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  1. FlamingJune1967

    Reasons to love Celebrity

    These 12 reasons are precisely why a few days into our first Celebrity cruise I looked at my husband and said - "Honey, we've found our cruise line!"
  2. FlamingJune1967

    Reflection Sailing November 26 Question

    Where did you find this information? I am on the same cruise and would like to be able to keep up with this. We are also parking at the port - first time leaving out of Port everglades.
  3. FlamingJune1967

    Is my Passport Card good enough?

    I already have an appt at the customs office to get a passport on Tuesday. Thanks!!!
  4. FlamingJune1967

    Is my Passport Card good enough?

    Well - I guess if you already have a passport card for land trips across the border into Mexico - and you read that it is good for sea travel to the Caribbean - it just seems unnecessary to get a book. If I ever did - God forbid - get stuck in a foreign country and need to fly out, having a passport card meant that the US gov already had all necessary documents and would only need to expedite a passport book. Honestly, until this whole thing came up, it never occurred to me that I would ever need a Passport Book for anything except air travel in case of emergency - and since my husband has always had a passport (so could easily fly out and handle any emergency at home) this was not a concern for me. It was not a matter of money, and until today there was never any concern that a passport card was not enough. Hindsight is 20/20 and hopefully, some poor soul who has inadvertently booked a cruise to South America, without the slightest hesitation, will see this post and wise up before it becomes an emergency!
  5. FlamingJune1967

    Is my Passport Card good enough?

    Thank you to all who have replied. I've got an appt. In Atlanta for Tuesday to get a same day renewal, so we are good. Thank God I couldn't sleep last night and decided to research this! It would have been a sad day indeed ( My husband has a passport and has joked all day that he would have left me at the port Lol! ) Thanks so much for all the information - that is one thing I love about this board!!
  6. FlamingJune1967

    Is my Passport Card good enough?

    Celebrity customer service says I need a book. Now I have to express renew... Why can't they make things clearer on their website? At least I didn't find out while boarding!!
  7. FlamingJune1967

    Is my Passport Card good enough?

    Thanks.. I will call, but don't know how much I can trust customer support, lol
  8. FlamingJune1967

    Is my Passport Card good enough?

    This is what tripped me up, however I believe closed loop. cruise travel is not considered travel from another country.
  9. FlamingJune1967

    Is my Passport Card good enough?

    My passport card has been good enough for several different Caribbean cruises on 3 different lines including Celebrity. I just have never been to South America with it. However, I cannot remember a post where someone complained about not being allowed to use their birth certificate and DL on any cruise out of Florida, so am going to assume that I'm just being frantic.
  10. FlamingJune1967

    Is my Passport Card good enough?

    I've always used a passport card for cruise travel (since we sail from US always) However, last night I had a sudden fear that I would not be able to use it on our upcoming cruise (in two weeks!!) which has a stop in South America (Columbia). I've searched my cruise documents, Celebrity online and US Gov and cannot find an answer to this question. I keep reading that for closed loop cruises that begin and end in the same US port I only need a DL and birth cert. - so a Passport Card should work, right? Hopefully, I'm just freaking out unnecessarily. Please help!!
  11. thanks for this info! we leave on Reflection Nov. 26th and I am loving the daily schedules!!
  12. FlamingJune1967

    The Crossing

    Hoping to do a TA next year, so I appreciate this review!
  13. FlamingJune1967

    What a difference a ship makes

    Ironically when I booked my first Celebrity cruise in 2016 everyone (well, on CC) seemed to be raving about the Reflection and badmouthing Eclipse (which we had booked - btw, Eclipse was spectacular!) I was so excited to be able to book Reflection this time, only to get on the boards and be immediately warned that Reflection is now terrible. :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes: I give up!
  14. FlamingJune1967

    Why I don't like the Petite Chef

    I had the opposite reaction - I had no interest in dining here until I saw the video. As an easily entertained person, I find the whole thing rather ingenious for appealing to these past couple of generations obsessed with anything on a screen. I hope this is still going on Reflection this fall. If it can be included in the specialty dinner package I will try it - however, at $55pp I will not. That is more than half the price of a ticket to Disney World!
  15. I'm on Reflection 11 night Nov 26th - It is also going to ABC Islands, but would only require 10 days off work. My friend just booked a regular veranda with beverage package for less than $1800 pp. It's an option. I understand your dilemma because we are also still working - and raising kids. btw - we also were on Eclipse 10 day in Dec. 2016 - It is the reason we are back on Reflection this year! We loved it!!