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  1. are they still allowing those? I havent been on a PCL ship in 6 years...
  2. Another laundry question- If I send my formal night dress to be pressed before dinner on the first night am I likely to get it back before dinner on the second night? (I am Elite)
  3. Are there any "can't miss" onboard activities or shows? Are there some that you would recommend skipping entirely?
  4. Hmmm... Well, I already bought a 12 pack of water for the stateroom and was planning on bringing a 12 pack of my favorite soda so that could be worth it for me. Thanks. Any tips for getting the most out of my new status?
  5. Hi, I'm sailing my first cruise as Elite and I heard through the grapevine that you can request a coffee card instead of the alcohol in your mini bar. I know they'll switch out for different types of soda which is great but I generally have about 1-2 drinks in a year so the alcohol is wasted on me. Has anyone ever traded their alcohol for a coffee card successfully? Any other Elite things not printed in the official PCL materials that I should know about?
  6. I've worn ballgowns in the past on Princess. I love the formal nights and wouldn't want them to get rid of them or make them optional.
  7. Maybe if my cabin companion leaves it in the bathroom??? That's what the stewards should do. Put a little rack next to the toilet for them and stick them there and, I promise, everybody would read them.
  8. Make sure that you're always using the same CC #. On my next one, they created a new number for me even though I already had one. I would have ended up with none of my CC benefits if I hadn't caught it.
  9. What other activities are available? Are the stargazing and other Discovery programs offered or is that just an Alaska thing? Also, were there any craft classes or anything like that? I'm a non drinker who's not into trivia or gambling traveling solo looking for things to do.
  10. It's like princess' version of RCI's WOW band or Disneys MagicPass. It's an RFID chip that basically replaces your card and allows access to certain electronic features onboard
  11. Medallion roll out is scheduled to begin in 2 weeks, Aug 4. Only "a percentage" of guests will get a medallion immediately to test the system and it will be incrementally rolled out ship wide from there. The ship is expected to be fully medallion functional in September. Source: PCL (7/16)
  12. OMG, Anything less than 78 is straight up cold to me. I would be under the covers wearing all the clothes I brought with me at 76!
  13. I packed like that for my first cruise too. A little less on my second. Less yet on the third. etc. Now my biggest dilemmas are which book to bring and do I REALLY need my laptop?
  14. Wow. Seriously, throw your clothes and personal stuff in a bag and go. You will never use the vast majority of that stuff.
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