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  1. Rather than eliminating one, why not just plan to use the dinner package on three and then just put some money aside for the fourth. This way you can decide which ones were your favorite and which ones you can skip on your next cruise. I've tried them all and liked them equally.😁
  2. Both the food and show in Tappinyaki was great, I highly recommend this. 😁
  3. Yes, I meant twice, once each week. Thanks, I'm already trying to figure out how much to pack and my cruise isn't until October 2020.😁
  4. I've been on a 7 day cruise with NCL where they have a special on laundry toward midcruise but I was wondering what they do for a 2 week cruise. Is it still just one special midcruise or do they offer laundry deals twice each week?
  5. I was viewing videos of the Escape and a morbid question popped into my head. How many people can a lifeboat handle? With roughly 4500 guests plus the crew, in case of an emergency can the lifeboats hold everyone? I'm not worried, but since no ship is unsinkable, I thought I would throw this question out there. 😁
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