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  1. We do several B2B2B. I stop by the Pursers desk. Confirm. And get their name ftom business card. It ALWAYS carries on.
  2. The bus it will be on March 3. Thanks.
  3. Anyone take the bus from Santiago to Valparaiso; & then Valparaiso to San Antonio next day?
  4. I bring a funnel. I get a glass of water. Then use f mess.unnel into my bottle. No
  5. Thank you for the replies. I was hoping to order shrimp cocktail, or ceasar salad every pm in the dining room. Princess, RCCL & Celebrity all have sheimp cocktail every evening FREE in the dining room.
  6. Not a newbie. However we haven't cruised NCL since 2006. Just booked the Dawn for fall; New England cruise. Have a few questions & would appreciate any pearls of wisdom that might be shared. Does Dawn have coffee pots in outside cabins? How about a coffee card / package.? We don't really go to the speciality restaurants . Any tidbits to get the most out of the " free" restaurants that aren't really published? ( shrimp cocktail, french onion soup, escargot, things like that) Is there a free sauna/ steam room to enjoy? How about an adults only po
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