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  1. lovestocruise19

    Boarding Pass Printing Issue

    Anyone else having trouble printing your boarding pass? Every time I print the very top of the page where it says Boarding Pass and the bar code gets cuts off. I'm assuming the bar code is very important because they probably scan it, but half my bar code is missing. I tried changing my printer settings to print to fit and nada. I am printing from my phone to a wireless printer, but that shouldn't be an issue. On the PDF on my phone the whole thing shows up. Any ideas? I'm going to try to print at work tomorrow.
  2. lovestocruise19

    My sister's first cruise...and she's got questions!

    Ah ha! Perfect! That is what my sister was thinking.
  3. lovestocruise19

    My sister's first cruise...and she's got questions!

    Thanks for the Camp Ocean answer. Is this the same for Circle C? My older niece will be in Circle C. We aren't in the same cabin and I think they book them based off folio number which leads me to believe I wouldn't be able to book it for her. I probably won't go because I have done the tour before and I just spent a small fortune on shore excursions. As for check in, yes the online check in. I guess I'm just wondering if 12:00 a.m. would be the best time to do the online check in if you want the earliest time.
  4. lovestocruise19

    Vista, does anyone know what i got myself into?

    I was on the Vista in January. Check out my review in the signature link.
  5. lovestocruise19

    Cove Balcony

    Here is my mini review of a cove balcony. I'm not sure if you can see the pictures anymore, but the videos are still there. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/showthread.php?t=2591324
  6. My sister has a few questions that I couldn't answer for her so I thought I'd pop on here to see if anyone knew the answers. 1) Can one person book for others for the Behind the Fun tour now that we don't get our S&S cards right away? I guess her thinking is that I'd sign her up as soon as I get on the ship since I'd be on before her because I'm platinum. I'm not even sure someone can sign someone else up regardless. 2) At what time can you check in for your cruise? For example, our check in is Nov. 25. Do we check in at 12:00 a.m. (midnight) so she can pick an earlier time? 3) How much do the snorkels cost at the shore excursion desk? 4) Is Camp Ocean open while in port?
  7. lovestocruise19

    Priority Boarding for Platinum

    Thank you! This makes sense. I will choose the same time as my family gets.
  8. lovestocruise19

    Priority Boarding for Platinum

    It already says priority. Yay me! Lol!
  9. lovestocruise19

    Priority Boarding for Platinum

    A follow up question: Is it better to pick a later time to complete my check in so I won't "take a spot" of an earlier time for someone that isn't platinum? I think I read that in a thread somewhere on here once.
  10. lovestocruise19

    Priority Boarding for Platinum

    Lol, I love how this has turned into a thread of am I really going to be platinum or not. I can assure you I am! :D Pride 7 days Freedom 6 days Liberty 7 days Glory 4 days Conquest 7 days Freedom 12 day re positioning cruise Valor 7 days Sunshine B2B 5 days and 8 days Vista 6 days For a grand total of...drum roll please...69 days. Add 7 days for my Breeze cruise and I will be at 76! Platinum baby! Plus it says so on my boarding pass. ;)
  11. lovestocruise19

    Priority Boarding for Platinum

    DH and I have been on ten cruises and we will turn platinum on our upcoming cruise in February! Having never been platinum before and with the new boarding process, how does that work? Do platinum people still need to "pick a time" but can go as soon as the terminal building opens? We will have a big group of family with us (lowly blue and red cards-lol!) I'm assuming they will have to wait to board during their specific check in time. Do we sit in a special waiting room? It will feel kinda weird not sitting with our family, but we earned this perk, right? ;p The last cruise we took was out of Miami and they weren't policing the check in times at all. We walked right in earlier than our time. Is Port Canaveral stricter? Not that it will matter for us, but I'm thinking of my family.
  12. lovestocruise19

    Platinum questions

    DH and I will officially be platinum on our next cruise! We are taking my mom, dad, sister, brother-in-law and nieces on a cruise in February. It will be the first cruise for my sister and nieces! I know platinum gets priority check in. Two questions about that. Do I still need to do the online check in? And because I'm going with a group and none of them are platinum, do we wait in the platinum boarding area and they all go in the general area?