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  1. Thank you! You're making it easier to decide on this cruise.
  2. Thank you so much for a very detailed reply. This is just the sort of info I was hoping to receive. It makes it a lot easier to plan if you get feedback from someone who has done the cruise, so thanks ago.
  3. We've been looking at this itinerary, but is this the right time of the year to cruise weather-wise? I know there's no guarantee of good weather anywhere in the world these days, but would appreciate any advice as to whether it could be too wet for sightseeing. We're not worried about lower temperatures as long as it could potentially be dry. Thanks for your help.
  4. We are looking at this cruise and wonder whether it sails at the right time of the year weather-wise. Apparently, it could be foggy and damp in Singapore, it is the wettest month in Koh Samui and it will only be around 14 degrees in Hong Kong. I know you can't rely on the weather these days in any part of the world, so would appreciate your advice. We're not worried so much about it being cool, but whether it could be too wet to sightsee. Thanks for your help.
  5. Does Celebrity usually run any excursions after disembarkation at Boston or if not, could anyone recommend a tour operator who might pick up at the port or locally, please? The flights back to the UK are out of range at the moment, but usually depart around 1915 hours, so don't really fancy hanging about at the airport for hours. Thanks for your invaluable help.
  6. Which berth number does Connie usually use in Venice, please? Thanks for your help.
  7. Thanks so much for all that good advice. I've noticed that on the day we arrive in Barcelona, there will be 4 other cruise ships in port as well. I will definitely check with our hotel if we can store our luggage in the event we arrive early.
  8. When our cruise ends in Barcelona, we have a hotel booking for a couple of days in the city, which means we will need to arrange a transfer. Before issuing colour coded luggage tags, does Celebrity send out a form asking what time you wish to disembark? Roughly how long should we allow to get through security? I understand it's a good idea to book your transfer in advance, so am hoping to work out some sort of timescale. Thanks for any help you can give.
  9. Thanks everyone for your very useful advice.
  10. We're currently looking at a cruise out of Boston on 11 September 2020, and thought we would have a couple of nights in a hotel beforehand.
  11. Could anyone recommend a Boston hotel prior to cruise for say 3 nights for someone who has never visited the city before and would like to see the sights and be near reasonably priced restaurants? Thanks as always for your help.
  12. Thanks very much for your help. Just the advice I needed.
  13. We are on Reflection on back-to-back cruises and have checked-in online and printed off our Xpress docs for both sections. When the ship arrives back in Fort Lauderdale after our first cruise, presumably the ship must be fully cleared for security and we will have to get off. When on HAL, we were just given In Transit passes and were able to get straight back on again. So for Celebrity, is this the same or will we need to check in again for the second leg, or will both docs be accepted when we check in first time around. Many thanks for your advice.
  14. We had a nightlight in our cabin and in the bathroom in our Signature suite on HAL.
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