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  1. When are you sailing on the Adventure? Our Adventure cruise April 25, 2020 DBP went from $59 USD to $55 USD. Sure would like to see it drop to the $45 USD πŸ˜‰
  2. I have to ask, what is the "Magic 8-Ball"? I'm fairly new to Royal with only 1 cruse this past Sept on HOTS, but I do have an 8 night "ABC Islands" cruise coming up late April and have been watching pricing for the deluxe drink package.
  3. That would be awesome!!! Thank you so very much!!! ☺️
  4. My 8 night Southern Caribbean on Adventure of the Seas next April 25 was $54, now $59. My cruise on Harmony coming up in 3 weeks I got for $49, then went down to $46, I canceled and rebought. The other day was $59, now $52.
  5. Unfortunately, I missed the $18 deal of the century for my April, 2020 cruise by literally minutes (maybe seconds?). It showed in my planner at $18, I would add it to cart, but at checkout my total was what the $54 rate would be. I removed it, tried again, same thing. Third time I did it, the system wouldn't even process. Alas, wasn't meant to be... πŸ˜₯
  6. Our upcoming cruise on Harmony Sept 22, 2019 is my first experience with RCI (previous cruises have been all with Carnival). Their dynamic pricing has driven me bonkers 😣 The deluxe drink package was $52 when we first booked the cruise. It dropped to $49 and so we bought it. Went back up to $52, then about a month ago it dropped to $46, at which time we cancelled the $49 and repurchased at $46. Don't think it will drop any lower before the cruise, but I keep checking every day. I also have an 8 night cruise on Adventure of the Seas next April. That one started out at $54 (haven't seen it any lower), and now is up at $59. We'll just pay as you go if it doesn't drop. Keeping fingers crossed for a great deal on black Friday πŸ˜‰ And, the drink package pricing is just the tip of the iceberg. What RCI does with the cabana prices on Coco Cay is ludicrous. I've seen as low as $499 and as high as $1699 😲 Needless to say, I've learned one needs to check the cruise planner frequently. Like they say, "you snooze, you lose".
  7. Thanks. I thought that would be the case given the age and class of the ship. Not a big deal, just would make for a very nice size balcony if the divider could be opened.
  8. Anyone know much about the ship Rhapsody? We booked 2 side by side one bedroom grand suites (they were actually less than the junior suites at the time of booking and sold out soon after). The 2 suites are not connecting though, which is fine. I'm wondering if the dividers between the balconies on the Rhapsody can be opened by the steward on request. Also, looking for any and all information in regards to pre-cruise and post-cruise stays, including hotel and activity ideas in Venice and Barcelona. First time for the 4 of us in Europe 🀩 Hoping to spend 2 nights in each city before and after cruise. All information greatly appreciated!
  9. Has anyone else noticed RCI has taken several small price increases for the deluxe drink package after the "glitch" of $18/day? I have a 2020 sailing late April. I missed the "special" price by literally minutes. Oh well, such is life... At that time my sailing was $54/pp/day, but it's now up to $59/pp/day. My take on this is RCI is coming up with ways to recover from the "glitch". Like I said, this is just my take... Hoping to see even a small drop in price before my 2020 sailing.
  10. That's a thought too! I have read how long the check-in and security lines are at MCO with the other tourist attractions in the area. Thanks!
  11. In this case the answer is yes. We have talked it over and have decided we will not be taking the earlier flight with 40 min layover in FLL, more because of the 40 min layover (as a rule I never book anything with less than an hour layover). We'll likely look at one of the other airlines to find a mid afternoon flight. Thanks for the suggestion though. Getting very excited for my 1st experience with RCI cruise πŸ™‚ πŸ›³οΈ
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