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  1. I received my canceled 5/24 cruise today as well.
  2. I totally get it. The fact that there is no reason how and who gets refunds is ridiculous. It’s obviously not in order. Makes zero sense. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  3. Mid ship. Quick walk to boardwalk, royal promenade and two quick flights of stairs to Central Park. We usually try for room 6264 or close to that.
  4. I cruise in May as well. Am i concerned? Absolutely. Am I considering canceling? Never. I trust that Royal will do the right thing and keep their passengers safe. If it gets too out of control I’d hope they’d cancel and refund. Time will tell.
  5. The porters will be able to look up your room and print tags.
  6. Every time I’ve made an online payment they send me a new pdf that shows what I’ve paid and what I owe. It’s in a downloadable file in the email they send.
  7. I agree. My first cruise was Alaska. Went through a local TA and got their advice. It doesn’t cost anymore so make them do the work for you until you’re comfortable.
  8. I take an 8:30-9am flight every time. So your 11am is perfect.
  9. Close to where I’ll be. I think it’s the best location. Enjoy your trip!
  10. I’ve done it twice. It isn’t terrible until they turn the couch into the bed for the night. Then it gets tight. But I’m doing it again in May. So,I’d save the cash.
  11. We do the same exact thing. When you can sail a 7-night cruise on an oasis class ship with a ocean view balcony for a family of 4 for less than $2400 it becomes a no brainer.
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