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  1. Car rentals work just the same as in the US. I am not sure if you are afraid of our driving or us, but I think you will make out just fine :) Canada is one of the friendliest countries in the world.
  2. I just called HAL and the agent told me it is effective immediately. We are sailing in September, so I hope HAL advises all their staff what their policy really is!
  3. I go to a popular travel website and the cabins that are available flash. I then go to the Celebrity website and put the cabin number in that I want when booking. Just recently I booked a balcony guarantee and a couple of days later they issued us our cabin number. I went to the popular travel website to determine what category I was booked into and then called and changed to a cabin in that category nearer the elevator. I wish Celebrity would show all available cabins, but for whatever reason they don't. Going to the popular travel websites is an excellent tool to determine what is available and there is no difficulty to book these cabins whether online, through your personal travel agent, or calling Celebrity. Hope you can get what you are looking for!
  4. I booked a guarantee for a November sailing and I checked the next day and our cabin number had been assigned. I did not like the location and was able to move another cabin within the same category. I love that they sometimes give you this opportunity!
  5. Welcome! We are from Eastern Canada as well! We sailed on the Solstice out of Barcelona last November and booked our air about 7 months before the cruise. The fare never went any lower and only went up. We spent 2 nights in Barcelona before and 1 night after and loved it. We stayed at the Hotel 1898 and highly recommend it. Do not plan to arrive the day of the cruise. You will be exhausted after flying all night and the time change takes a while to get used too. We did not have time to see everything we wanted too while there and hope to go back to Barcelona again. Loved the Solstice!
  6. One of our ports was Venice and we had no difficulty bringing wine back onboard there either.
  7. We were on the Solstice last November departing from Barcelona. I noticed that they did not have a "Naughty Table" like they do in the Caribbean. We went back down a second time and got wine and no questions were asked. We bought wine in all of our ports and put them through the X-ray machine without any problems. Our last port was Dubrovnik and we were in a nice little wine shop tasting some of the wines. A very nice British couple from the ship entered and bemoaned the fact that they would not be able to take any onboard. I told them we had no difficulties and they happily purchased some wine and wishing they had known before the last port. I think it is unfair of Celebrity to cause such confusion for people. My son sails on Holland America and they can bring on all the wine they want. We are booked on a British Isles cruise with Celebrity next year and I will be looking for the "Naughty Table." if it is there I will want to why. Our cabin steward told us Europeans get very upset if you take their wine away. interesting.....
  8. I ordered mine 2 weeks ago and read this this morning. It reminded me that mine had not yet come and we sail in 2 weeks. I went in to my booking at Celebrity and in the area where you would order your tags it said this: "We regret that luggage tag mailers are no longer available because the number of requested mailers has exceeded our permissible limits. You may secure your luggage tags from our porters once you arrive at the pier." I am not sure why they put a limit on but I am not very pleased:mad:
  9. I think they will let you pay for a higher category though. We upgraded last winter late for a Resident rate to a concierge cabin. Good luck!
  10. I found a similar discount for Nov. 16th. In my case I upgraded from a 2B to a C2. Are you going to mind giving up the concierge cabin? I wanted the extra point for the captains club so was glad to see the special. Now we will have 3 points instead of 2 and will be Elite for future cruises:)
  11. Your explanation makes sense. Thank you for your perspective:)
  12. C3 still showing as $1799. no drop as yet:) I'd pay in Euros if I could! Celebrity does let you do a hold, but I'd be surprised if they would let the booking go through. Maybe they would, I don't know. If someone is successful let us know. For now I will keep my eye on the USD/CAD prices and I'm not comfortable to cancel my booking and try to book in Euros. I have my air and hotel all booked. It does give me a "frowny" face to think we can't do anything about price gouging. It isn't fair to anyone and it seems it has become acceptable practice. I received a resident discount last winter and my sister could not get one. We live in different provinces. I don't see how that is fair. I did not realize that Europeans had to pay more for Caribbean cruises until I read answers to this post. Their rules of booking are different also and they don't sound very favorable. I noticed their deposit is less but apparently it is nonrefundable. Fair? I don't think so.
  13. The only one who is getting pay back is Celebrity and this post was not to pick on Europeans, it was about Celebrity offering different prices for the same cruise to different countries. You should be annoyed that you have to pay more to cruise in the Caribbean. I just checked a Caribbean cruise and you have to pay over $600. more per person than a US person booking. That isn't fair. They should have the same price for cruises for everyone. Plain and simple.
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