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  1. How exactly would NCL have accommodated you? A complimentary upgrade, more OBC? It has been my experience that when this happens you are offered approximately 25% of the difference in the form of OBC or an upgrade if the price increase is high enough to match the price of a higher category. BTW, I wouldn't just automatically assume it's better to book directly with NCL, perhaps you need to find a TA who is more proactive in protecting your interests.
  2. That's what I said, IF you're the type of person who WOULD purchase the beverage pkg. on another cruise line, NOW you're back to comparing prices for the different cruises because basically you would be paying the same thing for an apples to apples comparison of the beverage pkgs.
  3. Here's my take on it - you're already paying $20 pp/per day for the "free" UBP. Then you pay an additional $35 pp/per day to upgrade to the Premium. Basically you're paying $55 pp/per day for the SAME type of beverage pkg. that most cruise lines offer, for basically the same cost. If you're a drinker and would purchase the beverage pkg. onboard another cruise line then you're back to comparing the prices of the cruises, since you're going to pay about the same to have an equal beverage pkg. on either cruise line.
  4. Does anyone have any pictures of cabin # 6003 on the Zuiderdam (it is an HC cabin). TIA
  5. I have seen on very popular summer, vacation period and/or holiday sailings the rate for 3rd/4th passenger in the cabin being higher than the 1st/2nd passenger. Depends on supply and demand and how many cabins have already booked 3rd/4th passengers. Keep in mind that MOST of the time the 3rd/4th passengers are children which add very little to the ancillary revenue a ship will earn during a cruise, so the ships don't really care if they sail or not, at least that is my opinion.
  6. We just rented a villa in Half Moon Cay in March. It's supposed to be a max of 8 people but we had 12. They only gave us drinks for 8 people, there were only 6 floaters and some snorkel gear (never counted how many). No one ever questioned how many people we had, we were fine. The majority of the people only used the villa for the bathroom and/or the hot tub for a period of time. We never felt like we were too crowded in the villa as the majority of our group were in the water or on the loungers outside the villa. I would never "pay" for extra people. You are paying for the accommodation, how you choose to use it (without trashing it) is up to you.
  7. Thank you, I have gotten conflicting reports about whether or not their is wheel chair assistance outside the terminal building. While I can kind of understand why ship's staff cannot leave the terminal building, your explanation makes the most sense so I'm hoping that's how it will go at Pier 66.
  8. I will check with Guest Services and see if they will let us use the more expensive option (Le Bistro or Cagneys) for the less expensive one (Moderno or La Cucina). I know it states no substituting restaurants, but I'm offering to give up a more expensive option for a less expensive one, maybe they'll bite. I don't care which restaurant we go to, it would just be nice to have a dinner together.
  9. Going on the NCL Bliss from Seattle and renting a scooter (which will be waiting in cabin). I have contacted Guest Access for NCL and they informed me that the wheelchairs and attendants are not allowed to leave the terminal building in Seattle, therefore I would have to walk from the drop off point into the terminal building. At that point, they would just drop me off in the lobby. With very limited mobility, how do you get from the drop off point into the terminal and then from the lobby to the cabin (to pick up the scooter). Thanks.
  10. Well that kind of stinks :( I know it's a "free" perk (not really, I sailed a lot on NCL to get to this level), but if a cabin only had one Platinum member in the cabin they would get the same perk as someone with 2 Platinum members in the cabin. Kind of devalues the second Platinum guest. Basically, as it turns out we probably won't use any of them. Our friends will not pay to eat in a specialty restaurant and it seems rude to abandon them 2 nights out of the week for us to enjoy our "perks".
  11. Does each person in the cabin who is Platinum get one of these? I ask because my husband and I just turned Platinum and are traveling with another couple to Bermuda in just under 6 weeks. It would be fun if we could treat the other couple to dinner a couple of the nights.
  12. I thought if you won an upgrade through the Upgrade Advantage program you kept the benefits you had in your previous cabin? If that is true, no one would get suite benefits. NVM, I get what you're saying - they wouldn't get all 5 perks, but they WOULD get the rest of the benefits. Sorry, not enough coffee yet.
  13. Damn, that $55 pp/pd charge would almost get me a drink pkg. on another cruise line that INCLUDES bottled water and specialty coffee and they don't advertise ANY OF IT AS FREE!!!!!
  14. This has changed drastically since I was a server. When people would put the tip on their credit card, we saw how much was tipped on the credit cards and given that amount of money at the end of each shift. I wonder about the info you were given. If the owners of these dining establishments KEEP the money that was designated to go to the server, that amounts to stealing :(
  15. That has not been my understanding. I have seen people purchase stock AFTER they booked their cruise and still gotten the shareholder OBC. Whether that is still the case I cannot verify.
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