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  1. We switched to Nassau on last weeks sailing. Others have switched to CoCo. I'm sure it'll be one of those two, depending on berth availability in CoCo.
  2. I thought everything in Mudslide was Alcohol, how do you make that a virgin? I'll have to look some of these up. I've got 32 vouchers to spend next week :).
  3. I've had that happen before. Usually some sell that isn't combineable.
  4. CVS has also been cancelling appointments last minute for rapid tests.
  5. Do any ships currently have Grand Cayman booked without Jamica? Usually those two go together except for oasis class.
  6. I think it's more a money thing with her. And we always enjoy the MDR for dinner, so she's like "why spend the money, when I will enjoy my free dinner." That's why i think i could convince her for lunch.
  7. I mean just think about it. The casino isn't going to pay for your cruise, unless they know they will make more money off of you in the casino. There are probably some exceptions when the cruise line just wants to give shadow discounts to fill rooms without devaluing the room, but that is probably fairly rare to be offered to a non-high-roller.
  8. I'm somewhat of a picky eater, but tend to be pretty adventurous on cruises. I really want to do this, but the wifey doesn't want to. I really wish they were open for lunch, I'd probably do it then.
  9. I'm going to be on next week and had a couple of questions if you have a chance to answer: 1. The conceirege told us the the free iFly and North Star only happened while in port, and everything on the sea days was the additional charge. Is that true? Any idea if they allowing standby for either experience? 2. Would you mind posting a picture of the Adventure Ocean Compass?
  10. yeah, I know on Odyssey the 6 nights have had quite a few more than the 8 nights. Which makes me think at least the 8 nighters are not hitting the capacity limit they set. Disney World also had their attendance tank in mid-August and hasn't recovered.
  11. Back to the original question. On our upcoming cruise a lot of excursions have been added in the month prior. They also lowered the age limits on many. At first there was a single snorkel or beach trip our 5 yo could do, but now there are many.
  12. Freedom is my favorite class, and Liberty is my favorite in the class. But I haven't been on Freedom since the amp. Mariner and Navigator are obviously the best of the Voyager class. I haven't been on multiple ships within the class for other classes. Generally the later ships are best, at least until the first major update.
  13. Have cabins been ready as soon as you get onboard, or do you still have to wait until 1 or 1:30?
  14. Not sure if it's still there, but there used to be a small opening between the wall and the railing next to the walkway that took you to a little balcony that was quiet. As I'm typing this, though, I seem to remember it was replaced with a family balcony room.
  15. I generally get to the port just before noon and every cruise I've done out of Galveston people are still coming off at that point. Any improvements are very welcome. Especially because I have a 9 hour drive after getting off.
  16. Get Pre-check to help with airport lines. This has been years ago, but I went from door opening on Oasis to paying the cab at FLL in 18 minutes. I was probably the 100th person in line to get off the ship.
  17. I've never seen 2,000+ self carry people off a Freedom class ship in PC. Maybe it isn't the driving, but the fact the terminal was so bad. So all the experienced cruisers knew they needed to be early or they'd be in the terminal until noon.
  18. That is why I was one and done with any time dining. I don't do fancy meals on land, so I really appreciate the traditional experience.
  19. Hopefully it is a real improvement and not just the light passenger load on the ship. I really enjoy sailing out of Galveston and love Liberty, but the debarkation has been terrible in the past. I've literally seen fights almost break out multiple times and lots of yelling/cussing. (Lots considering everyone just had a relaxing vacation) I think it is because so many people drive to Galveston, so everyone wants to get off fast and get to their cars.
  20. I would ask for the mudslide cookie recipe, but I already know what it is. 1) Remove box of dough from freezer, allow to thaw 2) Scoop on to sheet and cook 😞
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