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  1. ToadOfToadHall

    Is the magic going?

    So do I.
  2. ToadOfToadHall

    Is the magic going?

    Last year on the QV, Mrs Toad made this very same observation about Afternoon Tea. Previously, sandwich fillings were things like slices of meat (ham, beef mainly), cheese (but just cheese), and maybe things like prawns. But last year the fillings were mainly "mush". So cheese was bulked out with mayonnaise. The same was true for generic seafood, i.e. a mushy paste that tasted somewhat of fish. I can't recall being offered a ham or beef sandwich, or if I was, it was very rare. And the same goes for the cakes and pastries. Before they were many more individually made items, but last time they were mainly cakes that are made in a large tray and then sliced into individual portions. So this means that the cost the ingredients is reduced as well as the time taken to prepare the food, hence a cost in labour. The trouble, as has been said above, the bean counters shave a few pennies here and a few there, until your reach a point where you push something over the edge. In this case, Afternoon Tea has been cut back so much that it's not worth bothering with anymore.
  3. ToadOfToadHall

    Bringing a case of wine onboard

    This is what you need:
  4. ToadOfToadHall

    Bringing a case of wine onboard

    Either do I, it's just a guess actually. But I can't see why they wouldn't as a case is not that big a box.
  5. ToadOfToadHall

    Bringing a case of wine onboard

    When you board, could you not just them to store it for you ? You have said you want to take it home anyway.
  6. ToadOfToadHall

    Is it just me..........

    I use access the site's website on my phone's browser and it looks pretty much like the full website.
  7. ToadOfToadHall

    Is it just me..........

    That does certainly appear to be true. The level of posting has declined massively. Did people know it was going to be updated and hence unavailable ? For me, I visited the day after the change started and thought it very odd there were no new posts. I came back sometime later and again found no new posts. What is going on here I thought ? I visited a few more times over the next few days and concluded something was up. Finally I spotted something that alluded to one forum being open and found a thread about the updates. So I wonder if others found no new posts, and decided to venture else where and have just not returned ?
  8. ToadOfToadHall

    A day in Southampton

    The Duke of Wellington (close to the Holiday Inn) is a very good pub. A had a cracking ribeye when I was there a few months ago for work.
  9. ToadOfToadHall

    A day in Southampton

    No, they are wrong there. 10 hours in Southampton is 10 hours too long.
  10. ToadOfToadHall

    Do I need an overcoat?

    In January yes, in November then probably not.
  11. ToadOfToadHall

    Itinerary Change

    Finally I get a storm named after me !
  12. ToadOfToadHall

    Is it just me..........

    The site is now much better, has a more modern look and feel and has more features. In my professional capacity I always see these types of reactions to change; One of the areas I work in is the design of Graphical User Interfaces used for industrial control systems. It's the graphics that are presented to people that operate (monitor and control, react and handle alarm conditions etc) process plants in industries such as water, power, road transportation etc. As new software is introduced, more advanced and flexible features are made available to the process/plant operators. However, they will always (well, almost always) complain about a new system and will tell you that the old one was way better than the new one (okay, that is subjective) and could do more than the new system (which is not subjective, it's wrong, because, for example, certain feature were not in the old software, but they will claim that it was (which it was not)). So one of the things we have to do is manage change by introducing changes slowly and allow those that will operate a new system to see what they are going to get before they get it, so they get a feel for it whilst the software is still in development. In a nutshell; people do not like change.
  13. ToadOfToadHall

    currency exchange on QM2

    Nationwide, for example, is £500/day. HSBC is £300 but their premier account is £1000. Barclays is £300 but their premier account is also £1000. So each back and/or account have different limits.
  14. ToadOfToadHall

    currency exchange on QM2

    This has interested me so I've been Googling it and it seems that only Barclays' ATMs issue £50 notes, and then only at a few ATMs in London (that's the best info I could find). So that would tie up with your £50 from Barclays in London. In the UK, for some reason which I don't really see why, people think only drug dealers etc use £50 notes and for that reason there is a reluctance of shops/bars/etc to take them.
  15. ToadOfToadHall

    The return of Cunard Pens

    I think they should be quill pens !