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  1. We are arriving in Rome next Tuesday October 12 and spending a couple of days before getting on our ship next Thursday. We are staying downtown Rome - what is the best way to get to the cruise port from Rome? Are there any shuttles? We do have a tour of the Vatican booked for the morning and we don't have to be at the port until 2:00pm. So we are looking at leaving downtown Rome at approx. 12:30pm.
  2. We have booked our Antigen tests on Thanksgiving Monday at Shoppers. We fly to Rome Monday night and get on our cruise out of Rome on Thursday afternoon. Backtracking 72 hours from cruise departure time puts us at 11:00am Monday. Our Antigen tests are booked for 1:00pm so that should be sufficient to get us into Italy and to meet NCL's requirement as well.
  3. That's interesting - I was thinking we just needed the one form to get into the country. Why do we need another form to get on the ship? I assumed the ship form option was for anyone arriving on a ship to Rome.
  4. Just covering all the bases at the moment - things are changing daily and probably are going to get worse with the 4th wave before they get better - feel it is probably 50/50 at best that we actually go on this cruise
  5. Our situation is a bit complicated. We cruise out of Rome on Thursday Oct 14 at 5:00pm local time. We are going to Rome a couple days early to do some touring leaving Toronto on Monday Oct 11 at 10:35pm - also Monday happens to be Thanksgiving in Canada. If we go 72 hours back from the 5:00pm cruise depart time - that equals 11:00am on Monday Toronto time. Therefore, we have to book a PCR test on Thanksgiving Holiday Monday at some point after 11:00am. The big question will be can we book a test on the Holiday Monday? Also checking if my company Health Spending Account will pay for the $200 PCR tests.
  6. Got our flight info today - 50 days out from our cruise out of Rome. Unfortunately, we don't get a non-stop from Toronto - we have a stop-over in Lisbon - there and back. 😞
  7. It seems we might have had a shot of each: Lot/Lot: MT0055 & Lot/Lot: 4120Z003 It seems that Lot 4120Z003 is from India - how is this going to play out?
  8. Agent/Agent: COVID-19 Non-rep VV Product Name/Nom du produit: ASTRAZENECA COVID-19 VACCINE Diluent Product: Not Applicable / Ne s’applique pas Lot/Lot: MT0055 Dosage/Dosage: 0.5 ml Our Covid vaccine confirmation doc doesn't distinguish India from Oxford
  9. Thanks for the tip - will be taking a taxi for sure.
  10. We are staying at the Residenza Farnese - it is approx. 3 km from the Vatican. We will probably leave our luggage at the hotel and go back to pick it up.
  11. Well, our tour was supposed to start at 7:30am but because of Covid, it has been rescheduled to start at 8:30am - and we can end it at any time. The ship departs at 5:00pm
  12. We are planning on going into Rome 2 or 3 days early prior to our cruise. Is it possible/preferable to take an airport shuttle back to the airport to pick up the NCL transfer to Civitavecchia? Not sure if we are pushing our luck, but we have booked an early morning tour (starts at 8:30am) at the Vatican on the day our cruise departs.
  13. And we are on Getaway starting Oct 14 out of Rome - 🤞
  14. We both have had the AstraZeneca shot twice - so 'fully vaccinated'. We are booked to go out of Rome in October and fingers crossed that it happens but so many variables to worry about..
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