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  1. We are doing a BFF cruise over a weekend. Sailing on NCL Sky on January 30th. We are planning to have a spa day. Besides the cruise offered massage are there any places (specially in Nassau) that we can contact? We are thinking of getting a massage on the beach. Any and all recommendations a will be greatly appreciated!



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  2. We are still waiting on our cabin assignment for our cruise on Dec. 8 on the Zuiderdam. When is your cruise date? I am just trying to get an idea of when we may receive our cabin assignment. (Hopefully a great upgrade!)



    We got the cabin assigned today and sail on November 23. So, roughly a week prior.



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  3. Cabbage beach is adjacent to Atlantis and is really a nice beach. Public, facilities, for $10-15 the guys on the beach will supply a coconut and unlimited drinks! Easy, cheap taxi ride from ship.



    Totally agree! The beach is beautiful, right next to Atlantis, and the drinks are grrrrrreat! Went there with my two sisters and had a blast!



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  4. I also recommend Cabbage Beach. We were there in June and it is beautiful; white sand and turquoise water. There are vendors selling drinks. We had an unbelievable time! There are signs as you exit the port for taxis that take you there.



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  5. Due to some circumstances we need to catch our flight back home on the day we disembark. The flight we book leaves at 12:15 pm connecting in Madrid. Our ship, NCL Sky, is scheduled to dock at 5 am. Is it possible to plan to take the train from Civi connecting in Trastevere or Termini and make it to the airport on time?



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  6. We arrive back to Miami, after a 4 night cruise to the Bahamas, at 7 am. I live in Fort Lauderdale and my husband will be picking me and my sister up. Because of the incredible rush hour traffic I would like to know when is the latest we can leave the ship. I just don't want him to get stuck in rush hour traffic when there's no need for it.



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  7. Thanks a lot for all your responses! WE are in the Western Mediterranean itinerary: Livorno, Monte Carlo, Toulon, Valencia, Barcelona, Palermo, Naples, ,etc.


    I possible, we would like to stay away from companies such as Rome In Limo. I know they have excellent reviews but I am a little uncertain on how the toour sharing works. Especially what happens if some people cancel at the last minute.


    I did look into cruising excursions.com price and itinerary wise it looks very appealing. However the reviews I found are all over the place. But this is the type of company I would like to find more of for this cruise. Where they take care of forming the groups and all I am responsible for is paying for DH and myself.



  8. Could anybody recommend a company that provides shore excursions but that is not private tours? I just want to book some excursions for our upcoming cruise to the Western Editteranean and all I find are private tours. I know that there s the option of sharing a private tour but I am a bit unconfortable to depend on getting a group togeher and knowing that if anybody cancels the price for the remaining group wil go up. Thanks in advance for your advice!

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