) for $120pp per day. BARGAIN!
  10. Wow! Thank you all for sharing your stories. It reinforces my decision. Thanks to this forum, I knew to go to the trip insurance store, so I think we are set! I pray none of you ever need to use that insurance you so wisely buy again!
  11. Yesterday I booked our 10th cruise and today I purchased trip insurance for the first time ever! I feel so adult right now! 🙂 I hope I never have to use it, but I just feel like this is a huge "cruising" milestone. I know insurance is widely recommended on the boards, but I've never met anyone in real life that actually buys it, and I am wondering if this is something that most cruisers do, or just the ones on cruise critic?
  12. What did you think of the cruise director? We are leaving for our third Celebrity cruise in Nov. and our previous CD (same on both cruises, although different ships) was not good. I was hoping to get someone a little more energetic and fun!
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