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  1. Crew serving in the Windjammer was always a thing when a ship went to the higher level of disease control, forget the official name for it. The cruise before my first cruise had a massive Noro outbreak, then on our cruise all food was served in the Jammer until ~day 6, then all of sudden it was serve yourself. Since I had never been on a cruise before I had assumed they always served you. That was back in 2006. I assume once things calm down, it'll be back to self service, just like before.
  2. Does that mean you can use them for speciality coffee too?
  3. Do you have a copy of the menu that the vouchers were good for? Was it the same as the pre-covid menu?
  4. Yeah, I had read that, but I assumed it was still just during happy hour. I was wondering how I was going to drink 3 frozen mocktails in 3 hours everyday, so this helps a lot ;). Any idea if they are still doing Happy Hour in the Suite Lounge?
  5. It'd be really interesting to know how many of that 7% were adults. I'm guessing that is mostly children.
  6. FYI, I am pretty they are only good during happy "hour" 5 to 8/8:30.
  7. I'm sure the concierge would, but I never trust people, so I just make sure I'm there first one at the open house. From what I heard, Adventure was doing it that way for all of AO on the first sailing.
  8. The nursery always provides x-number of hours for you to reserve at the beginning of the cruise. If you want dinner reservations I'd book that as soon as they open for their first open house. The numbers are already so low in the nursery I suspect they won't limit capacity more than normal.
  9. Yeah, that letter is not written very clearly at all. They need to have people proof read them that don't know what's going on and see if they take away the proper message.
  10. I'd rather they just ban kids, than put them at higher risk and just hope parents cancel under poor terms. If they banned kids, and offered full refunds or extended FCC it'd make easier for parents. I booked my October cruise 15 months ago, before the CSO, and before anyone knew the children's vaccine was going to take a year longer than the adults. My only choice now would be to take a FCC that wouldn't even work for a sailing next October. Still think a decent option is to not force kids to be in close contact with unvaxed adults. I really don't mind if they have to have their ow
  11. You don't understand why people don't like kids that have no choice in not being vaccinated being forced to be surrounded by adults that have chosen to put those around them at a higher risk? The adults have chosen to take high risks with theirs and other's health, why give them targets with children? To be clear, I don't mind kids having higher restriction than vaccinated adults. But it isn't right to force unvaxxed kids into the same spaces as unvaxxed adults (MDR, Shows, Excursions, etc). If they want to make a unvaxxed adults section far away from the unvaxxed kids section, fin
  12. What do the other lines do if someone refuses to provide proof?
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