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  1. I posted about this last week I only found it while plumbing the depths of Alaska Air's website. If you're flying within California looks like you don't need to fill it out. We're Canadian flying into LAX domestically from Washington State and I'll fill it out, not much to it. More about awareness than anything else from the quick look I had. Traveler Form To help stop the spread of COVID-19, Los Angeles is requiring all travelers entering the city from another state or country to fill out this online form, acknowledging that they have read and understood the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's (CDC) travel guidance. Travelers over the age of 16 must submit this form online prior to or upon arrival at Los Angeles International Airport, Van Nuys Airport, or Union Station. Failure to submit the form is punishable by a fine of up to $500.
  2. Opoli was recommended on here by another poster, you're saying to avoid them? Mind if I ask why, trying to figure out transportation to Long Beach.
  3. I emailed mine October 7th and caved on the 22nd and called them and had the credits applied to our cruises.
  4. We were given the wrong color in August but in our case we were promoted from blue to gold. Wondering if we'll be Ruby when we board in December for our 3rd cruise. I'm sure they'll be happy to give you a new one at the pier, but you'll definitely have some interesting stories to tell by the time this all gets worked out.
  5. Thanks, I know its subjective and I appreciate your feedback. We had already decided to not risk flying SW to Long Beach but will cross our fingers and hope the return flight is not canceled for whatever reason. Once they get rid of the $200 PCR test requirement to fly back into Canada my Vegas trips will be on!!!!
  6. We are cruising in December and got a great deal on FC flights on Alaska, unfortunately our Hawaii cruise portion was cancelled and we had to cancel our return flight. We will be adding the Bellingham to SEA on Alaska since we will be able to drive across the border starting in a few weeks. Our only option before was to fly from Vancouver. Southwest will be flying out of Bellingham starting in November and we are considering booking our return flight with them. Its probably been 15 years or so since I've flown with them and just wondering if Business Select is worth it? We have to change planes in Las Vegas so would the Priority boarding number be the same for both flights? Or should we roll the dice and just book the Wanna Get Away rate at about $90 less PP? We are fine not sitting together btw.
  7. It would be nice but I don't think the cruise lines will drop the requirement by December. At least we can now drive across and fly from Bellingham which is so much easier even with crossing the border. Well as of November 8th we can. Flying from the US we shouldn't need a test but we'll get it done in the morning and have our results before we leave their parking lot lol. Hope Canada quickly realizes how unworkable requiring a PCR test for Canadians to return is going to be, and costly for those returning who don't know about the ArriveCAN app and show up without it.
  8. Of course not available in BC at Costco. It is so frustrating when it is so readily available with multiple options in Ontario and Alberta and locations outside of Vancouver are few and far between and expensive. Happy at least some people can take advantage and get tested for a reasonable cost. I have an appointment at Costco tomorrow for the flu shot I'll ask if they have heard whether or not it will be available here anytime soon. Fingers crossed!
  9. I sent mine October 7th and still waiting. I'll wait another week or so and resend it.
  10. Thanks I’ve been researching sites so we don’t have to drive into Vancouver to be tested and can get the cheaper antigen. And get the results before we drive across the border. The disparity in prices really needs to be addressed when Alberta and Ontario pay so much less than we do, and the tests are provided by the same chain stores we have in BC. Our Premier and many others (us included) would like to see the test to return discontinued, we’d be happy to get tested within 24-72 hours at our local site.
  11. I ordered drinks to be delivered to the room through the app. Easy and one of my favorite perks of Princess Plus.
  12. Before we left Canada in August all the information I could preload into the ArriveCAN app was done and after we got our negative results I completed it in our cabin. Some good videos on YouTube on the process and knowing ahead of time what was required made it much easier for me.
  13. Thanks for confirming we will need to fill it out before we get to LAX. Seems simple enough and I’ll keep it with the stack of reservations, attestations, vaccination certificates etc. Miss the days of just showing up with our passports.
  14. Funny! We are flying to cruise so the recommendations they want us to follow are pretty much required by the cruise line anyway.
  15. Thanks, we’ll fill it out and take a copy with us. Guess I should check if Seatac has something similar for our return.
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