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  1. Many of the tour operators provide flotation devices. In fact some of them require you wear them. Look at the descriptions on the water tours. I have been in areas in both Bora Bora and Moorea that I could stand up in.
  2. Love It! Can’t wait to see what other new sayings I can pick up.
  3. How causal the ship is, is one of the pluses to me. You will see some people in cocktail wear while others are in pedal pushers. I am going more formal this time and pack a skirt. :-] not a long one. Just a regular one. my husband it is short sleeve Hawaiian type shirts or Polos with chino type pants.
  4. The only specific tours of Vairao that I have seen relate to surfing. But Tahiti is not a large island. look at any tour operator with good reviews and see if the will do a pick up from that side. The museum is currently close so that will not be an option for you.
  5. ‘I agree. Tahaa motu day is one of our favorite. We kayak and snorkel and eat and socialize and drink out of coconuts and just have a wonderful day.
  6. Pure Snorkling is a great outfit. Anything thing they do would be first on my list.
  7. I agree. I have gotten the best offers through TAs that have relationships with PG
  8. I think there is an issue with their website. It isn’t loading correctly and has information is missing.
  9. Thank you for taking the time to write this. I have 2 mionths until we do this itinerary and you made it harder is wait.
  10. We used Hakau day cruise when we did this cruise a couple of years ago. Our experience was so much better than the ones who booked through the ship. We had almost double the time, went to snorkeling sites that were amazing, and for less money. They took a limited amount of people so can customize for your needs. The only thing we in town was was a very good rum punch.
  11. I would also look at some of the small, independent tours. Email them and find out if they can accomidate your wife. I have been on some that were very good with the less mobile people.
  12. If you book air with PG they do take care of you. First you are allowed to stay on the boat a little longer than those who have not. You have a choice of a tour of Thaiti or head directly to a Day room at a resort. You can upgrade your dayroom to IC if that is important to you. Taking the tour is a personal decision but I think the majority of people don’t think it is worth it. You have the day only part of the time. They will ask you to be out of the room by a specific time (I don’t remember the time) and then will sit in the lobby until the buses are ready to take you the airport.
  13. What is best about the laundry package is going home with a suitcase of clean clothes. No laundry day right away.
  14. Sunscreen and more sunscreen. Bring twice as much as you think you need. You can’t bring to much. I don’t know how many days you are doing but if you are on 14 days, get the laundry package. You can invite a Gauguines to dine with you. It is a great way to learn about the real life in FP. They will love you for it since the dinning room food is better than employees. Participate in the block party. You are going to find yourself surrounded by really interesting people. Take time to get to know them. The actual island of Tahiti is probably the most boring island you will be on. We usually go in at least the day before to get rested up for the cruise. Other wise we found we were just whipped for the first day. Remember that everything is done on island time so learn to chill. There is candied ginger in the dining room. Most people use it for sea sickness but I like it like candy. Breakfast is not just the buffet but there is a menu you can also order off of. I love the lamb chops.
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