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  1. We went back and forth with the Silversea air dept until we got what was acceptable for us. We did have to pay extra but it was worth it for us. Also we checked the same flights on our own that they were offering and Silversea was WAYYYYYY cheaper.
  2. We just got our business class air itinerary and we depart on Oct. 2, 2020. Just keep calling ….
  3. We are booked on the Silver Moon and the fare included economy air (a $900 value pp). We paid extra $699 pp per each way to upgrade to business. They started by pricing 2 different itineraries that didn't work for our schedules. Then it took forever for them to say they couldn't do what we were requesting. We, stupidly, decided we would try to find air on our own and Silversea credited the $900 pp plus the $1398 pp back to our credit card. Now we can't find anything close to those numbers. Does anyone know if we can go back to Silversea and request air again and pay the money again? I have tried reaching my Silversea agent and he is not getting back to me so I thought fellow cruisers might know the answer. BTW...we have paid in full and our cruise in in September.
  4. We will be on a cruise starting October 2 departing from Venice and going south stopping everyday along the Croatian coast. Trying to find out what the weather, temperature and sea conditions might be in early October. Thanks.
  5. Does anyone have photos of the bar menus and what types of Vodka, and alcohol, are onboard?
  6. Has anyone done this shore excursion in Croatia? Thoughts?
  7. We have cruised over 35 times but we will be trying Silversea for the first time this October on the Silversea Moon to Croatia. Here are some questions we have: 1. How formal are formal nights and are all of the restaurants formal? 2. We specifically drink Grey Goose Orange or Absolute Mardarin but we were told the ship does not carry either? Is this true? 3. We were told that they could maybe special order either for our consumption only? Does that mean when we go to a bar they pull out the bottle just for us and no one else can have it? 4. Are any shore excursions included? I've read that there are a few that are, on past cruises the "free excursions" were not anything we wanted to do. 5. If we do a shore excursion with the ship and then want to go off on our own and meet up with the group when headed back, would that be permitted? Seabourn was very accommodating about this. Thanks.....
  8. Is grey goose la orange available on the ship
  9. We were recently on Azamara and there were a number of youngsters (early 20's) and was surprised by it. What is the average age on Ovation?
  10. Sounds like a silly question, but are there any flavored vodkas onboard the Ovation? We exclusively like Absolut Mandarin or Grey Goose l'Orange. Are either available????
  11. We are considering a premium drink package for our upcoming cruise. Does anyone have pricing for top shelf cocktails and martinis???? Trying to decide if it's better to pay by the drink or get the package. We are in port most of the days.....
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