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  1. We are currently on the Sky. The dailies show The Local has not been open for lunch on any day. Also, we were hoping, with the name change, service might have changed for the better. Not so. It’s the same as the last 2 times we were on this ship. They also got rid of the tomato soup!!! Still, we really enjoy the Sky.
  2. My husband and I are in total agreement with everything you have posted about this cruise and how MSC has handled things. It infuriates me (I posted my experience and thoughts on the other thread “Dorian?? MSC Seaside Reroute?”). It’s easy for others who were not onboard to say there was nothing else that could have been done, it was all because of the weather. I can accept things happen (like the weather) that is beyond MSC’s or any other cruiseline’s control. But I do not accept the way we were “played”. That is not how you treat “family”. We should have been more informed— by way of announcements, etc - so that we each could have made the best and safest decisions for our own families.
  3. We were also on this sailing and went through the same things you mentioned above. I felt so sorry for many of the passengers who had no idea what to do about travel arrangements at the last moment (as you said, a couple of hours notice), and had also obviously never dealt with a hurricane situation (evacuation, etc). I have posted here part of the information you mentioned that we all received late Thursday night, so all can see that one choice was that we had to get off the Seaside on Friday morning because the “ship will depart Miami tomorrow”. In our case, we were originally due to board the NCL Sky right after disembarking the Seaside on Saturday morn. On Friday morning, my husband and I were trying to wait as long as possible to debark because we were waiting to hear if our NCL Sky Cruise on Saturday would be cancelled or not (if it was, then we would have stayed aboard the Seaside). But you are right, CruiseLand, there was a big push to get us off the ship. And of course, that was understandable if, due to weather conditions, and the port closing on Friday, they needed to do this. But when we asked for any kind of details, such as what time the Seaside would be departing, the only response we got, and in a very rude manner, was “are you debarking?”, then “you need to get off the ship”. We finally disembarked around 11:30am Friday morning when the announcement was made “if you are disembarking, it is imperative that you immediately make your way to the gangway”. They had also made it clear that they were closing the doors, so if you did not debark, you would have to stay on the ship; also once you did debark, you would not be allowed back on the ship. Around 3pm we were happy to find out that the Sky would be sailing on Saturday. 👏🏼 Since we were at the airport (in case we needed to rent a car to drive home to Myrtle Beach), and exhausted, we just decided to stay here until time to make our way to the port again this (Saturday) morning. And now as I sit here, I stumble upon Nymich’s post with a picture of MSC’s “Official Update” dated the evening of August 29, which clearly states that for those booked on the 8/31 sailing of the Seaside, there would be an update for that sailing at noon on Friday. I also now see that while at the same time MSC was telling us that the Seaside “will depart tomorrow” (Friday), and we needed to get off the ship if we didn’t want to sail with them to a safe area, they were also telling the 8/31 (Saturday) passengers that there was a possibility they would sail. 🤔 Even worse, I also learn now that the Seaside did NOT depart yesterday, yet we (and many others), as CruiseLand said, were not allowed to spend the night in our paid cabins and debark, as planned, this morning. This extremely frustrating and exhausting end to this cruise infuriates me because it seems totally unnecessary of MSC to knowingly put these uncomfortable and costly changes on it’s passengers. Obviously the information related to us was not the whole truth, and my husband and I just keep asking “WHY would they do this ???”. Even though I had read some bad reviews, I really wanted to give MSC a chance, but unfortunately I found, at least in our case, that, with the exception of three staff members, most we came in contact with was very rude (throughout the cruise, particularly in Guest Services, as well as in the Dining Room). And the best I can describe the way we were treated concerning the last hours on the ship was in a condescending manner, and certainly not as a guest that you would apologize to. We finally did ask, before we debarked, if we would be given any compensation, but were told they don’t know because those decisions are made at the corporate offices (I wonder, will MSC give me a friendly phone call, or do I need to contact them?). One more side note ... The Sky came back to Miami on Friday, also a day early. But it’s passengers were allowed to spend Friday night on the ship, as well as they already know they will be receiving a refund of a portion of their cruise fare. Yes I know, every cruise line does have it’s faults, but MSC is not one I would choose to sail with again. We are only happy that we will have a chance to forget this experience as we sail with NCL today.
  4. My dh and I both just got the phone call at the same time with this info! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 So happy! 😃
  5. We were thinking the same thing! Lol.
  6. I was going to ask if you could check with someone there onboard. I agree with you that it doesn’t make sense not to load up the passengers who are obviously already here in Miami, since the ship will be heading out anyway. Like I said, the MSC Seaside is heading back out (later today) with passengers onboard. If any are wondering, for us, this is not all about the cruise. I live in Myrtle Beach and my family takes hurricanes seriously, evacuating when told to do so. At this point, to us the safest thing would be to board the passengers tomorrow, even departing early if need be, rather than all of us figuring out another means of evacuating. I also just called the number on the card that NCL’s rep handed me. The person I got said there is no word that the cruise is cancelled, but like you said, she said check the website, and we should know by three today. Meanwhile, we are sitting here in the Airport’s rental car area, waiting.
  7. This is not good news, and we are hoping it is incorrect ... We just disembarked the MSC Seaside, choosing not to stay onboard, hoping that the Sky would sail tomorrow. Since The Sky was docked right next to the Seaside, we walked over (thinking they just might let us spend the night aboard LOL). They did not allow us to go into the terminal but a Norwegian representative came over to speak to us. She said tomorrow’s 8/31 cruise is cancelled. We couldn’t believe it! I asked why that info is not already posted on the website, but she said she did not know; they are constantly getting updated info. Anyway, I’m just reporting here what happened about 10 minutes ago. In our disbelief, we are still hoping somehow the rep was misinformed!
  8. This is interesting. We are currently aboard the MSC Seaside. At about 9pm on Thursday eve (Aug 29), we received letters in our cabin stating most of the above info. Staff members also informed us that the ship will be departing for the “safe area” on Friday (Aug 30) at 4:00pm. Since that is the case, I wonder why then are they telling those booked to depart on Saturday, August 31, that they will not be updated concerning their sailing until noon on Friday? 🤔
  9. I believe this may be good news for us. We are currently aboard the MSC Seaside which is now heading back to Miami, a day early. We were told this eve to decide if we want to stay onboard, or disembark Friday morning by 11am (it will depart again that afternoon around 4 until it can safely come back to Miami after the hurricane). We are booked on the Sky on 8/31, but since NCL has not said whether it will be sailing, we are not sure what to do. But if you say that it will be in Port of Miami on Sat 8/31, does it seem reasonable that it will sail? We don’t care where it goes, just need to decide if we need to get off MSC. I know everyone is having to make last minute changes, and hope everything works out for us all.
  10. Would you happen to have the menu for “The Local” Bar? Can’t remember what the former name was, but it’s my husband’s fav place for comfort food.
  11. There is no extra charge to eat at the Sports Bar.
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