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  1. I don't blame the cruise lines for continuing their marketing campaigns. Without some cash flowing in they will wither on the vine... err, more so than they already are! Would I pluck down my hard earned $$$ at this time? ARE YOU NUTS???
  2. 1.) Ultimate Balcony Dinner, while departing Athens, surf and turf. 2.) Lobster claws in the buffet on the first night of the cruise back in the day (wife and I would pack shell crackers/pliers).
  3. But if you had 2000 passengers, wouldn't it be more profitable to put them in a 2000 pax ship than a 5000 pax ship?
  4. Understandable as the two industries have completely different payment models. Does United Airlines even take deposits?
  5. Finished last cup of coffee, time to pop some corn!
  6. I'm guessing many of those ships will not be completed as it will likely be a long time until new equipment is a priority.
  7. Some of the most talented are not entertainment staff. Some lines, HAL and Windstar come to mind, feature crew talent shows and we never miss them.
  8. I've heard that it live for weeks in a freezer?
  9. My understanding is that if your Alaska cruise was cancelled you get $150 obc when rebooking any future tour, not just Alaska.
  10. What's the old saying, you can't blood out of stone, or is it rock? Turnip? Anyway, there is a reason they call it disposable income...
  11. As well as lodges and ground operations. They are holding out for late summer RT from Seattle.
  12. You really need to change your name... …. Now that is funny!
  13. I suspect that there is no processing of refunds because they are strapped for cash and that there will be no refunds until they stop bleeding.
  14. Yes, take a breath and feel blessed to even have "disposable income".
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