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  1. Hoping to hear about your Victoria evening before we go on our cruise next week. Specifically were the shops downtown still open late due to the ship being in port? What did you do in Victoria for the evening? Thanks!
  2. Hello? Where did she go? Waiting to read some more trip report. Thanks!
  3. I saw someone posted a child menu back in January for the main dining room.....there's a 4 ounce filet mignon on the child menu. Has anyone ordered that? To me Filet Mignon sounds better than the every day NY steak listed on the regular menu. Thanks in advance. If it's still listed on the menu, I may try it out.
  4. Thank you!!! Did you have trouble deciding which bus was the shuttle back to the ship? Were there shuttle stops marked? Thanks in advance.
  5. Looks like our ship will be docking at AJ also. Do you happen to know the details on AJ? Last time I was on the Radiance of the Seas and they docked close to everything. From my understanding AJ is about a mile away. Is there a shuttle and is it free? Or is there a small fee? Cash? We are on the Solstice and our ship arrives last.
  6. Can someone elaborate on the upcharges in Celebrity's main dining room? This is our first Celebrity cruise and I was a little disappointed that I did not see a filet upcharge on the menu....(like the Chops filet you can upgrade to on RCCL's menu). And yes, I realize we are being upcharged for things that were standard decades ago. But still it is nice to be able to choose a filet if available.
  7. Excited to read more of your report. We are on Solstice in September. I'm especially interested in your day at Victoria and also your morning at Endicott Arm. Last time our ship did Tracy Arm and Endicott Arm.
  8. We did the train/bus combo.....and while I enjoyed the scenery, I was glad to be on the short train ride.
  9. You might call MGT tours or Juneau tours and see. I think those vendors sell tickets for both tour companies. Have fun on your trip.
  10. Do you mean those sales people in all the little booths? We were in Juneau the first week of September 2015 and they were all still open. We are going back Sept 9 again. I bet they will still be there.
  11. We stayed at the Pan Pacific...and are booked there again. I considered being near the airport...but I was afraid that traffic would be bad the next morning for getting through downtown and to the port.
  12. We were booked and cancelled as well due to Jack's passing. We are a group of 9 so we couldn't take Jayleen's tour....we ended up booking with Harv & Marv. But did you find out anything about when your refund will be available from the Scania? I've left a voice mail and an email. They are holding our $1519. I looked it up and it looks like he passed in April, but we only just found out this week about it.
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