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  1. The sun is expected there tomorrow. There is a ship at CocoCay today which is next to GSC.
  2. If they were bought under a spouses ship card they will appear on their account.
  3. jtheile

    Tokens or tickets?

    I thought the wood walkway is a positive. I really like what they have done with the area. I also did not see the shuttle to the top of the hill.
  4. There is also an oil dock on the north side near the airport.
  5. If you look at google maps you can get a street view of it. I was there last Wednesday and from what I remember there is a narrow drive from the plaza in front of the World Heritage Centre that has a minor incline to the street from there is it pretty flat to the gas station. The first picture shows the drive with the little fence in it, the second shows the road leading up to it and the third shows the other direction with the gas station just to the right of the pink building.
  6. It wasn't removed on Friday. Most of it was by the little cove to the right when entering the beach and to the far left.
  7. jtheile

    Man O War

    I saw two on the beach last Friday.
  8. Now it makes sense, saving money on tips gives you more money in the casino.
  9. Why don't you just pass on the drink package and pay for your drinks if you don't feel you will get your moneys worth? Or better yet choose a different cruise line if you don't like NCL's business model.
  10. We had a group of 7 with kids 15-21 and went there last Thursday and had a great time. For $10/person we thought it was a great value. Don't miss the sea turtles they are outside the zoo to the right when looking at the entrance.
  11. It drops off at the World Heritage Center, which I think is where the regular ferry drops off.
  12. 15-20 on the way to the port, 10-15 on the way to hotel.
  13. Deck 7. We were towards the aft so they snaked the line through the Manhattan Room dining room. I think there was probably a line towards the front too. We had no line at customs and were outside 10 minutes after scanning off the ship, about 8:45. All the customs agent did was look at our passports and waved us through. He also wished me a happy fathers day.
  14. Yes. We weren't cleared by customs until a little after 8, they called several passengers over the PA and told them to bring their documentation so there must have been a customs issue. Otherwise the first carry your own baggage group is scheduled for 7:45.
  15. Pick the earliest self walk off option(there are 3 time slots) and get in line early. The first one is for 7:45 to 8, I chose the 8-8:30 one yesterday and got to deck 7 around 7:45 and it was packed. I think it was a little after 8 when the ship finally got cleared, they called several passengers names and told them to bring documentation with them to Moderno so they must have had an issue.
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