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  1. Looks like they shouldn't have included that part on my invoice. It seems to have been a recoup of commission from the travel agents company. All is well.
  2. Update. The cancellation invoice I received still tried to leave a charge of approx. $790 despite assurance of no penalty. More to follow.
  3. As stated earlier, they cancelled the cruise and first tried to offer only FCC. After my TA and I both called, they finally offered the refund. It took a day if back and forth to get it resolved.
  4. Finally got my full refund. US booking.
  5. The first agent made clear they could not do anything more than FCC. I made clear, very politely, that a refund was the only suitable resolution. I never speak from anger and appreciate the hard job they all have dealing with this. However, I am polite and firm in my expectation and I did reference their own terms and conditions. They said they have escalated for resolution. My TA followed up today and also got escalated for resolution. We will see what happens.
  6. Same here. I was told initially only FCC despite their cancelation and their terms and conditions. They told me they escalated it and I would get a call back. The front line person kept trying to get me to look at other cruises and ask when I could travel again. It was kind of pushy selling when I kept saying I wanted a refund more than to change my plans to some future date. This was going to be my second cruise with them and I was completely sold on staying with them after our first experience. We cruise frequently. Not feeling the love right now.
  7. Technically, you are right. Flu kills more people but also affects many more. At well over 15,000,000 affected, 35,000 deaths annually is under 0.2% mortality rate. This outbreak is currently above 2%. Flu is the worse threat on pure numbers, but this is worse on the ratio. Still not as bad of odds as many other medical chances people take but it's all relative. 😉
  8. Was hoping it worked out for you. At least it wasn't the swingers booking up another river cruise week. Seems like it was about the right time of year. Wonder what the other guests do who did not plan on joining in the group, no pun intended (maybe), cruise event?
  9. Your sacrifice is noted, brave soul. Do not go gentle into that good night, Old age should burn and rave at the close of day; Rage, rage, against the dying of the tap.
  10. It surely can't be a party on Waist Line Cruises unless the alcohol, carb, and chocolate calories all come (Waist Line Cruises - purveyor of the Fun Hip®). Don't forget the 2am room service breakfasts after a night at the lounge/casino!
  11. Missed this thread all this time. Oct. 11 (OCS191011-14) Caldera to New Orleans, Notthemonkey, (Mark/Joyce)
  12. Yes, I missed that. End of work day and tired brain. ;)
  13. When I have flown into NRT for work in Japan, I have typically taken the high speed rail to Tokyo (the line is the Narita Express). It is cost effective, always on time, and has great drop off points. Plus, I always enjoy the high speed rail experience. You should be able to get a great drop off point near your hotel. Your hotel can arrange to pick you up. Saves money, very comfortable after a long flight, good scenery along the way, and high speed rail is always enjoyable to me (the little kid in me). Should have added pay a little extra for green class. Should run you about $100 one way for two people if I remember pricing right.
  14. I am pretty sure some cwazey guys may be wandering around that ship with a video camera saying, "Sir, Sir"... beware: mildly dangerous 😉
  15. Is they a double entendre? 😉
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