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  1. Either do I, it's just a guess actually. But I can't see why they wouldn't as a case is not that big a box.
  2. When you board, could you not just them to store it for you ? You have said you want to take it home anyway.
  3. I use access the site's website on my phone's browser and it looks pretty much like the full website.
  4. That does certainly appear to be true. The level of posting has declined massively. Did people know it was going to be updated and hence unavailable ? For me, I visited the day after the change started and thought it very odd there were no new posts. I came back sometime later and again found no new posts. What is going on here I thought ? I visited a few more times over the next few days and concluded something was up. Finally I spotted something that alluded to one forum being open and found a thread about the updates. So I wonder if others found no new posts, and decided to venture else where and have just not returned ?
  5. The Duke of Wellington (close to the Holiday Inn) is a very good pub. A had a cracking ribeye when I was there a few months ago for work.
  6. No, they are wrong there. 10 hours in Southampton is 10 hours too long.
  7. In January yes, in November then probably not.
  8. Finally I get a storm named after me !
  9. The site is now much better, has a more modern look and feel and has more features. In my professional capacity I always see these types of reactions to change; One of the areas I work in is the design of Graphical User Interfaces used for industrial control systems. It's the graphics that are presented to people that operate (monitor and control, react and handle alarm conditions etc) process plants in industries such as water, power, road transportation etc. As new software is introduced, more advanced and flexible features are made available to the process/plant operators. However, they will always (well, almost always) complain about a new system and will tell you that the old one was way better than the new one (okay, that is subjective) and could do more than the new system (which is not subjective, it's wrong, because, for example, certain feature were not in the old software, but they will claim that it was (which it was not)). So one of the things we have to do is manage change by introducing changes slowly and allow those that will operate a new system to see what they are going to get before they get it, so they get a feel for it whilst the software is still in development. In a nutshell; people do not like change.
  10. Nationwide, for example, is £500/day. HSBC is £300 but their premier account is £1000. Barclays is £300 but their premier account is also £1000. So each back and/or account have different limits.
  11. This has interested me so I've been Googling it and it seems that only Barclays' ATMs issue £50 notes, and then only at a few ATMs in London (that's the best info I could find). So that would tie up with your £50 from Barclays in London. In the UK, for some reason which I don't really see why, people think only drug dealers etc use £50 notes and for that reason there is a reluctance of shops/bars/etc to take them.
  12. I think they should be quill pens !
  13. Thanks, I found it and must have edited my response during the time you had put yours.
  14. I've never had a £50 note from an ATM either. As an observation, we were in York on a holiday a couple of weeks ago and a saw a tourist (from Japan I think) proffer a £50 note and they had it refused.
  15. 2020 is when the Twenty pound note will be replaced with a new plastic version. It's normally 6 months or so after the new notes are issued that the old one is withdrawn.
  16. We did something similar on our first Baltic cruise. I got about £50 of each currency before we sailed and it turned out to be a waste of time. The next time I did not bother and just used my plastic when ashore. I think it's physiological for me; I hardly ever use cash now but I still feel happier with cash in my wallet.
  17. We first went on Cunard when I was 40 and Mrs Toad was 32 and we expected that we would be the youngest on board. And we were almost the youngest, but not quite - there was one younger couple as I recall from Spain. On our last but one cruise we met a couple that were in their very early 20s and they said they had really enjoyed it. On a TA a few years ago there were a lot of children (as in grown up children) around late teens. They flocked together. It was like watching The Invasion of the Body Snatchers - they walked around the ship in a group and the group got bigger and bigger. If you've seen the film you will understand what I mean !
  18. Yep. Absolute garbage that should be chucked in the nearest skip. They have a cheek to punt it out.
  19. I'd say there's a massive pattern there. Both of you have been seated predominately (with the single exception of the Swedish lady) with people from English speaking countries. And a quick search on the interest has just told me that 90% of Swedes speak English as a second language. So it's a fair bet that she could speak English as well. Therefore, it would seem that people are being sat together by the language that they speak.
  20. Yes they are - they are very much the same concept. Take a plane; If you travel 1st class you get a separate lounge at the airport. You get a screened off area of the plane. You get different food on the plane. Take a Cunard ship; If you travel Grills class you get your own check desk. You get your own separate lounge on the ship. You get different food on the ship No it's not.
  21. But you can't see someone else's card. Unless they happen to hang it round their neck on a shoe lace that is.
  22. We have booked a guarantee 3 times; once we got the grade we booked (QM2) and I think once was 1 grade higher and the other time was 2.
  23. I've been to the US quite a few times (and a fair few bits of it) and there certainly is ! Yes, I was just using that as a further example, but, as you say, it's not the same thing as asking of course.
  24. I think what we have here is another cultural US/UK difference ! I've never eaten out in the UK with anyone who has ever asked for a recommendation (apart from once as I recalled above). In fact, if a waiter/server/whatever term you prefer, was to proffer a recommendation without being asked, most people in the UK would assume they were doing that because they wanted to get rid of that particular dish.
  25. Spot on. If you look at other cruise forums, classes on trains or planes are fine with people, but people are often outraged if, as you say, it's a ship. and actually, they are only outraged with Cunard. Other cruise lines have exactly the same arrangement, but that, for some odd reason, if perfectly okay with those same people.
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