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  1. That sums it up in a nutshell. Anyone who'd already committed funds to a cruise, or any holiday in fact, must have been in a financial situation to do so. Therefore, not getting your money back is obviously a financial loss (a product/service has been paid for but not received) but it can't be causing anyone financial hardship because said person has already paid said money. Financial hardship is caused to someone who has an unexpected expense that they do not have the means to pay; a holiday cannot be an unexpected expense.
  2. I wonder if Cunard/Carnival actually have the IT capability to process bulk refunds ? What I mean is, on any given cruise, there will always be a small number of cancellations/refund requests by passengers. So you ring up, tell them your booking details, they enter that manually on their computer, pull up your booking and hit the refund option. But now they have to refund everyone on a cruise, one multiple ships, for multiple cruises. That's thousands and thousands of bookings to process. And when does a cruise ever get cancelled normally ? Almost never. So
  3. Oh come on, do be fair. Liverpool: Southampton:
  4. I've issued (is that the right word ?) a charge-back with Visa just twice, each time after contacting the companies concerned multiple times and finding they did not take the matter seriously. I have no intention of ever giving either of those two companies my business (both for goods, not services) ever again , so if they wanted to put be on a "blacklist" then it makes no odds to me.
  5. So they give you 125% credit against a cruise in the future that then said future cruise just happens to be increased in price by 25%. No, that will never happen. 🤠
  6. I found the point about cruises bringing little to the places/ports they stop at very interesting. Thinking about that, I can see that is true. How much do people actually spend when in port ? From my own experience (i.e. what we tend to spend), it's not that much really - maybe the odd pint or a snack (we don't bother to buy souvenirs). So how much have me and Mrs Toad contributed to the various places we have been whilst cruising ? Not much I would say. Which is the total opposite of when we go away and stay in hotel, either in the UK or abroad. So on a cruise we contribute almost nothing t
  7. Thanks Host Hattie. I suppose the BBC article is no so much about CV per se, more about that it's highlighted to people how the cruise industry operates.
  8. Ah, I missed that. If Host Hattie can delete this thread then that's fine.
  9. This is interesting in what it says. Cunard and the QM2 gets a mention at the end. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-52182509 They raise some interesting points and tax, labour rates and labour laws. That's not just about Cunard, it's about the whole cruise industry in general. The question they pose about people having short memories might raise some debate.
  10. That is a very good point you make. They are trying to hedge their bets and not alienate anyone, but the trouble with that is they come across as being a bit clueless as to whom they want to appeal to.
  11. I've just looked him up - he's a big lad alright ! I once went into Primark to see what all the fuss was about - I felt quite unwell looking at all the Chinese tat 🤣
  12. It is interesting that if you look on the Cunard UK website FAQs under "How much are the drinks on board ?" then all the drinks lists have no prices. For example : https://www.cunard.com/content/dam/cunard/marketing-assets/pdf/life-on-board/drinks-packages/Queen Elizabeth and Victoria Golden Lion.pdf
  13. Well, you are correct in what you say regarding when Gala nights are compared to other nights (i.e. sea days v non sea days). But I think "maybe" sums it up very well - sort of a "hmmmm... really?" chin stroker and a slightly doubting look on one's face.
  14. So Cunard say men do not need to wear a jacket on Smart Attire evenings because of the "warmer evening". Fair enough. And yet they still need to wear one on Gala Nights. So either Cunard can control the weather by making it cooler on said Gala Evening, or that is a blatant lie. You can't cite warm weather as a reason on one evening but not the next.
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