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  1. fishin' musician

    NCAA Basketball March Madness coverage

    I've watched many final four games on the big screen. I'm not sure what/if games will be available in earlier rounds. I'd think you'd at least have some options on your stateroom TV.
  2. fishin' musician

    Medallion- need to hand it over?

    I believe never.
  3. fishin' musician

    "Premium" Balcony?

    I believe what you are referring to as "expanded balcony" are "Deluxe Balcony" in Princess terminology. There are some Deluxe and some standard balcony rooms and some mini suites with larger balconies, but there is not mention of them. You have to refer to the deck diagrams. And FWIW if I can't get a larger balcony on one of the new ships I'll either go inside or I'll pass.
  4. fishin' musician

    hotels near Los Angles port

    I've stayed at both and the DoubleTree is much nicer/newer and overlooks a marina, but there is really nothing within walking distance. The Crowne Plaza is a short walk to museums and restaurants. But like a lot of Crowne Plazas in the US, it could use a facelift. It seems like they both provided shuttle service to local attractions and the cruise pier.
  5. fishin' musician

    Advice on Alaska

    Whittier is actually much closer to Anchorage than Seward. If you rent a car you will likely be returning it to the Anchorage airport. From there you can take a shuttle bus to Whittier (Princess or other). My thinking is that August (at least early August) may be too early for Northern Lights as it still stays light much of the night. If Northern Lights are important consider taking one of the last Alaska cruises in mid-Sept. Fairbanks and points north would provide more/better Northern Lights options than Anchorage. Consider flying to Fairbanks, renting a car and returning it to Anchorage (spending a day or three in Denali on the way). I do know that many Fairbanks hotels will wake you (if you want) when the Northern Lights make an appearance.
  6. fishin' musician

    "Premium" Balcony?

    I'm thinking much larger than a tad???
  7. fishin' musician

    Princess Cays new neighbor

    Not sure about a cemetary, but there are a couple graves just north of the Princess compound... just stay on the trail near the water. My thinking is that it is a few hundred yards, but PescadoAmarillo has shown my sense of distance to be a bit skewed!
  8. fishin' musician

    Princess Cays new neighbor

    Not far, probably less than a mile and some of my favorite fishing spots. Also some beautiful secluded beaches on the west side. Not good news for those of us that like to wander off the beaten path.
  9. fishin' musician

    Anyone know the status of the "Food Improvement" or "New Menus"?

    From the standpoint of brand consistency, I would have thought these type of changes would be rolled out fleet wide and not isolated to individual vessels?
  10. fishin' musician

    Advice on Alaska

    I'm thinking driving only scratches a bit more of the surface... a lot of country and very few roads, which is why Alaska boasts more private planes than any other state, in spite of the tiny population. But as you state, the Alaska Marine Highway can get you to much of the coasts, including the Aleutians. A bucket list trip for me will be Vancouver or Toronto to Prince Rupert by train, then a couple weeks hopping the various ferries.
  11. fishin' musician

    Advice on Alaska

    Drive yourself to each destination? It seems like all cruises include about 4 ports, including Ketchikan and Juneau; I don't think you are going to drive to these destinations. FWIW, I've done a cruiseline land pkg once (NCL's Authentic Alaska) and my own thing 3 times... All were amazing experiences! Some folks like to plan trips and some just like to go. No right or wrong way, just go!
  12. fishin' musician

    Firestick usage on Ruby

    "If that’s what they choose to do on the THEIR cruise then I hope they enjoy. Why does it even matter to anyone else what they do?" NO KIDDING!!! And please let us know how the Firestick works.
  13. fishin' musician

    How much is Glacier Bay worth (X vs. Princess)?

    Keep in mind the days are far, far shorter in Sept than May/June.
  14. fishin' musician

    How much is Glacier Bay worth (X vs. Princess)?

    I would think the Royal Princess would better mimic the Solstice class X ships. I've done some Alaska cruises that include Glacier National Park and some that don't. It is amazing and I consider it THE highlight of SE Alaska. No regrets if you go for it.... and as mentioned HAL could also be considered (also northbound NCL).