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  1. We were thinking about that one. We have done the Joy once and it was beautiful but with no SPA we will pass.
  2. Sorry .I should say, not to the destinations Im looking at. We are trying to do Alaska and it been off the calendar.
  3. NCL is only booking out to 12 /2022 on the site. And im not sure what my work schedule will be next month let alone 2024
  4. Yep. My room went for 5 grand in the haven to 11 grand for the same room on the same sailing. Im happy I booked it when I did ,but that increase is crazy. If prices stay at that level it will be my last cruise.
  5. You cant book years ahead. Maybe 18 months but during covid not even that .
  6. I just checked the price on my Nov cruise and the same cabin is now double. Im glad I booked when I did but I hope prices come back down at some point so I can book my 2022 vacation.
  7. Booked for November. If it cancels it cancels. no reason to wait .
  8. I can only book a cruise when I know I can go. Sooner is as soon as I know. Im on the same cruise in Nov 2021 that I book for Nov of 2020. It is way more than it was for the 2020 booking. ALs in Nov go 2020 NCL was not taking booking for this cruise yet.
  9. In 2020 I booked and place deposits on 2 sailings. I didn't really think they would sail but if they had I would have been on them. When NCL canceled them and returned the money I gave then interest free I received a 10% future cruise credit that is now just being disappering in a fare increases. They knew what they were doing !
  10. Ive read all the posts and stories for and against the Covid vaccine. Would you sail with a mask, what if the buffet is closed ,do I have to take only cruise line excursion. I don't care what the rules are I have my vaccination and I'll get on the next ship that will let me. I'll accept any temporary restriction the cruise line needs in place till they can get back to some sort of normal. Cruising can't return till the ships leave the docks and Im ready to help make that happen .
  11. The 30 % is a typical marketing scam from NCL. Im holding a reservation for a cruise in January. The new 30 % off price is 300 bucks more than the price I paid in October. They just raise the price before the sale and make it look like a bargain.
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