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  1. Our first concern when we are doing/planning a B2B is to make sure we can get the same cabin for both legs. I open two tabs and set up the website that shows ALL AVAILABILITY of cabins (it's the website that is the scanner of the seas); then I start putting in the filters I want - Cruise Line, Ship, Destination, Number of Days, etc. Find two in a row that you can book the same cabin and PRESTO - then go to RCL website and book. 😉😎 Hope This Helps.
  2. I can tell you that 9078 is BY FAR the better cabin. We have had both and 9078 was ALWAYS our favorite. Because the balcony faces the front and you can see forward all the way to the Bridge. If you like to have breakfast on the balcony, or just go out and watch the ship coming into port, that is a BIG PLUS😉. And - there is more hallway traffic in front of 9092 because of the stairways along with the elevators. In all our cruises over the last 5 or 6 years since the BANNED smoking on the balcony (there is a $275 fine if you do it) we have NOT seen anyone doing that.
  3. Looks like it could be an exit door for crew - they probably get to the Cleaning Equipment through that door. Just guessing.😉
  4. On the Anthem and the Quantem, the Coastal Kitchen is near the entrance to the Windjammer and is very well marked on the Deck Plans on the RCI website. When looking at the Deck Plans for the Odyssey, you can't tell what that area is. It looks smaller and it is unmarked. Can anyone tell for sure that she will have Coastal Kitchen???
  5. Thanks for all the input - I'm afraid you all are correct. I just wish RCI would announce BEFORE final payment so we could L&S on their dime. If I cancel, I will lose a LOT of OBC.
  6. I did a search and found nothing. I know that RCI has cancelled all cruises thru April 30, but is there information anywhere about getting Symphony ready,or is the crew returning, or will they start up with only shorter cruises????? Trying to find out before Final Payment, Jan. 31st.
  7. What ship is this??? I have never seen a Carnival ship with a KIDDIE POOL in the bow. Has this been "Photo-Shopped"?
  8. YES! It's called RETIREMENT; and it is GREAT!
  9. When are you going? We have the same cabin booked for April '22 Transatlantic & Greece.
  10. Can You Say "VACCINE"?!? Cruising will start again AFTER everyone has taken the vaccine. RCI will REQUIRE PROOF that you have had the vaccine before you can board the ship. THEN, we will be able to cruise with aaaaaaall the Normal amenities. Hope This Helps.
  11. Ok, I did not read all the other posts on 2nd page, but..... This is not correct - there are a lot of 9 and 10 day cruises you can book on the RCI website for next year. I looked at August and September.
  12. One Word...... VACCINE The Sooner-The Better!!! When it is available to everyone, cruising can get back to normal. JMO
  13. Everything I said is EXACTLY CORRECT! Quit being so quick to tell someone they are wrong when what I said is right. Of course you CAN use L&S (with all its LIMITATIONS), but I was saying what you can do if there is no cruise that will match.
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