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  1. I love that smile!!!! That little sloth just made the world right with her 🙂
  2. It's been a few years since I've gone down towards the Fish Fry and the beach down there (Junkanoo Beach?). A while ago there was a wood bar,the "Tiki Bikini Bar" or something like that. When I tried to map it out, I see a place called JYAH, and googlemap gives me some users-photos. Looks nicer there than the last time I was there. Can anyone tell me if it still looks like this? I"m guessing it's where the beginning of the free beach is, but I can't tell for sure in Google maps.
  3. If you've been on the Classica since it's been going to Nassau, can you tell me if there is a glow party on the port night? and where is it? Thank you!
  4. Parking is mandatory valet, you pay AS you give them your car. I believe they take credit, but cash on hand makes it so much easier. Just an FYI - on these ships, 18 year olds can drink once in international waters (3 miles out from coast). Just some information to have under your belt if you did not know that already :)
  5. Just read your review. THanks! I remember Steve Zimmerman from the very first ship!!! I remember REALLY liking him! I did not know he had been a cruise director before. Learn something new every day... I have a question that you may or may not be able to answer - on the Celebration there is a martini tasting (my aunt dragged my mom there last time and had a BLAST!) - do you happen to recall seeing that on the activity sheet? You don't happen to still have the activity sheet do you? Sorry for so many questions - but I know you understand, once you're used to one ship, it's like a new one is a whole new ball of wax 😉 And when it's three generations of family (my parents and aunt, my husband and I, and teenage daughter), the more I know ahead of time to make everyone happy, the better!
  6. That's all great to hear! We have three oceanview cabins, so it sounds like we'll be happy :) I'm excited to see it! Hoping to get used to a new ship pretty quickly. looking forward to your review!!! It's always nice chatting with someone who gave the Celebration a try and liked it!!
  7. I might be concurring with your sentiment (I sail on 11/22). But on the other hand, I'm taking it as a "forced" trial - LOL! I hope I really like it (friends who sailed Celebration once and Classica once love the Classica! Said it's very pretty. They didn't have to fight the "comfort factor" of knowing one ship already, so I'm going with their optimism) Good luck!
  8. This is good to know - I've only been on the Celebration, and we are going on the Classica (due to the Celebration being deployed up to Boston)
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