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    There are two of us. Not sure how much luggage taxis can take in Copenhagen, but would be agreeable if taxis can handle all our luggage. We were thinking of leaving for the ship around 11:00. Will that work for you? For ID purposes, DH will be wearing a white Toronto Blue Jays cap.





    Not sure either. If possible, we'll keep an eye for you guys in the lobby at 11 AM.

  2. How much are you supposed to tip tour guides and drivers? I read that the amount the tour company sites state of 10 and 5 percent respectively is excessive. They are taking advantage of US customary tipping and that amount i would be too much. In one thread I read that if a russian tour guide was getting 10% that would be around a month pay in a couple of days. Is that correct? Do they force you to pay exactly 10 and 5 percent? Just wondering.

  3. Danish Viking, we are sailing on the NCL STAR (Orient Quay C254 and Sund Quay C245) June 21. We will arrive at CPH, 20 June at 12:40 from Frankfort on Lufthansa (Terminal???), staying over- night at Marriott and going to ship next morning. We return from cruise on June 30, again staying at the Marriot overnight and departing CPH at 09:15 on July 1 for Frankfort.

    Due to luggage, we plan on using taxis between CPH and Marriott and ship and Marriott. We plan on obtaining DKK at an ATM machine at CPH. How much in DKK’s do you suggest we obtain to cover the 4 taxis and incidentals? Also, are North American credit cards (VISA, MasterCard, American Express) widely accepted in Copenhagen?

    What attractions, etc do you advise we visit in order to make the most of our limited time in Copenhagen. Right now we are planning on a canal tour and Tivoli on June 30, if they are open on Sunday.

    Thanking you in advance for any advice and suggestions,




    Hi Cruzbug, we are also on the NCL June 21st sailing arriving on the 20 and staying at the Marriott. How many are in your group? We could share a taxi ride from the hotel to the port. As for the arrival, we get to CPH around 10 am so we may just gomdirectly to the hotel.

  4. We are arriving in St Petes on Tues Aug 20th on the Eurodam - I see that Catherines Palace is closed on Tuesday - has anyone experienced this - both SPB tours and Alla do that and Peterfoff on day one - do these companies get an exemption or do they have to alter their itinerary


    We are doing the grand tour with Alla and according to the tickets we got we are going to Catherine's palace and Peterhoff on the second day which is on a Wednesday.

  5. Hi Danish King, we are finalizing our plans and now that all transportation and asightseeing is under control we are moving on to eating :) We are on a budget, but good still like to be able to enjoy some Danish food. We reallywould like some good open faced sandwich. Do you know where we could have one? We would also like to try some of the famous hot dogs and some ice cream. Where should we go for some good pastries? It would be great if the places are located in the city center. We are staying at the Marriott.


    Thank you so much for all you advise!

  6. It's 24 DKK for a 2 zone single ticket.


    One additonal question. On our return we are staying in your beautiful city for an additonal day staying at the Hilton Airport Hotel (our flight leaves at 6 am the next morning). We are looking into getting the 24 hrs city pass. Since it only works to access zones 1,2,3 and 4 we were wondering if it would be enough to go from Freeport to the airport then come back to central station and go back to the hotel later in the day.


    Thank you so much for all the assitance you provide on this and other threads!

  7. It seems to me that what you don't like is spending some time doing research. As other posters are advising you, you can find good deals on the days you are in St. Petersburg. All you need to do is spend some time planning. I don't know about you, but we do not want to chance it as only God knows if we'll be able to go back to visit whatever sites we missed the first time trying to do a DIY tour.

  8. We are going on the Baltic and Russian cruise this summer and have booked Alla for our Berlin tour. According to the itinerary we get back at 10pm with the ship scheduled to leave at 11pm. Its a 3 hour drive. Im just nervous because being that far away you never know what can happen driving. Would you feel comfortable staying with Alla to do this or would you do a ship excursion to cover your behind?


    We are using Alla to go to Berlin and acording to the itinerary we got we are to be on board by 8 PM with the ship departing at 10 PM. I would recommend you to go back to Alla and ask her directly. There is a reason why they are highly rated and don't believe they will risk their reputation not making it back on time.

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