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  1. fishywood

    ez air search

    My oops. Here's the platinum: https://affinitytravelcert.com/document/pdfs/PCT_Plt_Landing.html Both links were found in the Princess website FAQs under 'Princess Vacation Protection' https://www.princess.com/learn/faq_answer/pre_cruise/prepare.jsp (the link in the (redundant?) section titled 'Travel Protection' does not work)
  2. fishywood

    ez air search

    Are you asking about a search button on this board, or on the Princess web site? Either way, answering a question about the Princess Vacation Protection is best done by reading the policy: standard coverage: https://affinitytravelcert.com/document/pdfs/PCT_Std_Landing.html platinum coverage: https://affinitytravelcert.com/document/pdfs/PCT_Std_Landing.html ...then click through for the policy language specific to your state of residence. But in a nutshell, cancelling for a covered reason will get you reimbursement for the cancellation penalties for the cruise or cruise tour fare only. If you booked a flexible fare on EZAir it is fully refundable up to 45 days before your first flight, after which airline policy dictates the resolution. The separate Trip Interruption/Delay coverage is in effect from when you leave home to when you return regardless of how you booked your pre- and post-cruise travel & amenities.
  3. fishywood

    Can I book this b2b?

    There are probably scores of cabins booked on those two B2B cruises already. B2Bs of two closed loop cruises are frequently sold as single "grand voyages" at many US ports. The only time the PVSA comes into play is if you are embarking at one US port and disembarking at another. Since you are looking to book two round-trip San Francisco sailings why even ask Princess about it--you will only confuse the issue. Just like the response above re Alaska: since there are no open jaw sailings between two different US ports sold in Alaska either, what the heck was the point there
  4. fishywood

    NCL Bliss Alaskan cruise 2019

    For your first question: this is very common misreading of the embarkation and disembarkation info that NCL sends out. The 'two hours before sailaway' and 'two hours after docking' clauses only refer to the start and end of your cruise at the turnaround port. Intermediate port calls are usually as described above, in fact it is very rare that you are not cleared to leave the ship within a few minutes of the estimated arrival time (which has plenty of cushion built in for casting the lines and processing from the local authorities). For returning to the ship 'all aboard' time in port is usually 30 minutes before scheduled sailaway though if you are visiting any tender ports you will want to be in line at least one hour early. As for the Visa question: citizens of nations that require either a Visa, or participation in the Visa Waiver program, in order to enter Canada must have those in order or they will likely be denied boarding at the start of the cruise as sorting passengers by which port(s) they are legal to visit or not is not something the cruise lines tend to do--you must be completely legal for the entire itinerary. Since you did not specify where you are a citizen of it is up to you to research this question--though I will add citizens of the USA need no such Visa.
  5. fishywood

    Panama Canal

    Sheesh, what a bunch of complicated responses to a "Who is buried in Grant's Tomb?" question. If you want to transit the new locks, pick a ship too large for the old ones. The end. The implication in post #3 that "some of the bigger ships that [are] unable to use the original canal [locks]...would be possibl[y] assigned to the old ones [locks]" is beyond befuddling.
  6. fishywood

    Transfer from Whittier to Anchorage post-cruise

    I was on Island Princess Vancouver-Whittier this year. The earliest disembarkation group was at 6:45 AM. The Princess disembarkation tours need to make the 9:30 tunnel opening, so those on them need to be off the ship and lining up for the buses in the terminal before 8:45. And plenty of people book private tours that are off in time to make the 8:30 AM tunnel opening (if you haven't guessed yet, the tunnel from Whittier opens to northbound traffic every hour on the half hour). Perhaps your TA meant to say that the last persons have to be off the ship by 10 AM--but if you asked for clarity and they maintained that you are held on the ship until 10:00, they are one clueless agent. If you take either a Princess disembarkation tour or just the coach transfer to Anchorage that they offer your bags are shipped to and held at the Egan Convention Center in Downtown Anchorage for the remainder of the day. You can easily explore the city on your own from there--or pick up a rental car from Enterprise for a tiny fraction of the cost of one at the pier. Even if not on a Princess transfer you can request your bags forwarded for no charge to either the Egan or ANC airport. This is one of the reasons the ship is alongside Whittier at 12:30 AM--to sort all the bags out as the large majority of passengers claim them elsewhere than the cruise terminal. (It does however mean that you must have your bags out in the hallway no later than 7:30 PM the night before).
  7. Is the new cruise from Tampa also on RCI? If so you should be all over them to cover the airline fees to change everyone's flights from MCO to TPA. Otherwise, I gather you are all flying in the morning of your cruise. How many are you, and how close in time do all your flights arrive? You may have no choice but to get a private van transfer from Super Shuttle or the like if time is too tight to return rental cars before the deadline to board in Tampa.
  8. fishywood

    FLL and Miami Pre and Post Cruise Questions

    deleted. shouldn't be wasting my time debating a self-appointed board policeman making up their own version of the guidelines.
  9. fishywood

    FLL and Miami Pre and Post Cruise Questions

    There is no policy against discussing specific reseller/consolidator websites for booking hotels, flights, rental cars et al. In fact there are even stickies about them on the corresponding boards. Only prohibition is naming who you booked your cruise with. But back to the OP: how were you planning on getting from PortMiami to LBTS, and then from there to FLL the next day? Hopefully by renting a car as shared shuttles do not make such a long run and Uber XL estimates are $90 and $40 respectively. Though Memorial Day weekend will likely see high rates for rental cars not picked and dropped at the same location. And I must add the warning: when you disembark the ship on Friday do not even think about heading toward Miami Beach. It is an absolute zoo that weekend. Most beach residents leave town for Memorial Day. Just head straight for the Broward county line.
  10. fishywood

    FLL and Miami Pre and Post Cruise Questions

    Boy this posts sets off quite a few alarm bells. Declaring you are "staying [on South Beach] the night before the cruise" and then revealing you have done no research as to hotels yet--especially as your budget is wholly unrealistic outside the mid-summer doldrums. As hinted above very, very few properties on SoBe have rooms that hold more than two persons. Likely only ones you will find are at the luxury hotels near the Convention Center which run $500+ per night during the season (again, we really really need dates to answer your questions). So plan on two rooms. Also, what are your ages and interests? Are persons no. 3 and 4 your kids? Because the Ocean Drive area is, to put it quite mildly, not very family-friendly. Nor desirable if you are unable to sleep with lots and lots of background noise coming through the window. There are boutique hotels in restored Art Deco buildings a block or two in from the ocean that may work, or larger properties (but again with WW2-vintage small rooms) between 15th and 21st streets on the ocean. But not for $200 during the season. Ft Lauderdale has more variety as the beach area contains mostly national chains rather than what one finds in a neighborhood such as South Beach where all the hotels are listed properties that cannot be modernized. But again if during peak season you will drop a lot closer to $300 per night (though rooms for four are plentiful). For post cruise you may just want to rent a car that you can return at FLL the next day, so long as your hotel does not charge for parking. Unfortunately at Miami Beach hotels even for registered guests parking fees run an arm, a leg, and your first born child--so you should look into a shared shuttle service or just bite the bullet for an Uber XL; one or the other should be in the $60-70 range for four persons.
  11. fishywood

    Avocado Toast

    Well we could just look up the menu on the Princess site for Slice Pizzeria--and there it is: https://www.princess.com/downloads/pdf/ships-and-experience/ships/products/menus/Slice-Menu.pdf So far Caribbean, Crown and Ruby Princess have this new Slice menu. No word if any other ships planned yet.
  12. fishywood

    Emerald Spa HELP!!

    The Sanctuary and the Thermal Suite are two entirely separate areas and no one pass entitles you to both. The former is the outdoor area with private loungers. Cost (unless it has gone up again) is $20 per half day or $30 per full day with a discount for reserving the entire cruise. The latter is the indoor area of the Lotus Spa with heated loungers and sauna/steam rooms. Cost is roughly $20/pp/pd, you must purchase the entire cruise. No discounts for couples in the same cabin anymore. The Sanctuary cannot be pre-booked as you must visit there in person to choose the exact lounger you want from those still available on the days you wish to book. The Thermal Suite passes are first-come first-served but I have had no problem waiting until the crowds at the Spa subside after dinner on embarkation day and still securing one.
  13. fishywood

    princess disembark

    Assuming you are asking about disembarking in Brooklyn (as JFK is a long way from Port Everglades ) these are the recommended flight times from the Princess website: Disembarking Passengers For voyages arriving in New York City, the earliest flight departures are as follows: LaGuardia: 6 hours after ship's arrival for domestic flights John F. Kennedy: 7 hours after ship's arrival for domestic flights Newark: 7 hours after ship's arrival for domestic flights https://www.princess.com/learn/faq_answer/pre_cruise/travel.jsp But my attempting further research to find out what time your ship arrives seemed futile as not a single Canada/New England cruise in 2019 or 2020 has a Sunday turnaround in NYC. I almost gave up until finding the leg of the Sea Princess world cruise that ends on Sunday July 21 there. With its arrival listed as 6 AM the earliest recommended JFK flight is 1 PM. So if you choose a 12:27 PM flight Princess will not sell you one of their transfers. So pre-booking a private car is all but essential as taxi lines are brutal in NYC. But possibly less so if you are calling in Manhattan rather than Brooklyn which the leg of a world cruise may possibly do. I could not find the 2019 NYC port schedule on the official PATH website yet but one unofficial NYC tourism site does list the port as Brooklyn. So all caveats about very slow disembarkation and very very limited ground transportation apply. In other words your flight is tight.
  14. All the number crunching is missing the point. Which is that the OP better have gotten the full name and title of the crew member who stated they would receive any type of refund on the beverage package if they have any chance of pursuing this further--but see my advice on that below. Not to be redundant but the T&C clearly state: Package Details and Qualifications Age restrictions apply for purchases of the Premier Beverage Package. The Premier Beverage Package must be purchased for every day a passenger is sailing. Partial / pro-rated packages or purchase for segments of a guest’s voyage are NOT accepted. The package may be pre-purchased up to four days prior to boarding the vessel. The package is offered onboard on embarkation day, and is NOT sold after embarkation day. The package is NOT available for pre-purchase within three days of sailing. The package is NOT refundable or transferable once purchased onboard, and for advance purchased packages, NOT refundable or transferable within three days of sailing. The no-longer-cancelable-or-refundable clause once you are within three days of sailing is stated very clearly when making the payment in the Cruise Personalizer. I would take whatever Princess gives me and go away quietly as escalating the issue to upper shoreside management could result in a decision to no longer honor at all such an egregious error as a crewmember's verbal promise that a pro-rated refundable OBC would (or even could) be issued for terminating the PBP after the deadline.
  15. fishywood

    Earliest Flight Home?

    Day of week? Time of year? Domestic flight? Which airline? If a weekend during the peak season Adventure will likely be at Terminal 29. No way I would book a flight before 11:30 were this the case. But if the ship is turning around on a weekday with no Oasis-class ship in port you could be at Terminal 18. At which self-carry disembarkation usually starts before 6:30 so you have a decent chance. "Without rushing" is in the eye of the beholder. If you cannot do self-carry disembarkation and have to collect your bags in the terminal you will be doing some serious rushing to get to FLL before 8:45. And bag check and security lines will be a white-knuckle experience by that hour. Only you can say how much of a worrier you would be during your cruise knowing you are cutting it so close when disembarking.