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  1. Time is the most valuable commodity when docked in Livorno. We booked a private driver for the day. Picked us up at the ship 8:00 am, went straight to Pisa, got tickets for the tower and climbed. No crowds as the buses where not there yet. A brief stroll through the local market and then on to Florence. Did a walk around, though no museums. Then gelato at Vivoli's. We were then taken to a winery for a brief tour, tasting and a bite to eat. Then back to the ship. Was it some what of a whirlwind? Yes, but we like it that way.
  2. Its probably my imagination, but has the popularity of river cruising reached its peak, leveled off, or even started to decrease. It just seems that there is less interest in it than there seemed to be a few years ago. Did the cruise lines push the cost factor too far. Or maybe the low water levels that have been experienced over the last couple years scared people away. Are there too many ships and that lessened the demand. Is there a lack of media advertising or is it just that the newest has worn off. Is it that there are such a small number of river ports to visit compared to ocean ports for seasoned travelers to visit. I would surely do another river cruise, I think they are great, but for now, my next is an ocean cruise.
  3. Since travel agencies are technically obliged to not discount a cruise fare, cruise line allow refundable credits to be issued by a TA to make a fare more attractive. If given the choice, would you take an $800 credit or take reduced price of the $800. The answer is obvious and the cruise companies know it. That is why they do not allow it. The refundable credit is like money in their pocket. After all, appears to be free money to spend while cruising. Unless you use it for expenses that you would pay anyway, such as gratuities, it is easy to overlook that its really just another prepaid item as food, room and entertainment. Now a non-fundable credit is a totally different issue.
  4. Really? Another question asking how a person should dress. Respectfully appropriate towards guest and surroundings! Pretty simple. Thought a person would know that by 8th grade.
  5. I do not want anything. I merely asked for experiences or general knowledge for sailing that area, at that time of the year. All the responses were very positive and helpful. Of course, "past performance is no indication of future returns". I thought that goes without saying. For everything! PS: Booked the cruise.
  6. We are considering a cruise on the Rivera, departing on October 16, 2020. The cruise is port intensive, but includes many ports we have not visited. The sailing leaves Lisbon and ends in Rome. I have looked at the average temperatures for all ports and they all seem to average in the 60 degree areas. We have no problem with cool weather, but cloudy, damp conditions are not fun.I know the days will be shorter, as it will be towards the end of daylight savings time. The crowds should be less of an issue and the airfares should also be promising. My concern is that the sailing is at the end of the season. Will the ports seem deserted, will the weather be acceptable, is a late season sailing less desirable. I would appreciate anyones experience or general knowledge that they can share.
  7. Its been awhile, but Silvie Di Cristo was a great tour guide for us. Google her name. She waited at the port for 2 hours because of our ships delay due to a medical emergency upon leaving Barcelona. Started the tour in Monte Carlo, down to EZE and then to Nice.
  8. Interesting the the accident was unwitnessed. Not that really should make a difference. But, that being said, I would think that the ship would have video surveillance of all public areas on the ship to protect themselves against legal claims. Maybe not, but in todays world, there are not many companies that do not have surveillance .
  9. You forgot to mention the details: $0 intro annual fee, then $95 annually afterwards. Also, you must spend $2,000 on purchases in the first 3 months your account is open. Not really as good as it sounds as many cc's offer same or better offers.
  10. Thank you. You made my decision easy. I'll just go the traditional way and forget the waitlist.
  11. Looking at a Med.cruise and most of the lower category cabins indicate that they are waitlist status. Is being placed on a wait list offer any potential upsides. I did place a deposit but have no reservation until a room opens and I will need to pay the going fare of that date.
  12. One of the joys of doing a off season, cool weather cruise is that there are no tee shirts, shorts, flip flops or sandals.
  13. I should have stated it starts in mid - July. Here's the article :https://www.travelweekly.com/River-Cruising/Crystal-doing-away-with-ebikes
  14. "Starting in mid-July, Crystal River Cruises is shifting from e-bikes to regular Trek bikes because too many guests were getting injured with the e-bikes." Unfortunate the do not offer both types.
  15. That provides me with a convincing argument as to why I will never choose Avalon.
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