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  1. On my 4 of my last 5 round trips to Orlando I've had at least one leg cancelled. Only one for active weather, which was in the connecting city. The 5th flight I changed my flight due hurricane Dorian that ended not hitting. Somewhere around 3% of flights are cancelled and another 10% are significantly delayed. Further another 2% of luggage doesn't get to it's destination when the passenger does. Not worth taking a ~15% chance of missing my cruise to save a night in a hotel. I pretty much always do Sunday cruises so I don't have to take an extra vacation day. And lately I've been sailing out of Galveston so I can just skip the flight (~9 hr drive).
  2. I really think daybeds, love seats, hammocks, etc should all require a butt in it. If you need to get up for some reason, it's someone else's turn. Biggest pet peeves I have about castaway cay is every hammock there is just holding someone's stuff all day when there are a thousand unused beach chairs around. I haven't ran into this issue on the RCL islands.
  3. No, I can't provide a link or use the name of the website. If you Google you should be able to find it. There is a blog that does back to back comparisons of the deck plans.
  4. So does everyone think this means freedom is headed to the short cruise market? Or do we think small gyms and AO is the future for weeklong cruises too?
  5. I just saw on the new Freedom OTS deck plans that they are going to cram all of Adventure Ocean into "The Living Room" space so they can add more cabins. From what I remember the living room space is tiny compared to Adventure Ocean. Moving it also means they'll lose their outdoor space. Seems really weird to make the ships less family friendly. Is this the way of the future on RCL?
  6. Are you sure you were on Liberty? 😉
  7. Yeah, I mostly use a chair to hold my stuff while I swim. I sit a little. But there is no where else to put anything. I always take everything if I leave the pools, though. Usually also only take one for my family of three unless I plan on sitting a lot. I think it is funny all the people complaining about people using pool chairs while using the pool. If you are just there for the sun there are plenty of loungers around. The real issue are the people that lay out a towel on 4 chairs then vanish for hours.
  8. FYI, if you can see your set sail pass, scan the barcode with a reader app. The last few it should translate to folio number-cabin number. Generally I think it could still change but but that had worked for a few people I know.
  9. Freedom has the same or more pool space for far fewer people. Only one hump means you can always see either forward or aft. The forward hump blocks views for those in the middle. Freedom also has more shuffle board 😉
  10. I just realized you were talking about 2021, not 2020. Yeah, that seems unlikely, and the extra-berth balconies being soldout really doesn't make sense. The cruise before has a ton of availability. I'm guessing the rooms are just blocked out for some reason.
  11. Suites being sold out that far isn't that unusual. I'm surprised about the multi-berth balconies though. I had to give up on last minute bookings once I started sailing in JSes :(.
  12. I have accidentally ordered off menu twice. On the first cruise without Savory Bites, I asked if they didn't have them every night any more. The waiter acted like it was a mistake and every night after I had Savory Bites siting on the table when I showed up. On my last cruise I asked what night Orange Sherbet night was, and the waiter said "Thursday" on Thursday he came very apologetic and told me that they got to many requests for different sherbets and the chief denied them, I had no idea it was a special request until then. I do order dessert off the kids menu most nights, brownie sunday, mmm.
  13. The ships with the roughest looking areas for me were on Oasis, when she was 18 months and Liberty 6 months after the most recent dry dock. Everything on Oasis I noticed was fixed by the end of the week (basically all painting) and the worn carpet on Liberty had all been replaced by my next cruise on her. My point? I've never really noticed age related roughness on RCL or DCL. There is always on going damage and maintenance, though. I don't really care about things being dated on ships, I'm not one for trends, though.
  14. All I originally said was certain parts of the ship feel crowded certain times of the year. You apparently agree with this, yet you are arguing that it doesn't matter, because the crowds can be avoided. I answered the OPs question, by mostly agreeing with your original post, except that I think the ship does feel crowded on the pool decks in the summer, more so than other RCL classes and I've had to wait in line at a couple of venues. The Freedom class has about the same pool space as Oasis, for 30% fewer people. In my experience on Oasis, which has been awhile, if you got to the Aqua show 30 minutes early to get a seat with a back, you had to wait in line to scan in, and all of those seats were gone in pretty short order. Getting to a show 30 minute early to get a spot is still waiting, even if it isn't in a line, since that isn't required for other venues or other ships (which obviously, to be fair the comedy club and aqua theater aren't on other ships, if they were they'd likely have the same issue). To restate my original opinion. I think there are few areas on the ship that DO feel crowded when there are many kids on the ship. Otherwise, I don't think the ship feels crowded. You're arguing with me that it doesn't matter because you can avoid these crowds, which was not the question or what I was responding to. It does no one any good to claim their are no crowds on the ship, when there definitely are some at certain places and times, saying yes there are some crowds but this how to avoid them is much more helpful. Back to the OP, Empress has a tiny pool, so I really doubt Oasis's pools will feel crowded compared to it. But they could feel crowded compared to Independence. For what it is worth, if the OP had asked about a different class, I'd tell them what areas felt crowded on that class. I am not picking on Oasis, that is just what was asked about.
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