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  1. Bumping old thread. Does anyone have pictures of the "amp'ed" AO on Freedom?
  2. So you book normally, then you call and have the FCC applied? And if it is big enough the deposit will be refunded?
  3. I've been watching interline rates (TA rates) fairly closely since 2009, I've never seen 7 night cruises as cheap as they are for March and April. The IL rates on my cruise are a third of what they were in January. BTW: I really feel bad for all the cruise companies and especially their employees right now, I think this is going to be a very rough few month for them.
  4. As I said to PP. I really meant that was crappy in general about FCC, I really didn't mean it in relation to the new cancel policy. I think the new cancel policy is way more than fair, especially that they are offering it to existing bookings. If I had gotten a FCC because they had messed something up, and then I found out I couldn't use it on the deposit, I'd be pretty annoyed. In the current situation, I'll be happy to not be eating the full fare, if I do decide to cancel.
  5. I'm commenting about their general FCC policy. Most people would assume you could pay a deposit with an FCC. I agree the new cancel policy is very generous, but let's not pretend they are offering out of the goodness of their hearts, bookings have stopped.
  6. So when I bid on my RoyalUp I put in middle of the road offered. Now when I go look the minimum bids are higher than what I put in. Do you all think I need to increase my bids, or do you think I still have a chance?
  7. Considering if you do the math on reported recovery vs reported death, using the proper equation of (# of dead)/(# of dead + # of recovered), you get a death rate of around 7.8%, the numbers given by the media are already significantly reduced. Also the media isn't making these numbers up, they are being calculated by the WHO and similar agencies by people with PhDs and decades of experience. There is a hope there is a massive amount of under reporting of minor cases, but there isn't a whole lot of evidence of it. Cars don't kill anywhere near 1% or 3% of people that get into them the first time. The comparison makes no sense. The idea is to keep the number of infected small so the number of dead remains small. Also, we spend a ton of money to improve car safety in the US. It's not like we're ignoring driving deaths or flu deaths.
  8. Not only do they have to be potty trained, they must be able to handle all potty activities themselves. The crew won't go into the bathroom with them. The bathroom does have small toilets and short sinks, so its easier for them. They will not allow them to wear a diaper or pull up in the AO room, and they'll get kicked out for the week after 2 accidents. I am pretty sure they will allow a 3 year-old into the nursery if they aren't potty trained, but you will have to pay the hourly rate. I know my 3 yo would also be insanely bored in the nursery, although she loved it when younger.
  9. I'll be in a Grand Suite on LB in a few weeks. My last cruise was my first time in a full suite and I enjoyed the full menu room service. But I have a couple of questions. 1) I found out on my last cruise I could not order room service from a courtesy phone; it had to be ordered from the cabin phone. So now I am wondering, can the food be delivered while I am away from the room? Basically, I'd like to order my food, go to the gym and have it there when I get back. If they will leave it in the room, would they take a tip I left on the table with a note? 2) I know tipping is personal, but I was wondering what people normally did for tips with room service. I'm not a natural tipper, but try to be a good one especially on cruises. 3) Is there are good way to get the lunch/breakfast menus? I can't seem to find them in the app and they only leave the dinner menus in the cabin. TIA
  10. Are they doing temperature scans on everyone now? I thought it was only if you were in one of the categories for extra screening?
  11. You're right, I should've expected the comment, I'm sorry I got overly defensive. My point was that everyone rationalizes various things all the time. I'll admit I don't mind rationalizing taking a few cups of wine when I pay to subsidize other people's alcohol consumption all the time, including when paying for a suite.
  12. I would do the GS. With that many sea days, just the full MDR room service menu would be worth it to me. The bigger room and balcony would be worth it too. Remember in addition to the $300 fare difference, there is a gratuity difference as well. I think it is an extra $5.50/pp per day, but I don't remember for sure.
  13. I wonder if ports are telling them that they can't come, like what is happening to some of the Asian cruises.
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