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  1. 4 hours ago, MarkBearSF said:

    Another thing we find helpful is a motion-activated battery-powered night light. That way, if a person needs to use the bathroom in the middle of the night, they don't need to turn on the bathroom light from outside, thus flooding the cabin with light. 

    Just keep your smart phone on the bedside cabinet. As soon as I pick mine up the screen turns on and provides enough light to stumble to to bathroom.


  2. 7 hours ago, ToadOfToadHall said:

    I've done this twice:


    Step 1: Party A rings Cunard and asks for linked booking code


    Step 2: Party B rings Cunard and tells them the code. Cunard says "we have linked your booking to Mr and Mrs so and so"


    That's it.




    I've missed a bit out of course.


    Party A needs to tell Party B the code !!!


  3. I've done this twice:


    Step 1: Party A rings Cunard and asks for linked booking code


    Step 2: Party B rings Cunard and tells them the code. Cunard says "we have linked your booking to Mr and Mrs so and so"


    That's it.



  4. I nearly got caught out not buying holiday/cruise insurance as soon as a cruise was booked 3 or 4 years ago now. I bought the insurance about 7 days before we were due to sail, and 5 days before the departure date Mrs Toad had an accident which meant we had to cancel.


    Everything was paid however with just the loss of about £50 excess.


    We now have annual insurance as it seems that you break even at 2 holidays a year so it was the better option.

  5. As I used TUI as an example, I've just tried a "dummy" booking and there was nowhere that I could see where the cancellation terms were stated as I was selecting the various options.


    Now as it happens, I booked a hotel last Saturday and that site was very clear; it stated what would be taken from my card now and also it stated the date by which I could cancel and receive a full refund.


    As a general observation, if you book just a hotel they are very clear about cancellations (e.g. book this rate and you can cancel up until some date or book this rate and no cancellations are accepted, or whatever) but package holidays hide all that in the T&Cs that you have to go and look for yourself.


  6. 3 hours ago, Glenndale said:

    I remember that there was a 'pop-up' restaurant with waiter service on the aft deck of QV.

    It was dependent on the weather to some extent 😁

    We used it a couple of times on one trip but I don't have any record of the menu.

    We could be going back 2 years or so. Sorry I can't be of any more help.


    There was when we on the QV 2 years ago but I never saw anyone eating there so maybe it stopped ? As I recall it wasn't cheap. 

  7. 5 minutes ago, North West Newbie said:

    And the T&C's go on to state:-


    "If you booked using a Low Deposit Offer, the full deposit amount stated on your confirmation invoice will need to be paid upon cancellation."



    Indeed yes. So in this case, taking up their Low Deposit Offer makes no odds really as you still have to pay the full deposit even if you cancel.

  8. 2 hours ago, majortom10 said:

    No holiday contracts in the UK whether it be cruise or land based have non refundable deposits that is part of the contract you agree when you agree booking with holiday company.


    I think you mean "No holiday contracts in the UK whether it be cruise or land based have refundable deposits".




    "All holiday contracts in the UK whether it be cruise or land based have non refundable deposits".


    For example, I've a holiday booked with TUI , and these are their T&Cs:




    Period Before Departure When Notice Of Cancellation Is Received/ Percentage Of Total Booking Price

    70 days or more (Loss of deposit)


    Your deposit is non-refundable, even if the cancellation charge calculated is lower than the deposit amount paid.



  9. So in a nutshell;


    They paid £4,104 as the deposit.


    Contractually they owe the full £27,350.


    However, if they break/terminate the contract (i.e. cancel their cruise), they have no more to pay but they do not receive their deposit back.




  10. 11 minutes ago, Sweetpeajoey said:

     The annoying thing was that we did the early time for our son but he loved the kids club so much he chose to not eat with us most of the nights and stay in the club so we were stuck eating early!!!


    We had a similar thing. We went with another couple who had children (we don't) and the same thing happened; they wanted early because of their children and then their kids never ate with us anyway.


    The problem is that the early sitting is a bit too early and the late sitting is a bit too late. 

  11. How can people compare wages on a cruise ship to wages on land ?


    Do crew members have to pay rent, for food, council tax, gas and electric bills, and so on ? 


    I would suggest that the majority of people in the UK earning the minimum wage will spend almost all (if not all) of it on the expense of just keeping themselves alive (i.e. paying for a roof over their heads and eating).



  12. 1 minute ago, carlmm said:


    No problem at all. Obviously you know your child best but I have often seen childeen dining with their parents late. For example for Italian and Spanish families 8.30 pm is still a very early time for dinner.


    That's true. The Spanish seem to have their evening meal anytime between midnight and 3AM ! 

  13. We've done 2 Baltic cruises (about 6 years ago and 4 years ago). The first time I took maybe £20-£30 of around 7 or 8 different currencies and I ended up bringing all of it back (and I do mean all of it). So the second time we never bothered and were fine.


    Pretty much every cafe etc takes cards and most likely contactless as well. However, we did not go to Poland, but I've just read an article that says 9 out of 10 points of sale terminals in Poland are contactless.


    As for you reading you can use the Euro in Tallin and Klaipeda - that's rather like saying you have read you can use the pound in London !!



  14. 21 hours ago, capegirl said:

    As we are leaving on our TA from Southampton and flying back to Heathrow, we are pondering on travel arrangements.  Our thoughts are leaving Surrey, parking our car at a Heathrow parking site, Cruise Connect coach to Southampton and return on our flight and pick the car up.  Anyone experienced problems doing it this way,  or a better idea?


    We did something very similar two years ago:


    Drove from Oop North to Heathrow T5 and parked at the Meet & Greet (£174 for 18 nights) the day before our cruise.


    Taxi (£67 Smiths for Airports) from T5 to the Holiday Inn Herbert Walker Way (not sure of the cost as it was free as I had a load of loyalty points).


    Taxi in the morning from the Holiday Inn to the ship (around £5 or so).


    Then when we landed back at T5, once we had cleared the shambles of passport control it was 5 minutes to collect the car and we where away.


    It all worked very well indeed.



  15. 22 hours ago, majortom10 said:

    On our last cruise on QE there was no atmosphere around the ship after dinner as majority of bars excluding Queens Room and even though it was busy in there not all were ordering drinks.It will certainly make a difference to me on our roundtrip TA on November and we will be purchasing nowhere near as many drinks as we normally do when we are on a cruise. 


    Two years ago on the QV, on a couple of nights we actually found ourselves being the only 4 in the Commodore lounge at around 20:30 or so. We were on early sitting so we then went to the Commodore afterwards and at around 20:30 those that were there then left for second sitting. I can distinctly recall suddenly noticing there  was no one else in the place.


    And as you say,  Cunard will not reduce their prices because they are selling say a drink for $10 (or whatever) so they want $10. If that costs you more pounds then that's not their problem.  To be fair, why would they ?


    The trouble is, about 2 years ago the pound fell against the dollar and at the same time they whacked up the price of drinks, so hence that time we in the UK got hit twice.


  16. 1 hour ago, Stella1250 said:

    It really is not pre-existing, because it did not exist before I bought the policy.


    True, but it's pre-existing before your holiday.

  17. 1 hour ago, Gwendy said:

     Travelled all over the world, each country has their own way of doing things, I try to blend in.


    An Aussie blending in ? That must be a first !! 😂 

  18. 11 hours ago, Gwendy said:

    I like my coffee with my meal.  Once in a French restaurant in Noumea I ordered my meal and coffee and asked for coffee to come straight away.  “Non Non Madame, only after meal”. Oh well when in Rome, or Noumea do as they do.


    I suspect you will find it was just the waiter's use of English as opposed to him refusing your request.  This can often seem the case when someone is speaking in a language that is not their first (not that I can speak a word of anything other than English), they can come across as rude or to be refusing your request when it's not the case at all.


    For example, two years ago now we were in Madeira. Mrs Toad ordered a sweet Madeira as an aperitif in a restaurant.  The waiter said "Sweet Madame ? Are you sure ? "Yes" she said. "That's absolutely fine, only it's traditional to drink dry before the meal and sweet afterwards. But if you'd like a sweet Madeira then of course I shall be happy to serve it to you".


    His English was superb. But if it had not been as good as it was, he may have said something like "Non Non Madame, only after meal". 


    Either way he would have simply been expressing his surprise. I'm sure if you had simply said that you know coffee is normally taken after the meal but you would like yours with the meal then he would have happily brought you a coffee.





  19. I find the standard coffee tastes of nothing and is more akin to warm water with brown grit in it.


    And I recall once commenting on how bad it was one lunch time in the MDR and someone overheard me and said I was correct and he was going to complain. Which he then did, quite forcefully, and then several new pots arrived at his table as the waiter and the Maitre'D went into customer service overdrive.


  20. 10 hours ago, BigMac1953 said:

    Slaters is hard to beat. The Glasgow shop was actually listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as having the most gents suits for sale on display, and the prices are great.


    One of my sons bought his dinner suit/tuxedo there for only £75 and you would never think it was so cheap. I bought my Baumler there.


    Great for shoes as well. Makes such as Barkers, are less than half the London prices. I wouldn't go anywhere else.




    I love Slaters in Manchester. It's an Aladdin's cave for the gent about town.

  21. 56 minutes ago, Solent Richard said:


    Roughly a £1 per mile. That's very good.


    The same 'rate' we pay from lee on the Solent.


    Because we were sailing from Southampton but flying back to Heathrow, we left the car at the Meet and Great at the airport, then the taxi the day before, so we could then have the car ready to go as soon as we we landed back at Heathrow.


    Plus I looked up the train and it was more expensive and then of course you still need a taxi from the station to the hotel as well.


    It worked out really well.


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