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  1. This! Instead of booking a very expensive excursion, book a train ticket to La Spezia(probably you next stop) for that evening, or next day, or a hotel in rome. If you lose the ship(worst case scenario) just rejoin next day. If they allow you to join next day, just take a room in Rome, enjoy the full day, have a romantic dinner, and take a morning train to La Spezia.
  2. Hello, just a question. I saw that your cruise was going to stop in Zadar. Did you? We are doing that stop later(August) and I'd like to know if celebrity provided a shuttle or not and what was the costs. Thanks for the magnificient review!
  3. In our sailing there was woman that seemed to be the sommelier. I say seemed because she never spoke to us, as I suppose there were more important guests 🙂 Maybe the same happened to you?
  4. Just of seaview. Wondeful experience by the way. YC booked long before change. I was told that under no circunstances venchi was included. I was told that as it was the new season(first cruise in Europe) venchi is for pay for everyone. I ordered anyway 2 different times and both the payment amounted to 0€. Both of the times they reiterated that I would be charged(very politely) before taking the order. The second time I even got told that luckily it seems that I was charged 0, but they might adjust it manually later. I received the final account, and was never charged. So, all in all, I'm still not sure, and neither are they, if they should be charging us or not.
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