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  1. Ok, I did not read all the other posts on 2nd page, but..... This is not correct - there are a lot of 9 and 10 day cruises you can book on the RCI website for next year. I looked at August and September.
  2. One Word...... VACCINE The Sooner-The Better!!! When it is available to everyone, cruising can get back to normal. JMO
  3. Everything I said is EXACTLY CORRECT! Quit being so quick to tell someone they are wrong when what I said is right. Of course you CAN use L&S (with all its LIMITATIONS), but I was saying what you can do if there is no cruise that will match.
  4. L&S is for your cruises that you have already made "Final Payment" on. If you haven't paid for the cruise (only paid Deposit), then you can just MOVE your booking number (and deposit goes with it) to another cruise. It doesn't even have to match; just pick any cruise and move it. Hope This Helps.
  5. You don't have to cancel - just "move" your booking number to another cruise. They will use your deposit for the new cruise.
  6. You-Guys must be living under a rock or something. Why don't you listen to the news or read a newspaper before you mouth off with such negative cynicism. There are 3 or 4 AMERICAN companies RIGHT NOW that are already into the third (last) phase of testing. It has been almost 100% positive in as many as 30,000 people. They are already producing the 100 MILLION DOSES that the government will start distributing as soon as approval is available. That has been said by the FDA, who are "Fast-Tracking" could be as soon as November 2020!
  7. Sorry You Feel so Negatively, but I think you are very wrong. Cruising will resume after a successful VACCINE is distributed to the population and the Cruise-Lines can demand that ANYONE/EVERYONE has to have proof of taking the vaccine before they are allowed on board. THEN..... Everyone on board will be safe and relaxed in knowing no one has it and no one can catch it. This COULD happen as early as somewhere between Dec. 2020 and Jan. of 2021.
  8. $8.2 Billion at -$566 Million per month = 14.46 months. That puts us into November of 2021. Don't you think cruising will be back before that?
  9. It happens every time August (or any other month) starts on a Saturday; which is about every 6 or 7 years - depending on when Leap Year hits.
  10. How about a 15-NIGHTER from Canada to San Juan?
  11. Philipe Andolini is an IDIOT!! 😉 That would equal $4.33 for everyone.
  12. Come join in!! 😁 😎 Here's a link to our Rollcall for this cruise:
  13. We are booked on this cruise, and have done this itinerary a couple of times years ago. Bill is correct - it is listed as "Panama Canal Cruise", and the Rhapsody WILL enter through the Locks and then back out again. Hope This Helps.
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