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  1. SO GLAD you had a nice day walking out to the garden, etc. I hope you got a chance to check out the view from the top of the stairs and up by the bell tower and Zane Grey's.


    We did the zip lining last time - it would have been good if you were doing zip lining for the first time. It has a braking system that makes if very easy. Not very many zips but it's supposed to be an "eco tour" so they talk a lot about the area.


    We are going over for the weekend in March for the marathon weekend and staying at the Pavilion Hotel. Can't wait - going to go to the movies at the Casino and listen to the organ. This weekend, AMC showed Murder on a Honeymoon - a 1935s movie filmed in Catalina. I always enjoy seeing the landmarks as they looked them and comparing them to now.


    I guess you can tell I'm a Catalina supporter :)





    The pavilion is a very awesome hotel.it has this awesome outdoors campfire where you can gather after dark and chat with other hotel goers.the view into the stars is simply amazing

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