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  1. I find a lot of companies will tell you this type of thing, i.e. quite a long period, to cover themselves and because in the past it was often down to your own bank's speed of processing of the refund as opposed them. But now I've had refunds within a day or two. You would most likely have found that 10-14 days would actually have been only a couple of days. In fact, on our last Cunard cruise we had an excursion cancelled whilst on board. I had an email within a day and within 2 or 3 days the money was back in my account.
  2. This is the place: https://chipd.co.uk/ A fiver for some chips !!
  3. It's so trendy they don't do fish, or pies, or sausages. It only sells chips !
  4. I know - he should have asked for Coors !
  5. Years ago in Colorado a group of use went to some restaurant where they had their own micro brewery. One of our party asked for a bottle of Bud. The waitress said to him "we do brew our own beer here sir". "Yes, I know, I've been here before" he said "I'll have a bottle of Bud". She had a right face on her !
  6. A new trendy chippy in Chester charges £4.80 for a large cone of chips ! I give it 6 months before it closes.
  7. Nope. The driver will just unload your cases and drive away - he will not chase you down the road with the handle of the car's jack if you don't pony up extra !
  8. If you want to use the tube I'd get a Travelcard: https://visitorshop.tfl.gov.uk/tfl/london-travelcard/ £13.10 for a day, or £35.10 for 7 days. Oysters and contactless cards are great but there's no real point getting an Oyster for your short trip. £13.10 is as cheap as chips ! You can use the tube as many times as you like for those prices . Only in London in the UK is travel so cheap. And the only people that complain that the tube is expensive are people that live in London. The rest of us think it's almost free travel for those prices ! And yet oddly, Londoners will pay £6+ a pint or £5 for a coffee but moan like hell at having to pay more that 3p to use the tube !
  9. I had to cancel once (about 4 years ago now) and got an email confirmation within maybe an hour or so. I needed it to make an insurance claim.
  10. That's exactly how I would describe it as well, pub grub. It was more than fine for what we wanted and for the price you could not knock it. This was the view from our hotel window. You could have walked to the QM2 but we were on the QV !
  11. We stayed there 2 years ago and looked out over the harbour. Breakfast was fine, we ate there in the evening as we could not be bothered to venture far and for the price it was fine. We even got a voucher for a drink each when we arrived. All in all it was fine.
  12. I stayed there last year for a night on my tod for work and found it okay. The rooms were very hot as the A/C was not working, but apart from that it was fine.
  13. You have hit the nail on the head with that. We have done both and I'd say 18:00 is way too early. Yes, 20:30 is a bit late, but given the option, we'd take being a bit later than we'd prefer as opposed to being a lot earlier that we'd prefer. Oddly, the majority on here opt for late sitting, but the early sitting is the most popular it seems. Stick with the late sitting would be my advice.
  14. But they don't ask you for your cabin number so how would they know ?
  15. I do like a mixed grill !! Steak, gammon, lamb chop, sausage, chicken breast !
  16. 2 years ago (going in reverse to you) was £67 + £7 for them to park at Heathrow. A train is about £50 each, and you of course you need to first get on the tube and then get a taxi from Southampton station to your hotel. So a taxi all the way was cheaper, quicker and more convenient than the train.
  17. Hello Nancy Yes, I am indeed from Chester. There are direct trains from Chester to Holyhead (I've never been on it, but my wife went on it to Dublin a few years ago). Also, the train from Crewe to Chester is very good, it takes under 25 minutes and has no stops in between, but if you were to drive it would be an hour or so. Also, there are direct trains from Crewe all the way to Holyhead, which go via Chester. This is always the train that starts from London Euston. If you get on that train at Crewe, you need to make sure you sit in the correct half of the train. The reason is that this train is split in two at Chester; half the train carries on to Holyhead and the other half does not go anywhere. But don't worry because it always says which half to get on at Crewe and they make a lot of announcements as well. And of course once on board you can just move to the correct section of the train. Even if you were still in the wrong section when you arrive at Chester, there is still plenty of time to get off, then they split the train, and re-board the bit of the train that's left. Again, they make announcements telling people not to worry ! Toad
  18. We stayed there on our last cruise. I'd say it was fine for what we paid (about £120 for bed and breakfast (but I got it for nothing with my loyalty points)). A voucher for a drink when we arrived, they booked our taxi for the morning, breakfast was fine and we ate there in the evening as we did not want to venture out. I'd stay there again.
  19. We used them to take us from Heathrow to our hotel in Southampton before our last cruise. They were very good, I would certainly recommend them.
  20. ToadOfToadHall


    I know a lot of people regard the QM2 as very exclusive, but I don't think it's got its own climate !
  21. That's only two changes a day. Unless you count getting dressed in the morning as a change of clothes !!!
  22. Last year on the QV, Mrs Toad made this very same observation about Afternoon Tea. Previously, sandwich fillings were things like slices of meat (ham, beef mainly), cheese (but just cheese), and maybe things like prawns. But last year the fillings were mainly "mush". So cheese was bulked out with mayonnaise. The same was true for generic seafood, i.e. a mushy paste that tasted somewhat of fish. I can't recall being offered a ham or beef sandwich, or if I was, it was very rare. And the same goes for the cakes and pastries. Before they were many more individually made items, but last time they were mainly cakes that are made in a large tray and then sliced into individual portions. So this means that the cost the ingredients is reduced as well as the time taken to prepare the food, hence a cost in labour. The trouble, as has been said above, the bean counters shave a few pennies here and a few there, until your reach a point where you push something over the edge. In this case, Afternoon Tea has been cut back so much that it's not worth bothering with anymore.
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