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  1. I love that smile!!!! That little sloth just made the world right with her 🙂
  2. It's been a few years since I've gone down towards the Fish Fry and the beach down there (Junkanoo Beach?). A while ago there was a wood bar,the "Tiki Bikini Bar" or something like that. When I tried to map it out, I see a place called JYAH, and googlemap gives me some users-photos. Looks nicer there than the last time I was there. Can anyone tell me if it still looks like this? I"m guessing it's where the beginning of the free beach is, but I can't tell for sure in Google maps.
  3. If you've been on the Classica since it's been going to Nassau, can you tell me if there is a glow party on the port night? and where is it? Thank you!
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